Auction Refund Restrictions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. LISTEN! When bids were lost prices were still very high. Since losing bids were refunded prices have stayed at or about the same level as before. This is idea will not change that fact. Get that fact through your head.
  2. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    with all the time you have spent arguing on this thread, you could have made 40 mil + .. just saying :)
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  3. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Actually I made 6, it has been a good week so far.
    This idea can ONLY change the issue of billion credit bids flooding the auction and everyone knows it.
    Even you.
  4. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    well i dont have " billions " as you probably think i have. personally, you just seem lazy and impatient and think you ( as a " noob " ) should have it easy seeing as dark orbit keeps making things easier for noobs to get ahead. this is a progressive game. its not a game to be completed like you would do on a playstation console. ive played 6 years and am still building, still winning AND losing in trade for the likes of boosters or other items to a new ship i may have bought for an extra hanger. but do i think the " billionaires " should be screwed over? no i dont !!! these players worked hard and saved even harder for their earnings, so why should they lose out because you are butthurt in trade with your losses or lack of current funds to beat someone with more than you? noobs want the game way to easy nowadays. time you actually had to work for SOMETHING.

    as an after thought .. i personally like the trade as it currently is. you can see what amount people are bidding for now AND you get your credits returned if you lose. if the trade was at it was before the update to auction, we would ALL lose our credits if we lost the bid and didnt bid high enough. i guess you would never get ahead with the old system as it was would you lol. trade works fine as it is. just get off your rear, stop the chit chat and crying over your losses and earn them credits. wont take you long if you put your mind to it. and only 6 mil since you started replying on this thread? i made 25 mil on a brand new acct on a different server and it took me a week and mostly killing little stuff in the x2 map just for fun. thats with selling my cargos AND sending from the skylab. 2 weeks on on that acct, im selling 4k promerium each day just once and 4k prometid every 4 hours. also upgrading my skylab and im only just logging onto the acct daily now just for the login bonus. if you cant make the credits, you are doing something wrong.
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  5. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Speaking for myself, I don't want a handout.
    I want the fair shake that more than just myself has seen an absence of, due to a select group in game as well as here in forum the game has clearly suffered with empty servers as proof. Those people are easier to see than they realize.
  6. I think that certain items in the Auction house should not be available DURING certain times of the Day/Night for the FE or UFE players to bid on this might alleviate the inflated bids on boosters and the just because I can bidders from monopolizing the auction house. Face it, if you are a FE or UFE player you have all the equipment you need, the only reason to keep bidding on (irises) is to drive the prices up to ruin a new players or less advanced players opportunity for equipment advances.
    Just a thought........
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  7. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    UFE ( which this thread is being aimed at ) cant bid on iris providing they have 8 iris already( which they should have by this stage ) . only UFE's that would bid on iris are those not paying attention to their damage levels and lose a drone so would only bid to replace them so bidding just to keep prices high theory is useless. and no, being UFE or FE doesnt mean you have all the equipment . players still want boosters, still want equipment if they bid or buy another ship, they still want ammo etc. as ive said numerous times already, i have played for 6 years. when i started, i was just a phoenix with nothing trying to work against those who had been playing for 2 years already. did i complain that i kept losing? no. i just worked harder for what i needed. its the cycle of the game. you start small and work your way up. stop asking for everything to be made easy. you already have it a lot easier than most when they started. i only bid when i need boosters, which i dont really bid for that often, but this thread is making me want to just outbid everyone for the hell of it.
  8. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    And this thread will make you pay every time you do.
    Chances are, players with that mentality are yet one more reason this idea must be implemented now.
  9. Blue Lazer you and I will agree to disagree. If players can't get the BASIC items in auction they will just go away and us higher players will continue to hug ports for lack of players to play with. Don't give the stuff away (I agree on this) make it more obtainable not just a dream.
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  10. You are shopping in a store that collect the highest $$$ :rolleyes: Relax and enjoy :eek:
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  11. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    if players arent prepared to work for their credits then just join a clan and milk it. 250 mil per week, end of month gives you 1 bil minus the 10% system steals .. hey presto. sit on your bum doing nothing while drain a clan and there you have your billion ( almost ) :) lol

    actually thats not my mentality as you put it. i have helped many a newbie over the years build up and build fast .. both from paying out clan credits and helping on quests ( both old and new quest sytstem ) .. not once have they ever cried because they lose in trade. infact, the OP of this thread followed by your posts are the first time ive seen anyone say stronger players should be penalised and have their credits lost just because they have worked hard to get their credits for their purchases only for lazy newbies to ask yet again for an easy go at the game with no hard work put into it. but to see you constantly cry about how hard it is for you ( my heart bleeds, but we ALL had it rough you know ) just makes me go from sympathising on the difficulty newbies have against stronger players in the map to just saying you know what, tough !!! i started with nothing and its now easier for me with all MY hard work, you should get the same treatment. go back to original quests, go back to 2k uri at start up ( not 15k ) , a phonenix ( not a liberator ) and back to the old trade where YOU LOSE ALL and have to start over. you think its still hard now and just makes you lazier, imagine having none of todays percs.

    as an addition, build a kappa .. hey presto .. you have 40-50 mil creds just from 1 gate. sorted :)
  12. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Right, because the richest players in game be it hook or crook should be allowed to continue to dominate the auction all the time which is the case now.
    Furthermore the very players that seem to enjoy their dominance press the status quo with either cowards that kill ideas to change things in game from fear of ufe gaps being increased if elite items become more available to everyone in auction not just themselves by expensive, time consuming and unpredictable gate rewards or with grandfathered issues like the tuff times that should be shared like some foolish right of passage???......Spare me that smug attitude and elitist propaganda.

    I find it neither impressive or honorable.
  13. I guess you could join a clan, do they still exist ? maybe on some servers. build gates is like finding LF4's in boxes...Not happening unless you got tons of cash to blow on a chance.
  14. What part of the auction do the richest players currently and completely dominate? Boosters perhaps? Cloak chips? Anything else, they don't need or can't bid on, designs are inherently expensive because there awesome, everything that is apparently dominated is just expensive high demand items among UFE's and semi-UFE's, everything else is is usually cheap.
  15. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    Every needed thing to become just FE
  16. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    You'll still have to wait long.
    Some of us players will simply get the amount lost like nothing, all you simply do it add 1 tick they need to pick off their leg.
    You guys will still be stuck down there :>

    This #41 post says it all, it proves this idea is needed.
    It's funny 2 me how u all feed my points 4 me.
    Thank U....

  17. You and Rev both skate around a fact that I have pointed out numerous times in this thread, even when auction bids were lost prices were still high. Changing the game back to that will do nothing for you, stuff will still be out of reach. If they added items to the auction like you want you would have a very low chance to win them either way. So no, nobody is feeding points for you. This is a terrible idea which will never be implemented.
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  18. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    i don't see it that way Tom, this isn't the old way as u say.
    i'm not skatin around anything, according to post #2 everything settles down after the big guys get what they want. this would speed that up by them thinning themselves out.
    besides, how can it possibly be better now with those credit bullies getting back every credit they bid when they lose just to bid that high again????? i mean seriously, are u even listenin to yourself???

    This idea will stop the ppl that must be stopped both here and in game where bullying and fear seems to b the common practice....are u guys really this blind to it?
  19. you still fail to see this will give the credit bullies even more power to be able to out bid you and make you lose all them credits will give them satisfaction. the way the auction is now they do nothing but make you wait till next auction sooner or later they will lose interest. now if they can harm you that gives them fuel why can't you see this idea will only harm not help.

    and poor noobs will have to save 40 mill to bid everything because the bullies will bid 39,999 on everything
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  20. Absolutely NOT. I used to have a FE account called BoughtthisatWalmart, I didn't play the game for too long and the account got deleted. Even then, as a FE Goliath, 40 mil credits was a more than a pretty penny to me. That would take me a week of frequent playing to save up. I'm sick of UE's turning a blind eye to noobs and pretending that it's easier for noobs than it really is, it's what made me quit in the first place. It has gotten better of course, but removing 3 of the twinkies from your daily diet of 8 twinkies isn't going to help you lose weight.

    I wrote a thread over my concerns, and some admin actually disabled replies because it was a "rant." Well, it WAS a rant, but it was a rant I wanted people to read, because I guarantee I wasn't the only one with those thoughts. It got 3 or 4 likes in the short time it was around.
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