Battle for Influence

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  1. The Battle for Influence is out, but seriously, has anyone actually thought this through.

    We have the following Official Annoucement from Juturna
    However, the forums is being filled with people complaining about them not having quests open.

    Why did no one actually put out a proper Official Announcement explaining what the Battle for Influence is & what it entails.

    I am sorry, but I am not psychic, nor telepathic nor a mind reader & I only have 1 extra mission open - Player 4, Press Start.

    Also, did anyone actually think through the points system. Seriously, just 2 points for killing any npc/alien but giving 50,000 points for a TDM & Sector Control victory ... that is sheer lunacy & ignorance on your part by making in effect the Battle for Influence a several tier event where those who have plenty of time to play as well as being good players will take the top awards. There are players who have got more than 2 million Influence point already just after Sector Control after Day 1 on GB1 - & I am pretty much sure you didn't see that one coming or expect it.

    So please, sort the problems there are with this event & make a proper Official Announcement on how the event works & the rules for it.
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  2. I agree, I totally don't understand this, and the 1 mission I see is ridiculous, 400 ULK and 400 UBK? LOL no....

    at least I know how to get points now. and btw VRU has 31+mil in my server it's jumping incredibly fast, kinda figured the hacking company would get it all while the other 2 remain below 5mil.
  3. Soz º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º, but it has nothing to do with hacking. If you check your Personal Influence score, it tells you that you ger 50,000 points for a TDM win & 50,000 for a Sector Control win - that is 50,000 per player. I actually went into Sector Control & it appeared to be over within 2-3 minutes - so the wining company picked up 750,000 points for the win. players then went back to the jump portal for Sector Control & kept jumping back in, hence the high score for some individuals & companies.
  4. No my point was is the cheat company of my server is dominating the events. Right now they're destroying Sector Control, and why? cause they hey over 300k, lock across screen, make emps useless. and sometimes have anti emps themselves.
  5. Maybe that is the case º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º or maybe not.

    It is not for us to go accusing anyone. No doubt there are people who do cheat, however that is up to BP & DO to do their job & catch them. I could go accusing quite a few players I come across, however my opinion is that such people must be very sad & of low self esteem if they have to sink to such low depths to cheat.
  6. My question is 30 new quest i only can find 15 on my ufe ship, my wife has 15 normal quest and she also has event missions. as for me i do not have them can some 1 look into why some have the event mission and others dont. and where is the other 15 quest that was said to be here
    thank you WJ us west server
  7. This event is horrible, i can't get any points from events because players are in TDM with 1mil shields, full speed, and hitting 400k dmg, screw this game. Another garbage event not thought out by "genius" dev team
  8. So I'm dominating USA (West) with 2,552,227 influence points = #1 .
    Whats my Reward? :p