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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ramnik, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. I too got that email....redeemed it but no ship...or maybe I do not know where they parked
    it? ;)

    SSG_GOOSE User

    I talked with support on losing my drones. There was a script that was run, but since I had bought some flax drones to supplement my shield and stuff, I don't get my Iris drones replaced. If you lost anything, if you replaced it you don't get any compensation.
  3. 1. Klick on the hangar section
    2. Select the next free hangar number
    3. There should be a Spearhead ship - klick on it, then klick on "allocate"

    4. Finished ;)
  4. Hmm, I received the vouchers from both, T.G.C and Dark Orbit Reloaded. I got a bunch of stuff (no detailed list on any of it) but I see no ship anywhere. I have 4 hangers already but all them have ships. 1- Goliath 2- Leonov 3- Vengeance 4- Citadel. So I presume I didn't get a "spearhead"? lol

    Peace :cool:
  5. No ship yet thanks for the help
  6. Uhm... Strange...
    Did your (spearhead) vouchers also look like the one below?

  7. Hmm closer look at mine and nope neither of them looked like that. Just Dark Orbit Reloaded logo, no spearhead ship shown.

    Peace :cool:
  8. No it did not. I am also having some problems that others have reported I cannot get to my hangar and cannot repair or rather have my repair bot work. I even bought a new CPU ( now I have 3 ) so I will contact support.
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  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It would seem that you have tech issues, as when I redeemed the voucher, I had a 4 ( as I already had 3 hangars) with a red mark top right shown in my hangar list ready. I scrolled through my list of unallocated ships and the last one was the spearhead so I allocated it to the 4th hangar all worked OK.
  10. Thanks Pacman2 I tried that but every trip to the unallocated shop I did not see any ( I even saw my current ship) Thanks

    Hello The good news is I can use my CPUs now and can repair my ship! Yay. I still however have no "free ship" and oddly I lost 13K uri...3 for "no reason" I contacted support
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  11. I can not start my repairs it say l do not have repair vouchers what should l do? help please
  12. Not the thread to post in, and ship repairs are free, so write support.
  13. Compensation.. What the.. ? ?
    DO you Think your on a Company Payroll ?.. ohh Right your Are..

    if your MMO.. :eek: Cause they are Rock hard Miners..

    ;) Hurrah for the KnuckelHeads..

    I just love this game..

    so Bigpoint has given us compensation in the past.. and Currently.
    We received the Birthday Gates, Extra Heavy Duty Ammo.. just not enough of it.. they gave us Better Graphics, and the MMO has Dancing Girls on Weds and Saturday Night in 1-8 Base.. you can Come to Sweep up the Paper money if you DOnt Believe me..
    They even gave us some special Bonus boxes.. and the Guys would say..
    "I hate Boxing"..

    Manny PackieYow is MMO.. :rolleyes: He is one HELL of a Boxer too :confused:

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