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  1. Yes, but not when you have over 10k, as I have heard of people with 50 PP that have that.
  2. y not just get rid of the reset cost mines at 60k uri wont be resetting them any time soon bit daft that it x2 every time with all the creds and sep u need to put into it
  3. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    why not add more items to the tech lab that will require more log discs to make or make it to where additional log discs will stack make the current tech items more potent/stronger.

    even do the same for mines requiring a card which uses log discs that needs to be installed on your ship like insta shield, turbo mine and targeting guidance cpu 2. it would increase damage and or blast radius by a certain %
  4. Log disks can be used to make tech items...I add to this that we can make all five tech and not be limited to three items.
  5. Na, it would kind of be overpowered.
    You can already make 5 items, but you need to know what to limit it to.
  6. I know one that is worthless ;)

    And better stop winking at every horse as you ride by :p
  7. Lol xD
    And what's the worthless one? The chain Impulse? :p

    And it's a Pony, not a horse
  8. It would be unfair because only people who buy an absorbent amount of URI would be able to afford them. The last to pilot points as it is cost a lot of uri for the log disk so how would it not put them at an advantage.
  9. Silviu

    Silviu User

    You don't have to buy uri to get logdisks. Just by being active you can get great amount of uri and logdisks.
  10. XtremChaos

    XtremChaos User

    More bio would make the game have less ppl it's hard not to get insta poped the way it is u say u got 10 k log disc and nothing to do with them when they can be used in tech what about the ppl that have 10k JPD that some ppl can't use I would say do something about those
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    Enjoy the game.

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