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  1. Well as well as alot of you knows BIO has been like one the first upgrade to the game which made it fun.. Its been like 4 years or longer i cant remember..

    Many of us players had hit the 50 PP mark and have x amount of Log disk laying back.. I have 50 PP and 10k Log disks.. -_- its worthless just sitting thier..

    My idea is increase the amount of PP to be used to 75... ( i have all the ship upgrades on and whatever so it wont make us do more dmg)

    Maybe they can also add new PP.... (not ones which affect DMG, HP, or SHields)(we have to much of that already)

    Increase Honor gain, rep time, Box gain, resource gain, Mines, and whatever else.. or just increase the damn PP to 75.. cuz i got log disks laying around doing nothing...
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  2. i agree with u - just give them to me plz

    then its the right time to start learning how to play correct:p

    and .. lets trully reply to ur post
    yes to more pp from me
  3. you can use them for tech items but there should be another way u can use them instead of them stacking up like that
  4. Exactly. just donate them to me
  5. no.... i asked them 1st
  6. i agree increase PP now please
  7. Eh you don't need them. May i bring up the DreamDemon Donation? Donate 5,000 Log Disks today to save DreamDemon the trouble of getting them himself.
  8. chixonator

    chixonator User

    i agree
  9. no u cant have none mines :p, but i hope some admins look at this and see how some players would actually be happy they (listening to them)
  10. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Rather than increasing the PP number, better make something fun that we can do with log disks, after you get to 75 they'll stack up again so it's just a temporary solution, and tech production doesn't take too much log disks, we need something new.
    But i approve your suggestion of increasing the PP number. :)
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    lol nice idea , DO will get another 10kk for last PPs and we wont get anything much as - i really want all PPs too <3
  12. No. It still give you an advantage even if you don't do more damage. It was set at 50 so you would have to choose between honor ep, and boxing, and damage and pvp. Now you propose to have both sections which would make it unfare in the fact you do damage AND get more EP and honor.
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  13. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Unfair in which way? Everyone could get them so it wouldn't be unfair.

    PS: On the bottom of your post thesre's an "Edit" button, use it, don't double post.
  14. I don't like this idea in general and you suggested bio points that already existed, 75 points? I don't think 10k log disks would get you far lol.
  15. lost1*

    lost1* User

    I Love it and asked for this months ago and just like all ideals that suggest the ability of paying players being able to use there paid for items Boss adam is once again against it
  16. Well, if you got it - flaunt it, but I highly doubt an UFE would box rubbish :rolleyes:
  17. I made a forum about this same thing about a month or 2 ago and got neg reviews lol and now people are liking it, geesh. I am for it, increase the PP. Truth be told, if you cant defeat a player that has 50PP now, then it wont make a difference if they have 75 lol.
  18. I think they should add some more diverse choices to the pilot bio and maybe increase the number you can use by 5-10. Also, biohazard, by the time you get 50 pp, ep is irrelevant to you and honor is just there to look nice. Kills give much more stable rank if that's what you're worried about
  19. I think people with 50 PP should get an option to "Donate to Other Players".
    But, the person going to donate needs to have a X amount before they can donate, and can only donate X LDs each MONTH and to how many ever players they want. This should prevent abuse, but still be able to help others ;)

    Besides, I think only a handful of UFEs/Havocs (Or peeps with 50 PP) would be generous enough to gift others like that.

    EDIT: And they cannot donate to players that already have 50 PP
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  20. Wouldn't say worthless there needed for the tech center
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