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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by NewMittoucp, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Coming from someone who knows what I'm talking about, Bigpoint have a very collateral damage sort of approach to everything...

    Owning is correct like always in what he posted except for claiming that Old Lasers uses packets ;)

    Anyway, I hope you get your account back, you sound like you deserve it!
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Depends how people go about doing it obviously ^^
    Local-mapping doesn't alter packets but if people use the older programs that change lasers or ship swf then yes, they did use packets.
  3. Changing SWF does not use packets bro :3
  4. Thanks, yah surprising how many people get banned by this when they do nothing.
    Thanks, before I do anything like you have said I'm going to try and get it back in another way, that would be a last resort. Yeah, like I've said if their system is 100% why do so many people complain every time they remove players, and those people are obviously innocent as they are themselves honest and trustworthy and they are also supported by a great amount of people who are also well respected, honest and trustworthy like all people who have posted on this thread.

    Apart from Rambo he just loves to stir things up...

    Thanks everyone so far.
  5. once i got ban also, when i played 6 days in a row nonstop, without sleep. (i was crazy with this game) and ban for 7 days, it was on old days. but you can go to police and write report, that they cheated you and ask ur acc back + moral compensation for time what you wasn't able to play and + you can be a very good actor and cry in court and thell that you were "so" disapointed and get more $$ from them. hahah, that should make them leason. try it. i got my money 2 and half year ago.
  6. lol, thanks for posting here.

    Well guys I think it's hopeless, I don't think I'm ever getting my account back. I send e-mails to support and never get a reply. It's been a while since I sent my e-mail.

    Another thing they need to improve on as well as their botting system: support.
  7. We all know their system is crap, my friend was accused when the first stage went out. DO doesn't care to listen, nor will the provide proof, which if you ask me, is illegal....
  8. Annoying this is they're too stubborn to look into it. They say their system is 100%, they know it is not, they probably just say that so we stop bothering them. Why have a support team if they don't give any support to players?

    Thanks for posting.
  9. Their argument is that if they give evidence, then they will give away how the system works. In my opinion that is totally wrong! Thats like me being accused of hacking into the NSA or something and then in court the FBI not giving any evidence because they don't want "others" knowing how I did it yet I still get a guilty hearing. Its wrong and unfair. Bigpoint need to be way more transparent in the big issues like these that everyone is interested in yet is the worst communicated area by far!
  10. Yeah it doesn't make sense. And plus if they told me evidence, I've never botted, how would it effect me. It's not like I'd "sell the information" on to someone. They just have no evidence and they don't want people to know they make mistakes, which everyone does make from time to time. Bad system, worse support.
  11. Well look what happened the last time the dished out bans that say's it all. This lot would mug ur granny giving half a chance lol
  12. You do know you'll be sueing them for taking away something which belongs to them ( the account) right? That is if you take 'em to court. Goodluck though, and i actually do hope you get your account back, seeing as banning the account & accusing you of botting without giving out any proof is...well...not right.
  13. Vegas™

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    This is outrageous , I don't look on the forums often but when I do I always find posts like this. Darkorbit/Bigpoint need to sort things out because this only makes me and other players get worried about getting banned despite us being completely innocent and not doing anything wrong because if it has happened to You then it could happen to anybody... But also today i've already come across a payment error when trying to purchase some in game currency. This game is not getting any better yet we still pour money into it , THINGS NEED TO CHANGE
  14. i have sued them in court and won before over this very same thing virtual good that you purchase belong to you and you alone they can keep your account but HAVE to refund the money you spent on upgrades and bio they only can Keep ammo purchases even all the gates you did to get your drone designs will have to be compensated for you really should look into the new internet laws of the USA to protect you the consumer .As long as you have receipts and even a affidavit from the subway you bought cards from are presentable as evidence in court the time off work and suffering of having to got through this BP has a F rating with the BBB .I own a company its like me saying i put a furnace in your house but if you do not run the heat in the summer i can take it back that would get me sued in court and i would lose ,trust me you will win your case. Specifically file for DISCOVERY WHICH IS THEIR EXACT SCRIPT.They will not comply and they will be in contempt of court.
  15. Well if you put it that way, then yeah he may have a chance of winning. And laws in the USA aren't always the same as to laws in the UK.
  16. =SERAPH=

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    NewMittoucp - If you are having an account issue, the only appropriate recourse is to discuss it with Support. Since you have already contacted them on this matter, please continue to follow through with your previous Ticket.

    Closing, as this rests with Support.

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