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  1. its getting boring being popped by autolockers. you can't escape them by emping and cloaking, so you're dead !
    i don't know what technology they're using that DO can't detect but surely they can be highlighted with a bit of stats. just record how many times a day a ship locks a cloaked ship and the bad guys wil soon float to the top of the list


    DO is working on all the game issues ATM,things take time,have patience.things will be sorted out soon enough...
  3. Soon you say? I've was waiting for years and they are still here(Hence the reason i have not bothered to login to both of my account's as nothing will ever change). Enjoy your wait, And the voucher code is a joke as we all know most players who use cheats can make that no problem anytime they want they don't need DO to offer it they will just keep taking it and BP will keep letting it happen.
  4. Hence why I quit GE5 and started on PVE server instead, just go at your own pace, don't worry about enemies, just get on with my game and not worry about competition or being shot or popped by people who got their equipment while being asleep etc.
  5. They're working on the Unity versions of the game, so there is no sense in continuing to update certain elements of the game in Flash.
  6. Well they best be making a whole new game as their last few years i am sure are the worst for players leaving the game.
    Also when they supposedly fix everything will the bot's finally be ban and if they are tell me who will be left to play or want to even give BP a second try considering how it's been going so far?
  7. There's only so much support you can apply to a Flash-based game. Their options of monitoring are quite limited in capabilities. As soon as they get a method implemented, coders just tweak their own software's code and release it as an update. Plus it's (literally) one game team vs. a dozen or so groups of coders that make bot programs. Darkorbit just needs to be seriously shifted into a new language--even if it's a port, it would do better for them in access to new tools to help counter people that cheat with programs.

    But hey, at least they're no where near as bad as Rockstar Games.

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