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  1. What Didn't I Give all you Want To Bees a Warning.. Cortana Does the MMOmbo.. in her Sleep.. she has Killer ParFume and will Beat the .. Pants.. I mean the Uri out of most Pilots.. She is One Player that.. it pays to be Respectful too..

    Send her Flowers.. and you will still need a Repair credits.. But She Redeems herself.. with a "He.he.haHA.. got Cha.. but " Thanks "
  2. Rofl you are one silly dude xD, but I seemingly enjoyed the early morning laugh. :p
  3. Haha, nice one. I will always respect Cortana, she's a good pilot, and not one to use some fairy magic :p
  4. lol omg your so mean :p haha, I think dream already let you know who i am, btw im nice when people is nice to me. but since i dont get really well american sarcasm and some words by the way you said that at the end i dont think you are being that friendly...
    lol but all cool, dont care too much about that

    ASTRAEA User

    Hello Folks,

    As this thread has been more than interesting reading....

    This is the Tech Section and this thread has gone far beyond a technical question.

    To the point of who's computer does what... how toos... and even the every loving Dark Orbit Rants.

    It would be greatly appreciated, if you want to continue on this topic please create a new thread in the Speakers corner area.

    Have a lovely day.

    This Thread is closed.
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