Battle Pass Reward Booking (Frozen Labyrinth)

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Josh0238, Jan 11, 2023.

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  1. Josh0238

    Josh0238 User

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knows
    if the rewards for the Frozen Labyrinth Were Booked

    I tried contacting support about it since the rewards
    are usually received on the day the event ends but i don't
    seem to have received mine​

    It seems like no one knows if the rewards were given or not
    so i took a look at all the items we were supposed to get within the top3

    and i had received none of those things
    someone please reach out
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  2. There was no ranking for that event it was only for uri and rank.
    In other words there are no rewards the only thing was a title for most synk kills.
  3. Josh0238

    Josh0238 User

    yeah thats what i found too when i looked at the post
    it was some 400k uri and a title for top3
    i just got nothing thats what i was confused about

    referring to this post in the forums
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  4. S3nd3r

    S3nd3r User

    You get rewards for Astral Ascension ranking. For the Labyrinth, 10 people only receive the title in achievements.
  5. Josh0238

    Josh0238 User

    unfortunately i received nothing as i was saying for both events i was top 3 no titles or nothing