Auction Refund Restrictions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    I believe Tom Sawyer said it best in post #77, excluding that foolish remark of this being a bad idea he perfectly addressed the direction and reason for this thread.

    I'm also certain the ones opposing this idea are acting against it because they either were or have been employing the very bullying they claim will happen.
    Meanwhile, they rage here in forum fearing any game progression that threatens to remove their unfair advantage from the players they have been openly or secretly subjecting their bull crap on.

    This while feigning to act in the best interest of the game and blowing smoke into the admins and dev teams eyes making them believe you speak for the many.

    Very sad indeed.....
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  2. Lol im against it 100% so as not to hurt the game i already showed you how stupid it would be to bully people for stuff you don't need. You need to see that these bids are because people want the item and probably done research and know the going bid to win. Now don't get me wrong there are some that would get their kicks out of hurting noobs but you can't go accusing 90% of the community of being bullies because you to lazy to save credits and bid reasonable bids for the server you're on. Like its been mentioned if this was implemented its the noobs that would suffer making 40 mill is easy for someone UFE or semi UFE even FE if dedicated heck skylab will produce 24+mill a day if you send to ship every chance. most noobs dont have that access to skylab or not upgraded at least so how would this help a noob ever as it is now a noob can just keep on bidding and sooner or later get lucky. but if this idea goes through the minimum bids will be 40 mill cause thats will be defined with this system then any who truly want the item will have to bid so outrageously high just so there is no chance of getting beat that i believe this will have opposite effect you're looking for.
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  3. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    those opposing this thread are bullies? those opposing this thread are raging out of fear and speak " bullcrap " ? .. why? because we dont agree with idea for the very reasons we have stated? we speak bullcrap according to you because we dont agree with the OPs idea or you who supports it? isnt this section of forums to give ideas and to receive the feedback? many of us have said why we dont think it is a good idea, and even tried to give ideas and advice to help you out in the game just as much as you give your other side of the debate. but when we dont agree, we get told we talk rubbish or are bullies or whatever insults you want to throw at us. ive already said i rarely use trade as it is, and if i do, i will bid whatever i need to if i desperately NEED an item in trade if i have the credits to make a successful bid. what is wrong with that? if i need an lf3 and its going for 1 mil i will bid over by a few extra mil incase someone happens to place a bid at the exact same time, which has happened to me before. if an lf3 is going for 100 mil, again, i will bid higher to secure ( hopefully ) my bid. however, i dont bid just to stop people getting something. i ONLY bid when i need something. i will b lucky if i actually use trade twice as month. id hardly say thats me being a bully in trade with MY hard earned and long saved credits would you? time you stopped having a tantrum and throwing the accusations and insults about just because some of us dont agree with you. and because we say bids are high for a reason in trade, and vary in price per average per server, thats the reason for your thinking that the adjustment to trade is needed? the newer ships plus the ship designs in your opinion should be for less than 40 mil credits then just so its easier for you to obtain ? when these items if bought with uri can go for over 200k ? the game would get boring very fast if you got everything you wanted everytime with no challenge involved. 7 weeks ago, i had less than 300 mil creds. im now back up to just under 800 mil creds and again back to putting 40 mil roughly per day into my clan. but then, im not sat complaining and cursing people in forums because theyre able to perform better than myself ingame.
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  4. _Atmcblz-

    _Atmcblz- User

    You're just being lazy, all the noob to FE items in the market are easy to obtain. I feel like this thread was made so you could get the items like designs for cheap because you feel like you will never be able to get them. If you save up your credits you will make enough eventually. I've been playing for about a month and i'm already full elite and i'm currently saving for an aegis. Instead of complaining of how much people bid on it i'm actually working on saving credits to get it from auction. Is it going to take a while? Yeah it is because it's expensive, but what would the point be if it was inexpensive and any random person who just joined could get it?
  5. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    @ Venom. Actually those huge bids for a very short time to thin the rich out couldn't possibly have anything but the right effect.

    @BLUE. If you truly only bid as few times as you say, the odds will be in your favor of winning every time. This thread really wouldn't apply to you as opposed to others that use their fortunes to control the auction. I really have no idea what worth your opinion has since by your own admission this thread wouldn't even apply to you. From what I see you're just here to argue for the hell of it.

    @AtmcBlz_, I clearly see you're from the "You can't have it" crowd. Any random persons who just joined certainly needs the items any FE pilot has or at the very least a better chance to get them than not. Especially when you consider the concept of noob, FE and UFE players from opposing companies inhabiting a pvp game set where only the strongest "and richest" prevail. Open your eyes, the cost of game dominance over the weakest players creates dead servers as the result.

    The checks and balances in this game suck because of the setup and the lack of intestinal fortitude or integrity of too many forum members to point it out. How many good ideas and good forum members have been lost for those now here who instead corrupt it with their own bull crap.
    This thread is the cure to many problems....many.
  6. _Atmcblz-

    _Atmcblz- User

    I'm part of the "You can't have it" crowd? I clearly say in my post that it's easy to get to FE but all of the people who are complaining about so called "credit bullies" in the auction are too lazy to go earn and save up credits. Like i said in my earlier post i've been playing for a month now and i'm already FE because i actually worked to earn credits to bid in the auction. Also like i said earlier the more expensive things do cost a lot but that is because they are bought by players who are above FE, which noobs shouldn't be worrying about buying early game.
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  7. You received 9,457,140 Credits;) whew all that hard work i think i need a break
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  8. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    i am on this thread to argue for the hell of it ? this thread doesnt apply to me just because i dont bid in auction daily? and you kind of contradicted yourself to .. odds are in my favour of winning but doesnt apply to me because i dont control the auction? if odds are in my favor then surely that says i control the auction when i place my bid? .. but still, you are actually wrong. i bid during quiet times, and i watch when i place my bid and try to bid an amount i think will win hopefully in the time left for trade . just because i dont use trade as much as alot of players, doesnt mean that if the idea for this thread went ahead by the devs that i wouldnt be affected. after all, dreadlok and others have said, anyone bidding alot of over 40 mil should lose all but the 40 mil and have to save all over again. take cloak chips for instance, to big 50 cloak cpu .. sometimes that can go for around 30 mil during quiet times .. no biggy then if i lose as its under 40 mil. but on average it goes for over 100 mil and even over 250 mil. even the usual damage, shield and hit point booster go for the high end millions at times. if i need to bid during the busier times on the server and lose my HIGH bid, then i WILL be affected by this idea with a loss if i lose of my credits, regardless of how regular or not i use the trade. thats probably why i dont reply on alot of threads i read DAILY multiple times in the forum. if im not affected i dont write on a thread. however, if this is implemented, i will be affected so i have the right to give my opinion. just like everyone else does. maybe you should count the fors vs against posts on this thread. seesm most dont agree anyway, regardless of whether you think my input worthy or not.
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  9. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    expensive things do cost a lot but that is because they are bought by players who are above FE, which noobs shouldn't be worrying about buying early game.
    Yeah it is because it's expensive, but what would the point be if it was inexpensive and any random person who just joined could get it?

    Yep, I see it...."You can't have it" over and over again.

    , Thursday at 8:45 PM
    You received 9,457,140 Credits;) whew all that hard work i think i need a break

    Venom~kilzs, Yesterday at 12:14 PM
    9 Mill in less than 5 hours.
    Yep I see that too.

    Post # 67 has a block of 18 lines, #69 has a block of 28 lines, #73 has a block of 16 lines, #83 a block of 22 lines and #88 with 17 lines of "I don't, I do, I don't, I do"
    Yep, arguing for the hell of it...check.

    You know.
    Accordin to the forum rules, after saying you don't like the idea once.....that's it.
    Sayin it over and over again is spamming.
    Stop spamming my thread.
  10. So you constantly belittling anyone who disagrees with you is okay but anyone responding and actively explaining why this idea is bad is spamming?
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  11. I myself am reading your thread and commenting to what has been posted like now. FYI the 9 mill is copied out of my log from selling ore in skylab you and rev dismiss every post opposed to this not even considering what is being said. I have posted numerous ways of making credits fast trying to help a few people who feel they are struggling to make the credits to compete in the auction. I have not posted anything in here just to say no to your idea i have broke down everything i have read and gave answers why it would hurt the community. This is what an idea thread is all about to get pros and cons for a possible improvement to the game. Most successful idea threads the OP it open to criticism and tweaks to his idea to make it balanced. I seen one post in this thread suggesting

    Actually thats not a bad idea balances for all and still pulls in the stupid bids for the heck of it. this is your reply

    The way people come up with that much credits is they got a clan backing them to help build their ship. Nothing is going to change that you just have to wait it out like the rest of us.

    Once again if you want an idea to be accepted you'll have to bend and listen to feedback, consider it not just blow it off and make the idea something the community can accept.

    I have yet to hear any valid point as to why this would help me all i see is when i bid on a design i might lose a whole lot of established in the game on my way to UFE i might pick up the pieces and try again but a FE loseing 1 bill credits all they going to do is find a new game to play where a months or 2 worth of work for them isnt gone in a blink of an eye i challeng you to give me an answer to my question about your idea. or you going to rant again and blow it off time will tell
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  12. _Atmcblz-

    _Atmcblz- User

    No it's not that you can't have it, i'm just saying that you refuse to work for the things in the game and your idea is focused on hurting the players who have actually spent time to build up their ship. Again in your first post you say that FE items are bid on for outrageous amounts, which they are not. The main FE items (iris,LF3,BO2) go for less than 40mil on most servers that i'm aware of. Say your idea is implemented, like it has been said before in the thread this would hurt the new players because instead of paying around 20mil for their items to become FE they would have to start bidding close to 40mil because players would bid that high to secure their bids.
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  13. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    An when the FE start bidding that high frequently on items, this idea works.
    Win or lose they will be spending more and the higher they bid the faster they deplete their reserves since 40 mill will be all they get back.

    It looks like you forgot to ask a question there Venom, but how much help do you need?
    You make 9 mill every 5 hours.
    But adam. don't start no mess, won't be no mess...
  14. I know nobody will probably listen but if you continue to make this personal this thread will be closed.
    It's perfectly allowed if your responding to someone else's new comment as long as it's not exactly what you said before it has to be in response to the new post
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  15. R3V3R4NT

    R3V3R4NT User

    I just checked, any reason for not liking a thread can explain their reason once.
    Continuing the same or similar messages must be placed in that first post or it can be determined as spam by the Mods.

    Most forum members should know this, the rest here now know it now and can't claim ignorance. Some here have already been told this before.
    You know who you are.
  16. But but but what if you post new crap that needs crushing and why can anyone who likes the idea keep spamming but anyone against it has to shut up?
  17. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    maybe follow your own advice then? i gave my reasons along with possible help but every post ignored, insulted on or just told im speaking rubbish. not everyone will give positive feedback, which is the point of this section of forums. and idea gets suggested, and players follow through with their feedback, be it for, against or maybe to tweek the idea a little more.

    another possible problem to this idea being implemented so players supposedly lose their credits fast is this .. if a 40 mil credit restriction is brought into place, what is stopping someone bidding around 40 mil or 50 mil ( not much over the 40 mil before loss cap ) and anyone else wanting to bid waits till the last few seconds and bid say 55 mil .. they will lose less making their billions dwindle alot slower, therefore slowing down their bankruptcy status, which is the opposite to what dreadlok is wishing for in his first post. the loss that players could possibly lose from their bid after their 40 mil return could be made back again before the next bid hour runs out. the idea still wouldnt work.
  18. Because that's VESPIDS way of thinking.

    Actually it's been shown that that is not what dread is wishing for. He wants billionaires to go broke so then people couldn't use expense in auction as a reason to oppose his ideas to bring lf-4's to the auction. That is what drealok is wishing for in his first post.
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  19. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    if dreadlok looks at the 2nd refresher post on this dev blog post, he will see that rickdekard already covered the possible addition of LF4s to the new auction. after feedback, he mentioned ( altho replies havent been added to the new forum ) that LF4s WILL NOT get added to auction. maybe dreadlok should say the real reason in the original thread of this idea as to why he wants billionaires to throw their credits away then. his original idea in post 1 is still a bad idea, and the LF4s wont ever happen either. there was massive opposition to it.
  20. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    So if a subject like the availability of elite items like Lf-4's in auction is brought up enough times it will continue to be opposed or ignored?
    Somebody once said "I forget who" that D.O. is a business, well isn't a rule of business that saying "the customer is always right" like biblical wisdom in business or is it "give them what they want" I seem to believe that if enough ask they will receive.
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