Ban wave for players that act against our T&C

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by AVIT, Dec 1, 2023.

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  1. AVIT

    AVIT User

    WHY IS ge5 always the forgotten server on this game ,,there are loads /most players playing against T&C here . hardly ny ever ever get banned and none were on this last ban wave you did .. just the opposite actually ,all thise that were banned you have allowed back from the previous ban wave earlier in the year .

    anyone who plays ge5 knows this so whats up with the team ?? are they your buddies or something ???
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  2. makes you wanna do it yourself i can imagine, i wouldnt cus im legit player on this game, it seems devs dont care about us on GE5 much, dont even fix connection isusues much or perm get rid of trains etc.

    now people know no banns on GE5 which was well needed with half the trains and autolockets etc etc still there and 0 banns on ge5, other players got banned alot fo em on other servers but GE5 untouched
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  3. AVIT

    AVIT User

    just lost connecton in EBG again lol .so gate wasted yet again .. had just used the voucher code too so thats abit of a waste also

    yh no banns at al ,quite the opposite infact as they seem to be allowing banned players back onto the game here.
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  4. top it of games down :p
  5. AVIT

    AVIT User

    always is mate ,everyday all year .

    i bet that bot browser works though ,the one all the botters use .

    darkorbit client is a load of rubbish
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  6. probably m8, take it back to browser, client aint doing much good is it
  7. I know someone who played the game for 14 years legit and honestly, never botted, was probably one of the most honest players on GB1/GE5 and he got banned and had 527mil honor removed.

    Support and/or Bigpoint and/or Yoozu Interactive labelled him a botter because their detection script etc is 100% accurate and evidence was gathered to support the ban.

    He no longer uses the account (He still owns it) because he is too paranoid to begin using it again in fear that he will be "detected" for being honest and playing the game properly not to mention his reputation he has held for so long playing the game.
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  8. The 'script' or whatever doesnt work and the bans are fake.

    You can simply go on DOstats and see the 'timeouts' look at the ban dates. 1 player is at 3 bans just in the past 6 months.
    During the last battlepass I had a noob ship cruising in 4-1 with a horde of citadels. He hit like a truck. Looked him up.
    Put in a support ticket and saw him days later in BL maps with the same citidals.

    Honor? Go look at the players doing this and how many Hades gates they have run. We should have brand new servers with all that uri spent on gate spins....
  9. AVIT

    AVIT User

    yes i have seen players with 2 bans ,and the 3rd is supposed to be a perm ban ..many playrs were on 2 bans and the last ig ban wave they were removed as it was there 3rd ban .. BUT now i see those same accounts back on the game with no bans recorded .

    on server GE5 ..the server darkorbit does not care about !
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  10. Yup. Must have been a short one as rank blew up this weekend. I dont see the ones running apps ever get punished and they laugh about it in discord/TS.

    Maybe it will get sold and actually get a staff that monitors the game with at least some effort.
  11. AVIT

    AVIT User

    they banned me from the do discord server quite a few yrs back ,when they first made it .. .ive been told since too over the yrs that they do that if yu cant agree with the devs/mods there . that has never bothered me much ..
    but the game not working and allowing bots back to play really annoys me . especially as they were supposedly permantly banned ,
  12. they dont ban them they just take honour and rank off them, they'll be right back to where they were after a couple of months botting, games a joke, cant get connected, jump maps instant dis- connection, but the botters bot all day long .
  13. They get it back in Days! Honor is never removed!

    As soon as their ban is over,.. they are back to where they were before the ban.