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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ramnik, Feb 1, 2014.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    They took their sweet time fixing this, either they''ll be the same as ever and give no compensation for everything that so many players lost to this and blame players for the broken server or they might compensate, at least the game is fixed, I think lol.
  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    i think we should at least get something we couldnt get ammo or pet fuel or anything in the shop, couldnt send or accept clan apps, couldnt rep our drones, couldnt build galaxy gates, i didnt check the upgrades page but im guessing noone could do upgrades either, nothing worked and some people even lost their drones.
  3. I think... The compensation could be another free hades gate - which only around 20% of the players are able to survive LOL

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Oh don't give them idea's, I still have the hades gate from Darkorbit's b-day -_-.
  5. Thing is though there was a way to access hanger and such to repair our drones, change configs, etc... However this was only available to Google Chrome users - if the users knew how to do it. But there was no way to get shop working though, so i do believe a compensation of something which is available in shop only, would be good.
  6. everyone just wants something for free lol pretty funny

    SS_HELIOS User

    Well because I couldn't buy pet fuel I missed out on a day of boxing. I have a boxing doubler so I can average about 10k uri an hour and gate spins to go with it sometimes around 50 sometimes higher. Now because of the Mega, spaceball is going to be awful for players like myself so I lost yesterday, and my back up plan wont even fall through. I'm sure I'm not the only person who missed out on that. People will say you can box without your pet, but its a waste of time by myself compared to with the pet. I wouldn't have gotten so mad if they would have at least kept us posted through official announcements.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Compensation wouldn't be something for free considering most players lost out on playing time and boosters and doublers and such.
  9. i have prem + 25% off all uri cost and the only thing i would want is my day back of prem and 25% off uri thats not much unlike what everyone is asking for lol
  10. Clack321

    Clack321 User

    I had a 50% ep booster...... maybe refund that?
  11. Players want compensation, complain about things that go wrong, moan about DO & Bigpoint messing things up, start using bad language - but to name a few things.

    There is one very important thing some players are forgetting ....

    When you started to play this game, you agreed to Bigpoint's terms & conditions. Nobody forces you or makes you spend money on this game - that is done out of your own choice. And most of all, we do everything knowing that the account we play never belongs to us, but instead, remains the sole property of Bigpoint.

    If Bigpoint gives out compensation, then it is done in attempt to appease & cool down players - nothing states that Bigpoint should have to give out compensation & nothing can make them.

    A lot of you are complaining about things which should be done, type of compensation which should be received for playing a game in which the account you play you never own & will never likely to own - you are talking about things which cannot apply & about rules which cannot exist.

    Yes, I am also miffed when things go wrong - especially when they are quite clearly the fault of Bigpoint. However, I gave up complaining a long time ago when it appeared evident to me that Bigpoint were not really bothered about players & their welfare, but more concerned about making as much money as they could - which I would probaly do myself if I had invested time & money making this game.

    The best way to hit a person or company that behaves in this way is quite obvious - hit them in their pocket. However, there are far too many players either oblivious to this or not bothered about it & will carry on spending & throwing money in Bigpoint's direction regardless of what happens.

    I say to you players that save your money & not spend it on this game. A company only starts to listen & pay attention when thier profits fall & continue to fall & it affects their staff &/or their shareholders to start to notice their dividends drop & do something about it (if they have any shareholders that is).
  12. you know other games and company like riot, they give free things in compensation, they even refunded me a item because it was on sale so i could buy it for cheaper and something new when they could of denied me it. I think bigpoint should strive to be like that.
  13. Now we wait for the well deserved compensation. Unless DO is going to stay greedy and trashy and not compensate us like back in the day.
  14. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The compensation will be 2 days of smooth lag, bug, glitch, free game play. If we are lucky:D
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  15. pkomg

    pkomg User

    cmon, do you really think bigpoint will compensate us? :D :D

    BOSS~ADAM User

    No compensation lol :D.
  17. Only thing I would like to see happen, is the lost time on my 50% ep boost replaced. Yep that's it, nothing else needed from me.

    But if not, that's fine too, I have grown accustom to losses here on this game.

    Peace :cool:
  18. compensation and stuff may or may not arrive. But for those who paid for the 50% booster we should at least have a extension of the time due to game problems.
  19. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

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