Auction Refund Restrictions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Dealin with it is not the problem, seeing the reasons for this threads construction is.
    The insanely high bids in auction being the idea that's weaponized to kill many ideas in forum must be removed now.
    I wanna see this happen just to shut up the ones using this idea as a kill all answer. All things considered tho, this should have happened when auction was changed if D.O. really had the best interests of it's players factored into their biz plan.
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  2. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Yea, come to mention it i've seen almost every name that is opposing this thread openly cry in other threads about the auction getting deluged with billion credit bids forever.

    It is obvious that this idea must be implemented soon.

    Just for the record, are you saying that bids up to 40 million credits get returned but bids over 40 million get lost like if I bid 100 million I would lose all but 40 million credits of the bid?
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  3. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I really didn't see it that way but sure, 40 mill is the limit of refundable credits.
    Why not.
    If u bid over 40 mill credits u lose all but the 40 mill credits to the auction.
  4. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Excellent, the loss would still be kinda high but at least you'll get something back.
  5. Again, this idea might have merit if the game had not recently changed the auction from players losing credits on all lost bids. Dreadlok just doesn't have the sense to realize that the developers will not change it back to the way it was at his request. Get with the times fellas, the game is leaving you behind.
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  6. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    I understand your perspective Mr. Sawyer, but I believe what Dreadlok is trying to accomplish is for the developers that changed the auction to it's current form to see the terribly overlooked pitfall of credit hoarders that the change seems to have assisted.
    Those players that flood the auctions have terrorized some forum members to the point of as Dreadlok put it, created a weaponized forum kill all reason to bury every attempt to improve the chances for everyone to be combat ready by having elite items in auction.

    Simply look at every recent thread that has been opposed for that reason and look at the names opposing this idea and you'll see it for yourself.
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  7. That doesn't hold water. When lost auction bids were lost hard items were still hard to win. Taking away credits did not change it then, it won't change that now. Now the noob can bid 100 million in desperation and win or lose an Iris but keep his credits if he loses. The OP's idea would kill that. The change in the auction didn't create a pitfall, the auction system is the pitfall, and any new items added in will only exacerbate that problem. Auction gets you FE for free. You have to work damn hard to get UFE for free. Or pay.
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  8. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Very well said Mr. Sawyer, however you seemed to only focus on a portion of this thread.
    Anyone that can amass 100 million credits be it in desperation or in tranquil states can hardly be considered a noob. I have yet to amass more than 3 or 4 million at a time.

    This thread also covers the rash of auction fearing forum members killing every post that would assist a very elusive balance to the game that too many people have their own opinions and agendas to keep, offset or destroy based on their own needs and often not the needs of the many.

    The notion of heavy loss to not be a factor when the aforementioned credit hoarders bid in auction with billions at their disposal should be the idea that "doesn't hold water" considering that only up to 40 million will be returned. This thread truly assists only the ones that needs it most.

    This is the complexity of the thread that Dreadlok has submitted, it is a dis-service to only address a small portion and not the entire issue brought up. As forum members this should be our main goal for even being here.
  9. you still yet to put up any points where this would benefit anyone noob or vet. What's to stop me from bidding 39,000 on every bid every hour hows that help the noobs, all i lose is a credit and force them to bid 40 mill. my biggest point is there is clans with hundreds of billions of credits and most their members have a couple bill credits that means the weekly and daily auctions arte shot for any but UFEs already in these clans. you cannot hope to beat their bid why try and lose 900 mill which hurts the normal player not the big clans that have credits to burn. all this idea will do is make the dominating clans get everything easy and make noobs quit very destructive idea

    as it is now i can work the skylab and farm npcs and eventually get the highest bid no auction is out of reach cant fix whats not broken
  10. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    If the point that returning only up to 40 million credits to lost bids escapes your notice, why would anyone bother explaining anything further concerning the depth of the current state of the auctions pitfalls for anyone less than in game credit wealthy?

    I also noticed answers like yours are one of the other forum problems this thread covers, I am certain that opinions like yours would be better received after fear of elite items being freakishly over bid in auction have been conquered.

    There.... 2 points to consider, I'm sure with a keen eye more can be found by those interested to do so. I understand some have fears to conquer so they will be excused if they decide to focus on that instead. To those forum members I'll just conclude by saying.

    Your welcome.....
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  11. Look, taking away losing bidders credits will not help. It didn't help before when credits were lost, how will it help now? If you're looking for a way to shut people up who shoot down ideas look for another way. THIS WILL NOT SOLVE IT.
  12. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    ok so what you are saying is that players stronger than FE status, who bid in trade , should lose ALL but 40 mil of their credits if they lose just because we have WORKED our asses off to get where we are and struggled for you to come up with an idea to get yet another easy go at the game? this is how i am reading it. i apologise if thats not what you are asking for. ive played for 6 years, struggled like hell to get where i am now , didnt have the new newbie quest system thats now in place with all the good stuff to give you a quick step up the ladder nor was there outfits available and any bids we made and lost had to be started again from scratch. it took time and hard work. and not once did i ever wish the stronger guys than me at the time should be penalised for being stronger. it might seem a good idea for you now, with you struggling to make your credits for trade for whatever you have been trying and failing to bod on, but remember .. if you get what you wish for, YOU also will eventually be penalised for getting stonger and lose your well earned credits to. thats a -1 from me.

    by the way, just for the record .. trade isnt just for noobs. its there for ALL.
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  13. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I go away 4 a few an look what happens.
    I'm lookin to make the auction just as good for the little credit holders as the big ones.
    The plan is to offer only up to a 40 million credit refund on all bids.
    "U can bid 10 billion credits on a bid but if u lose u only get 40 mill back."

    Workin ur butt off or not, if u can throw more than 40 mill in bid u should be able to afford to lose however much over 40 mill u submitted.

    This allows the rich to thin themselves out and give the noobs a fighting chance to also gain from the auction more often than they can now.
  14. 40 mill is chump change i earn my credits dont beg from clans but to feel i can't bid for a lighting design because some jerk in a clan is getting kicks out of wasting peoples credits nah ill go find another game to play. There enough bullying going on in game and in auction now why make it more satisfying for the bully that don't have no use for credits but to waist on making players miserable.

    Lets face it all the bids you would possibly win with a 40 mil bid is hourly if you don't win it, bid again. I set a price i won't go over within reason and will keep bidding till I win. What's so hard about that sooner or later you'll find someone slipping. cloakXL runs around 100mil on my server i got one for 30 mil the other day shield boosters are around 80 mil but i keep mine constant bidding 50 mil.

    before you try to get devos to fix something thats not broken try to figure out how everyone else deals with the situation. I have told you plenty of auction strategy in my posts in this section and instead of considering it you stay on the topic of hurting every player that is trying to finish out his/her auction experience. i myself am so close that this wouldn't affect me few more bids and im done with the auction thing other than boosters and such but if i just got FE and had to deal with a system like you're proposing i wouldn't even bother
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  15. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    You wouldn't bother with a system that disarms those credit bullies faster than the current set up?

    Is it just because the refunded amount is ten million credits less than your personal bid limit or is it because the auction simply doesn't have interesting enough items for those credit bullies to fight over?

    The latter reason can be fixed easy enough by placing elite items in auction, the first reason is a personal problem that should be dealt with in house.
  16. you won't disarm the bullies you'll disarm the average player

    auction is fine the way it is. the items are attainable for all a noob can't expect to get lighting design that easy now can he/she

    lol most of the "helpful" players left with the bot outbreak years ago a lot (not all but a lot) of what's left could care less about the better game environment thats clear just glancing at global chat
  17. jackknife

    jackknife User

    40 million is nothing i'm saving for a daily or weekly design and those go for trillions and more. It might take me a year to save that many credits up or more I am a new player your idea to hamper big clans or such would make me quit. I have 157.000,000 now and I bid on boosters and ammo, but for only the right price.
  18. This player is right, just sell your Promerium and save 50 rocks for engines ;)

    Wouldn't want to go to your auction house unless the bid is taxable and can be used as a tax write off.

    And I don't recall seeing the bid in the old version of DO - you just lost and you had to figure out what is the amount to bid next until you out of DO $
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  19. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    With this system in place, you wouldn't have to save that long or buy premium to have a fighting chance in auction. Heck as soon as you notice the usual names bidding billions disappear, your chance would be then to strike while they wait to recoop their losses.
  20. You'll still have to wait long.
    Some of us players will simply get the amount lost like nothing, all you simply do it add 1 tick they need to pick off their leg.
    You guys will still be stuck down there :>
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