Best way to farm/Get Uridium?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by xXCriticalBugXx, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. What's the best way to get uridium?
  2. If you can, cube...

    If you like a challenge like me, uber map and just nail it all to the orbit.
  3. If you can't Cube or uber map cause everyone will shoot you down, either box in your PvP map with Spearhead (without skill tree upgrades for boxes and without P.E.T to collect for you) you will make 5k uri and 50 GG energy per hour. If you have box doubler and P.E.T boxes for you, you will make a lot more. Other way is to go uppers and kill Kristallons. Like this you will get bunch of credits and uridium too. :)
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  4. What does being premium have anything to do with getting things from boxes faster?
    Is there an advantage I should know about? :>
  5. I thought of that box doubler or whatever is it's name :) I will edit my post now, thank you for the note :)
  6. would be an advantage when the OP tries to spend the Uri... 5% discount I believe... and with Rebate gets 30% total...
  7. Good point
  8. I find farming in x-5 maps with kami and aegis and diamond to be pretty good.
  9. Shoot everything red. If you happen upon a player = no uridium for you :p
  10. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Personally, having a strong full group (two aegis, 1 citadel, and a solace goli mainly) in 5-2 and just farming the heck out of all pirates non-stop gets me a couple 20k uri in a few hours.
  11. Or if you are a lone ranger like myself, do that alone.
  12. Soloing gets you more uridium and credits :)
  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Same time frame, no
  14. There are a lot of ways to get good uri.
    Best one is cube of course but most of the time those are already taken and waiting 5 min for 1 cube isnt worth it.
    If cubes are all taken best way is farming Battleray using kamikaze only but that need 2 players premium with aegis diamond and kami lvl 3 but most of the times other companys come and kill you off it
    If you aren't premium kristallons are good enough

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