Auction Refund Restrictions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    possibly .. in the real world, but still , not always. its been asked for ( the lf4s etc ) , and because of the huge backlash from those who worked hard for what they have on their accounts along with not making everything to easy to obtain, rickdekard and the dev team decided not to add them to auction. but there is nothing stopping another new thread being started, asking for the lf4s in the shop or added to trade again and see what the new feedback would be .. is there? but thats a whole new topic. originally, the OP started THIS thread mentioning ONLY elite items and the difficulty in obtaining them in trade. LF4s are UFE items, not just basic elite items. if its really LF4s that he is gearing towards for his REAL reason for this thread, maybe he should have said that in the first place. i can only relate to what HE has actually said for THIS idea. not for possible other threads or posts , as i havent seen those.

    VESPID User

    No one is interested in hearing the few that will be butt hurt over this thread, this idea should have happened long ago.
  3. Anyone who dislikes this idea should have their opinion disregarded just because they disagree with you and your delusional way of thinking? You'd rather implement an idea that a majority dislikes and for good reason than listen to reason, your totalitarian ranting needs to end.
  4. Dark Orbit just changed it to what it is from what Dread is proposing. So this idea was here long ago, and they changed it. Wanna guess why? Because that's what players wanted. Now stop being butt hurt as you put it and live with it.
  5. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    Omg, VESPID.
    I thought you said never again.
    BTW did you know that some your posts are part of the Updates and ideas pool index?
    They are there to show forum members how to properly create threads.
    I'm not complaining but was it Sawyer's comment that brought you back and are you back for good?

    Oh and this thread "like VESPID says" should have been done this way instead of it's current version.
  6. -Fleabird-

    -Fleabird- User

    good job staying on topic I think the thread should be closed. this is supposed to be a place to build a idea, but it's just his post and that's it so if no feedback is welcome then close it. still think your original idea is garbage
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  7. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    I haven't seen a serious building block in this thread yet that didn't cling to maintaining the current problems "Yes problems" that this thread points out.
  8. That's because you're blind. It didn't do it before and it won't do it now. How many time must I repeat myself?
  9. Uhr_Drago

    Uhr_Drago User

    You're not supposed to repeat yourself at all.
    Any worthwhile forum member would know that.
  10. yeh dread im sorry but thats a no from me. Players work hard to get those credits, and to tell them that they lose it if they bid over 40 mil is wrong.
  11. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Even if what they lose is just what is above 40 mill?
    See they will just get 40 mill back for any bid over 40 mill.
  12. yeh but if someone bids 100 mil, they lose 60 mil from that bid. So how does that seem fair exactly?
  13. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    It opens the door for the ones that don't have that kind of creds or can't come up with that kind of credits without saving for weeks or months for an item they need now.

    This stops the fear mongering notion that any new items in auction will only be available to just the richest few that dominate the auction now and it also opens the doors for new or better items to become more readily available to all players not the crying butt hurt few that want sole possession of the best items in the game.
  14. naomihuntr

    naomihuntr User

    Hi to all, this would be my first post in this forum.. as some of you guys see me on the auction was to gain some quick money to arm myself as i am only a noobie whose started only last February. My main objective for now is to gather atleast 25 LF-3, 15 Shield Generators & Iris's, as i was still a quarter away on my quota on LF & half on SG.. so i deeply apologize for sometimes hogging on the auction site.
  15. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

    Closing due to inactivity.
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