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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by gagarin101, Jan 30, 2024.

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  1. gagarin101

    gagarin101 User

    I propose to change the permanent ban for using third-party programs to a ban that will be issued for several years(like 1-3 years) with a complete reset of honor, so people who used third-party programs would return to the game after some time and not abandon it. Also, extend this opportunity to people who were previously banned permanently.
    If such a person after ban is found repeatedly using third-party programs, issue him a ban twice as long, for example for 4 years.

    Let's discuss this proposal.
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  2. AVIT

    AVIT User

    The problem is that these bot users bot many accounts ,they do not have just one bot but several always on the go ,they dont abandon the game they use the other bot instead and will pop on chat with it from time to time .., What really should be done also apart from - hon is take away there inventory equipment losing hon is not sufficient to deter them . nowadays you see many 2 stripes accounts armed to the hilt and hitting harder than they should be ,2 stripes because they lost hon on the ban waves and not their ship inventory which they acquired by ill means in the first place ..,
    Having a 2 stripe player hitting as hard as someone who is like a colonel or what not is not good for the game or any newcomer to the game . it can only deter them from playing or make them want to bot also to be like them .
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  3. Not sure why we would need a player that is doing wrong to keep coming back. They knew they were doing wrong before being banned.

    Also, a players rank is not sufficient enough to say they had done something wrong at some point. That could just mean they have not done enough to have a higher rank. If it is someone that was known to had been much higher and suddenly dropped because of honor, I understand, but some players get lots of equipment and still don't climb the ranking.

    Just my thoughts. Carry On.
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  4. Yeah, won't work. Accounts get bought and sold left and right. If they get banned, they'll just buy another account and come right back.

    Only solution is an IP address ban, and let's be honest, a VPN fixes that right off the bat.

    There's no getting rid of them. Just enjoy what you can or play something else, like 60% of the player base did.

    Bigpoint: "Oh we have 93 million accounts registered!"
    Me: "According to DOStats, today, 2/15/24, there were 13,153 active ships across 20 servers, an average of 657.65 people per server. Despite being a German game, both DE servers (DE2/DE4), consistently place at the bottom, with US2 being the 3rd least populated server. Although GE7 is the lowest active server today (314 ships online), this can be blamed on the connection problems, yesterday there was 674 ships active. But let's go further. 52 maps (all X-1 to X-8, all 4-X maps, all 5-X maps, all galaxy gates, Astral, EBG, QZone, Devolarium Invasion, and Compromising Invasion). At an average of 657 players per server, there's an average of 12 ships per map. With about 80% of the player base actively botting, we can assume that of the 657, 525 of those ships are botting. Just over 10 ships per map botting with 1-2 legit players. And mind you, that number is slightly higher because not many ships bot in X-1, barely anybody goes into 5-4, Devolarium Invasion is a tutorial gate, and Compromising Invasion is a quest gate at the end of the 100 quest line. So if you take those maps out of the equation, here's the numbers:
    46 maps
    657 average active ships
    525 estimated botting

    14.2 ships estimated per map
    11.4 of those ships are botting

    But hey, let's dig even deeper! 46 maps x 20 servers gives us 920 active instances (maps). That's a lot of maps.
    13,153 active ships in the last 24 hrs
    10,522.4 estimated botting

    funny enough, run the equation of dividing the number of active ships by the number of maps, and you get 14.2 again, same with botting."

    Point is, the game is beyond deceased. It's a virtual graveyard and they're charging us rent for it.

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