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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LIL-WOLF, Feb 28, 2014.

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    LIL-WOLF User

    So whats going on thers more and more autolocks on and no banns its getting so bad.or is it just me lagging on a 90/90 internet with 16gb ram ????
  2. yea its getting bad as the bot wave that happend last year were x2 maps were filled with auto locks the other day i was invading eic and a was getting sot by a fe halfway across the map and ill be flying fast speed cloak and a red dot just automaticly starts shooting not clicking around to get me or anything its bad almost everyone is using it:/
  3. Why does everyone think that just cause they were locked while cloaked that it had to be an autolock? I know there are some players that use it, but it cant be 99% of the players, but if you read chat it seems as though everyone that pops only popped cause they were autolocked. Most of the times that I am accused it is because whoever I popped wasnt watchin their mini map when I flew by got their lock and flew away, waited til the time was right and swooped in for the kill. If autolock was being used half as much as people are accused of it there would be bans by the thousands every week
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  4. 90/90 internet whats that lol 16gig of ram is only part of a pc system takes more then that to play this game then ram lol

    ASTRAEA User

    Thank you all very much for your input into this players question.

    The Dark Orbit development team is working very hard to continually update the bot detection script that is used within the game. However this is an ever evolving process.

    As for the auto lockers... Being locked when cloaked is not definite sign that a player is an auto locker. Before the auto-lock program was a real issue within the game, the Older players trained themselves and their clans to use a cloak detection technique that is still used today. I would recommend that you find an older player who uses this technique and ask them to teach you.

    Does the OP have any further questions on this topic?
    Have a nice day!
  6. I believe that the Technique that Cowboy from HELL.. uses is a common one from the old schoolers.. worked great back in the Day and If he hides in a NPC and waits for the moment when His Target is Circling a BBK or doin a Stationary Battle with a BK, oblivious they are Being Hunted..

    He "Swoops" in and. .. pew, pew..pffshh.. KA-Booooom, you are back at the Fridge making another Sammich til your ship is Repaired. While Reaching for the White mayo, or the Yellow mustard..

    Think about it.. How did you just get popped, now go try it out.. and put more Chipotle on that sammich, cause " I " Love Chipotle..
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    ASTRAEA User

    Thank you very much Mr. Silly > ;)

    Your input was very cute.

    Does the Op have any further questions on this topic?
  8. I know sometimes it's a lucky lock, i have sat there in a swarm of prots went to click to move, locked someone always with that look on my face *oh ho... sneak sneaky, but i got you...* sometimes ends up being someone hitting 50k more then me but hell i got them locked lol.

    Then there's times i jump into a map by cpu and end up locked across the map while cloaked... for example on USA West Coast... One day i cloaked, jumped to 2-6 during crazy cubes, and a player came in locked onto me... might i add i jumped and appeared in the prots but he still came flying in guns blazing.

    There are plenty of auto locks, and plenty of skilled players.. My server GA1 is a hacked server we all know it... seems a lot of these players can lock you across the map when you jump cpu in with a cloak. Hell im editing a video right now with someone swooping in already locked on me and no.. he didn't lock me before cause he came from way up to when i came from bottom left port.

    The scans i say aren't doing the right thing, clearly not, especially since new auto locks and bots keep getting made, DO isn't keeping up with the different coding..
  9. I thoroughly Enjoy being called an auto locker on a daily basis (not), there are techniques to locking cloakers and I've tried sharing these with Some(In Team Speak) but they cannot grasp it and still Accuse.

    I For one have not been autolocked since the last ban wave. :p
    (Not saying there are not any.)

    ASTRAEA User

    As your input is generally accepted in most cases, However when a post reads:

    Does the OP have any further questions on this topic?
    That means the Original Poster.

    As I did not say there were not auto locker programs, and the development team is working to resolve these types of ingame issue. However they are one team and the world wide web has tons of people who are so eager to cheat at anything and everything.

    And Cloakers can be locked easily enough with an old school method. (I use it on a regular basis). Doesn't make me an auto locker. I however it does mean that I have played a long time.

    Does the OP (Original Poster) have any thing further on this topic?

    I hope that everyone who has had input into this thread has a wonderful day!

  11. I love this Game Admin.. ASTRAEA

    She has made my Game Play.. FUN.. and

    Thank you.. for the Title " MrSilly".. perhaps I will go Load this one on my ship
  12. LIL-WOLF

    LIL-WOLF User

    well 90 download 90 upload
  13. LIL-WOLF

    LIL-WOLF User

    well just close it most say thes no Auto lockes in this game so i have to be wrong LOL
  14. Nah they are just called "non believers" lol. Some choose to ignore it, some say it's not real because they themselves do it. Auto Lock is 100% real, and 100% known.
  15. well we cant fight a (thing) DO sayes aint here
  16. Dark Orbit knows it is there. Their system isn't 100% perfect like they claim it is, so they toss words down, and tell their admins it still is 100%, and the admins just follow what they're told, as they're volunteers.. so not much they can do other then do what is said.
  17. Theres no auto lockers, just moaners. auto locking use to be being locked off screen... now its being locked on screen. people just constantly complain because if they dont... they have nothing to do... Its always the same people accusing or the same clan but they still find a reason to accuse.... buy a better PC
  18. See look, a non believer.. who one of these days will cry and no one will care because he claimed they don't exist. Auto locks still exist buddy lmao, if you don't believe that or don't know it, you need to come back to reality and lay off w/e medication you're on. Players don't lock you instantly when you jump into the map cloacked.

    2 months ago i jumped into 4-3 while cloaked using the jump cpu. A red dot automatically appeared on my map and was heading right for me, they were nowhere near me. I flew the opposite direction gaining more and more of a distance to the point dots shouldn't show up... He stayed on my screen the entire time. I then stopped and uncloaked and began killing someone, this dot flew in already shooting me, not a hesitant lock or any sign of struggle, he already had me.

    I reported this player. Not once did i mention his name in chat. 2 days later, someone posted they got destroyed from him in the same map "Soon as i jump cpu'd into the map, this guy came in shooting me while i was cloaked"

    1 week later i had the issue with him again, but i emp'd yet he instantly shot me as soon as i empd.

    How's that for no such thing as an auto locker?
  19. Auto-lock maybe real but with the Range update on the new UI they can't shoot you from off screen they have to be in your view to shoot you anyways; which at this point in your DO gaming if you cannot lock them whilst they are right there in front of you then:

    #1: You need a better PC or internet connection.
    #2: You obviously do not PvP enough, you need to improve your locking skills.
    #3: Your getting old and you need new fingers not full of Arthritis.

    Love to you all <3 :p
  20. #4 Your touchpad doesn't want to cooperate.
    #5 Your mouse doesn't want to cooperate.

    Just thought i'd ad those. But even so, being auto locked with the new range changes nothing, they still have your lock before you have theirs, and the slight moment of lag, or non cooperation, is the moment you're boned..
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