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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LIL-WOLF, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. You have a poopy Keyboard and mouse for a browser game that requires them on a daily basis :eek:
    Whats wrong with you lolz.
    HaHa I wouldn't know I haven't been autolocked since the last banwave (good 5 months) and I'm sure If I was I'd pop them any how :p
  2. My stuffs fine, a touch pad can have an issue if your finger has something on it or something is on your touch pad like the most random hair....
  3. I've seen you, your a lower level noob who uses forums as a chat. You think there is autolocks when there is not, I get accused countless times but in fact its just moany players who will call autolock at any lock. That's truth and fact
  4. I'm a low level noob who uses forums as a chat? Yeah this lvl 20 noob with 4900 pvp kills is just a moany player... nice comeback, did you take all this time to come up with it?
  5. Congrats, you would make it onto page 3 on ship kills on my server... My noob has 3500 ship kills whats your point? You're moaning on the forum about autolocks, well when you get to the skill level of PVP maybe then you will understand how well you learn to lock when you do it every day and know all the tactics of the enemy player... till then you can keep crying autolock on forum...
  6. You just keep spewing crap instead of trying to come up with a legit argument, not even my thread, i just pointed out how much of a loser you are saying they don't exist and you live in a peaceful world of unicorns and talking marshmallows. Now you're trying to shut me down, which is isn't working. Congrats, you can spend money on a game to brag about 3500 on a noob ship. I play a real server, one where 90% of the players botted, and you have a higher chance of running into a player hitting 80k+ then you do a player hitting 30k-.

    Now.. what other comeback can you come up with while embarrassing your pathetic self? :)
  7. Yea, even USA West has some autolockers, mostly during Spaceball
    I saw Cortana and Wall-E autolocking, and now I'm gonna record that >:|
  8. Trying a comeback like that was really brave of you... to suggest my server is full of noobs when infact Im on the Britain server which is full of uber players who have real skill compared to the foreign servers... I will tell you now if I come into someone hitting 80k x4 then they will die quicker than someone hitting 30k... but you wouldn't know that because... you clearly cant PVP. I know your type of player. noob at pvp so they think, oh it must be a cheat if I cannot beat them... or if they can lock quick... consider buying a new PC better internet and learn to lock better... till then keep moaning like I have said because that's what you're doing. Crying on forums... keep chatting away on here but in the real game its me who would kill you...
  9. Cortana auto locking?! :O

    I played spaceball there at least 3 times just to get some kills. Never really notice people with awkward locks, as for Wall-E, i have seen weird locks, but never thought about it, but hear everyone else say he is.

    AHHH LOOK AT HIM GOOOOO!!! WOOO!!! You're so desperate to make me look bad, yet i have trashed UFEs in some of my videos in 1v1s, my laptop cost me $600 and shouldn't have issues (which we all know DO does) Sure has room for some upgrades but still. You keep going back to crying on the forums, but it's not doing you any good.... It's so sad how hard you're trying, you don't even know me, so many players call me a good player, i don't sit here spending $1,000 a year, or did i bot like the rest of the losers. I get looked up to by many players on GA1, and USA West, so many of them love how i play, and support how i play. Yet here you are trying to be a big boy and say i'm bad because i don't deny the fact hacks exist... Just how pathetic can you get?
  10. I just don't care enough to read past the second line of your paragraph, it might be because I don't care or because your constant crying is becoming repetitive. Carry on with you're BKS while the rest of us pop you and you can scream auto lock on here again ;)
  11. LOL Look at this guy, talks trash doesn't even know what i do.

    I don't even kill npcs in this game, you're so pathetic you can't even come up with a comeback anymore, what a loser. Were your parents disappointed in having you? Cause i sure as hell would be.
  12. I may well be a loser, but at this game I win. Look again? Who is here crying about autolocking and now resorting to insults and who is not? Point proven.... carry on chatting away on forums it might be the only thing you are any good at :D
  13. Lol so pathetic still can't come up with a comeback. Note that you started this, so looks like you're not only a loser but a hypocrite.
  14. lol real skill.. xD the jackpot battle in GA1 is one of the hardest... even ask HBK and Cry which are the ones that have won it cry on european servers and HBK on both, GA1 has one of the best players... just saying..
    oh and a question on what server does Britain participates in the jackpot?
  15. I really don't care keep up your insults because out of the two of us it actually makes you look pathetic to resort there. but its understandable you still have to mature and grow up. Keep on killing NPC maybe one day you will be a strong as the big players on the game... or not lmao :p

    btw this is me saying I don't care enough to reply anymore because you are just not worth the time :D you could always open a thread and do what you do best... moan :rolleyes:
  16. Destroy 100.000 aliens.

    51.000 / 100.000

    Mmmm all those npc kills.... With all my time played... Yup, all i do... ALL I DO lol. You have yet to actually come up with a decent argument, and repeat the same thing, and keep replying even though im "not worth it" How sad... truly truly sad...
  17. I just love the Smell when Cortana passed me.. Fooshh.. and She uses some KILLer Parfume..

    raises hand.. I need new hands, new pc and better Internet connection...

    I overheard an enemy in TeamSpeak.. as I go by another name when using it..

    they said.. " Hey Guys.. that ΜΞĠΛ♠ĦÙЯ╫ʐ Bonehead is in map 2-4 lower right, he cant lock me if I was sitting on a Sib, he should change his name to MEGA-Toast. "

    I almost said.. I heard that.. but thought of changing my name to BoneHead, just before I popped.
  18. That's priceless lmao. some people you watch try to lock someone and it's like... "What exactly are you doing?"
  19. Yeah.. I swear.. I must look like Im trying to Chase my Tail.. but I am trying to lock em and Sock em..

    I practice locking Prots.. and still come up lockin a Cloaker, they just emp and I have to hit my AfterBurners.. I need to take a Dance with Cortana in Teamspeak and see if she can Recommend a Pc cause 4 gigs of RAM just aint cuttin it anymore, I just Go.. Poof.. and my pc smells like someone " Cut the Cheeze "
  20. My perfume is absolutely Amazing. tyvm :p

    I'm no computer Expert but my husband showed me a few PC's and I ended with 12GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive, Intel Core i7, and Windows 8 of course.

    Although The PC matters I've been on DO on a 2006 Windows Vista with only 4GB RAM and 2.20 GHz Processor; our internet on the other hand puts out 71 MB p/s which seems to matter more than the PC specs.

    Yw for the info even though its completely off the Thread topic.... :rolleyes:
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