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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LIL-WOLF, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. You don't know me AND if you read my earlier posts I've said I'm willing and ready to tell anyone that wishes to know the old secrets of how to lock In-Game; as I've been around since 2007 starting on Germany1 and later moving to East 1 then USA (West) I know plenty of secrets.... :)

    In TeamSpeak that is of course.
  2. lol thought the last video i saw by you, you had Alien Ware lmao.

    I have never seen cortana with anything, the one time she popped me was in 4-4 during spaceball i still killed my target however ;P
  3. Haha ya I have 3 Computers My desktop Acer Windows 8, My Windows 7 Laptop and an AlienWare Laptop.
  4. Well you don't need all of them! I'll take the AlienWare Laptop of your hands... i'll even pay :p
  5. We are going sooo Off topic....

    The Windows 8 alone cost me $900, the windows 7 Laptop cost me a total of $430 and the AlienWare laptop topped over $1,200.

    I shall not Sell them :p
  6. I started playing DO with a Acer.. was a great little machine until "It" Tried to Swallow a Huge Cup of Hot Coffee..

    only the HardDrive Survived. now Im using a HP with 4Gs of ram

    Cortana would love to Find your TS Address and get a "Schoolin for Lockers"..
  7. I hang out in Samz TeamSpeak; may not be in Samz but I always will be at heart :)

    Most people have the Samz TS address.
  8. Well i use a 6gb ram hp laptop. According to logics, i shouldn't lag like i do sometimes. Although as i said, i may need some improvements, but it doesn't effect my locks or my sight of locks 90% of the time.
  9. Maybe its your internet My husband and I found that you really only need 30 MB p/s internet to play DO, that includes Gates and large PvP battles. 4 MB p/s up to 12 MB p/s just doesn't cut it.
  10. I asked my dad he said "hell if i know anymore, those idiots keep screwing it up, we need a new modem anyways since they gave us a crappy one"
  11. Its easy to find out just go to your browser and type in "" in the address bar.

    Depending on your service, (Century link, Comcast, Cox, ETC) it will have a username and pass window come up. If you tell me the service I can post the username and pass you have by Default.

    From there the modem site will come up and u can see your Kbps which for every 1000 Kbps is 1 Mbps. :p
  12. Tell me your secretssssssssssss
    I have TS, so send me which server to go onnnn :D
  13. Being that .. Im mostly Exposed, or perhaps Transparent.. a Bonehead is hard to hide even when I win the Bid on a Mega-Cloak CPU (50)..

    Im old, but no Author-Eye-dyss. yet.. but I think Im just Slow in the CPU department, have'nt been readin n Wrist-a-maticin enough .. have'nt figured out the Premium HOT Bar.. yet. They told me.. that you could Strip it..
    Dont go there.. BoneHead..

    and place what you want for a Rotation for p v p.. dont think I can Do it since This Pc tryed to Steal another Cup of HOT Joe.. whats with Pcs and Coffee

    some of the Keys arent working .. and I never noticed it before but I have spinach on my Tooth..

    how embarrassing.. such a Noob. Floss is not around when you need it..
  14. I play with 1mb up and 2 down.... most people in GA1 lose against me... so is not the internet's speed :p
    forgot to add- I Rarely get killed in huge battles since we have war like against 6 clans I manage to cloack and appear again until all of them die.
  15. Random person I don't remember Saying anything to you, I'm talking to people On USA (West).
    Although I don't tend to discriminate against other servers; so your input is noted, if in fact it is possible to play on 1mb p/s I can't see it as being very enjoyable. :D
  16. If your in chat you can always Invite me to a Private room and I may post Samz TeamSpeak for you to come talk with me as its not my TS and I respect Samz Leaders I will not post it Here.
    On the other hand I will post my Teamspeak Address as I enjoy talking to people :p no Password.
  17. Zenn is a friend of mine from GA1 play nice now cortana :p
  18. Well a Friend of a friend isn't always still a friend :oops:

    BUT I'll play nice seeing as I'm such a nice person :D
  19. Lol now now. We all know you wanna be friends with him deep down lol.
  20. Eh, I think I'll live :rolleyes:
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