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    Galaxy gate Beta is the second of the original galaxy gates that was introduced in classic DarkOrbit. It requires 48 parts to construct and is one 3 gates (Alpha and Gamma) that share a generator. If you spin for any of those 3 gates, you have a chance to get parts for Beta. Beta is considered to be of fairly average difficulty and should probably only be attempted by sub-FE or FE players.

    Aliens in this gate can be found on regular maps. However, here they are on mass, and it's only you vs them, just like Alpha. However, since Alpha, The aliens here have upgraded... massively. Every alien in this gate has x2 stats, which means they deal double damage, have double health and double shields to thier Alpha (regular) counterparts. This also however means double rewards. What you will encounter is as follows.

      • 40,000 Uridium
      • 40,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
      • 200,000 Honor
      • 8,000,000 Experience
      • 4 Repair credits
      • 4 Log Disks
    • Double GG Rewards Day
      • 40,000 Uridium
      • 40,000 UCB-100
      • 400,000 Honor
      • 16,000,000 EP
      • 8 Repair Credits
      • 8 Log-disks
      • Beta ring (First time Completion Only)
      • 1 Kronos Part

    wave 1:
    40 Streuners (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 2:
    40 Lordakias (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 3:
    40 Mordons (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 4:
    80 Saimons (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 5:
    20 Devolariums (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 6:
    80 Kristallins (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 7:
    20 Sibelons (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 8:
    80 Sibelonits (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 9:
    16 Kristallons (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    wave 10:
    30 Protegits (Double HP/Reward/Dmg)

    Special Booty Days (Red, Blue, Obsidian and Apocalypse)

    Occasionally, Schism will be dropped from the Beta gate on top of regular rewards. On these special days, the Beta gate will award between 5 and 10 Schism.

    Special thanks to »ØPŦ‡MU§_K‡ŁŁ_§[23]« and Spykid[HΛŁΘ] for their assistance with the updates.
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