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    Betting System FAQ!
    Here is a little guide on how to do this bet for your football team.

    There are 3 options, you can choose which you team you want
    or just not bet.
    If you're wanting to place your better you can put in your score what you think it will be.

    All you need to do is place your score and click on "bet"
    This will put your bet forward, then you will need to place how much Uridium you want to buy.
    Do this as normal via the banking area.

    Can I change my mind for the bet ?Yes, the below picture shows you can change the bet.
    You'll just need to click on your score (red box) to open the page again.
    You will only be able to change your bet before the game starts

    How long do I have to place my bets?
    You can place your bets until the start of the first match listed on the relevant layer.

    What am I betting on?
    You always bet on the end result of a game, including extra time and penalty shots if necessary.

    What can I win?If you ordered uridium in the 24 hours before a game and place your bet, you can win:
    Double the Uridium if you guessed the winner.
    Triple the Uridium if you guessed the winner and the
    correct goal difference.

    Quadruple the Uridium if you guessed the winner and the correct score.
    In the event of a tie, there will be no bonus for goal difference, meaning that it is impossible to get triple the Uridium if you bet that a game will end in a tie.

    We consider the winner of a tie to be both teams, so if you bet that a game will end in a tie and it does, you get double the Uridium.
    If you also guessed the correct score, you get quadruple the Uridium.
    Can I win something if I didn’t order any Uridium?
    No, only players who order Uridium can receive a bonus. If you didn’t order any Uridium and you win your bet, good for you, but you won’t get a reward.
    Where can I see if I won Uridium and how many I won?
    If you got a bonus for a correct bet, you’ll receive a message in the “Credits” section.

    If I win, when will I get my bonus?
    Your bonus will be credited to your account within 48 hours of the end of the game.

    Can I bet on both teams?No you can only have one bet per team

    If I lose the bet, do I lost the uridium I bought?
    If you team loses, you will keep everything you buy, it just won't be doubled , tripled and so on.​

    Edit: No longer available 2016. Soccer Bonus Discontinued Official Announcement.
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