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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by NewMittoucp, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Some people I might call... "idiots" would believe bigpoint with: The system works 100% right...

    Well this information is false as old, honest players know.

    I'm active on the GB1 server as most people would know, most people would also know that I am an honest, sort of old player.

    Well, a few days ago my account was banned, I didn't know it was banned. I logged in and a blank screen. After a while I log in again, same result. I e-mail support and get a response that my account was banned for botting, however they cannot give me evidence.

    I received no e-mails telling me I was banned, it didn't come up on the screen, I had to contact support myself to find this information out. And then I find out I can't be shown any real evidence.

    What's the problem here? Why can't I have my account back? Why would I bot if I pay regularly?

    Think about it Bigpoint.
  2. I can confirm that you're active. I don't think you botted. Why would you?

    Sad days ;-;
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  3. You're a fair player, you will never bot and I know you wouldn't. Dark Orbit must give proof to show evidence of botting otherwise you can't just ban people for no reason. I hope you get unbanned mitt, you have played this for a long time and we can't just let you go.
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  4. ramnik

    ramnik User

    well there's one way not to get banned for botting... Dont bot :)
  5. Well yeah thats the thing, I don't bot :)

    Thank you all for the support so far.
  6. give him account back to shut him up hes giving me an headache on eic chat :pcome on mitt is worse than me hes not a bott we all know who the cheats r and hes not 1 of them on list :rolleyes:
  7. -tidal-

    -tidal- User

    give him his acc back, if he pays regularly then why not?
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  8. Even if we can't change support's mind, why can't we support him when he tries?
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  9. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    Supported. I love you mitto, i know you wouldnt bot and i never see you using anything. Plus...Why would you autolock? You dont hit over 35k RSB :D :p
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  10. True words ^

    Thanks for support guys, hopefully this will convince support but I doubt it will.
  11. I posted that BEFORE I saw jackets response so... And btw I hit a bit higher now, I'm not the same noob I was 3 years ago -_- :p
  12. lol, this is a joke! they seriously need to sort this out! Banning a honest, old skool, fair player, yet the likes of certain well known clans having alot of their dirty cheating members still playing!

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  13. Mittoucp A botter lmao. im sorry but how on earth could a player as nooby as mittoucp be a botter. all he does is sit on port and spam chat. i doubt mittoucp would even know how to turn a bot on never mind use it =p. naa seriously this must be yet again another script error.

  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    What was your daily DO routine Mittoucp?
    If you were falsely banned then this info might be pretty useful for finding out why since you appear to be the only person complaining about a false ban -that I have seen-, whereas last time there was hundreds.

    Edit: Also when DO say "botting" they mean any program that is used. So for example even if you used a program that changed the new lasers back to the old fats just for looks then their system would count that as botting because of altered packets.
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  15. Is there anyone who you know who's account could be linked to yours? Like have you had a friend over who logged in to their account from your place? Or vice versa? I heard that can end in a ban as well, if that player botted on an account "linked" to yours.

    Even if I am wrong, I highly doubt you botted. I have played GB1 for years and seen many people go and come and also flown around a lot and never seen your ship botting.

    If this is true, bigpoint should stop banning the wrong people and start banning the right people, the ones who EVERYONE has been complaining about for ages.
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  16. Yeah we all know the clans you are hinting towards, they probably will never get caught. Thanks for your support.
    Everyone calls me a noob :p, thanks for the support terror.
    Don't recall using any program... but:
    Yeah, have had someone log in from my place at the same time as me but on a different PC, got many PCs at my place. Support didn't mention this though they said botting not this but they also didn't look into it -_-
    Thanks for your support.
  17. By that, just to clarify, I mean if that friend of yours botted then your account could get into trouble as well (if they get caught) if the accounts are linked.

    Edited my post above to make it clear. My bad.
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    Reference to deleted post

    Oh no, none of that happened.
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  19. Sparta[Λ]

    Sparta[Λ] User

    I can vouch that I've never seen Mitt bot. If he was botting, surely he'd have something to show for it? ^_^
    It'd be a monumental day when Dark Orbit decide to sort out their problems instead of funding pointless campaigns like rebranding/redesigning Dark Orbit. All you've done is ban honest players and ignore the botter who pay you.
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  20. Wow, didn't really notice how nooby I was :p

    Yeah they should sort this stuff out, loads of honest players get banned everytime they ban a load of players.

    Thanks for posting :p
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