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  1. So
    As we all know its the 7th birthday of darkorbit and as we have come to expect a gate on this date or some sort of event however

    giving us free hades gates is all well and good but for the 7th birthday i mean come on at least make another gate for people to do or something it just seems like laziness not making one you did it every other year why not this year and we can get the we are proud of it speech but ive done 17 on my server it gets boring we want something new to do something to talk about maybe you could have put in a new alien or something to keep us interested but just giving hades gates is boring no real fun to it.

    if anyone else wants to comment feel free
  2. not only is it boring and totally lame. BP went back on their ways and words of helping out new players on this game.

    Hades gate are easy for some people, but for most people its difficult to complete it. new players have no way of completing this gate easily like all other birthday gates usually are. and the fact that you have to register for the newsletters shows that BP are forcing people to register and receive weekly crap from BP that only have code in them maybe once in 2 months. what happen to logging on the day of the birthday and seeing the free gate in x-1 home maps?

    former birthday gates are simple and easy and rewarding to complete, especially for new or small players, Hades gate are not the way for them to complete when they are still new or small.
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  3. They also have the Birthday rockets and its BDR-2012 !!! Not 2013 but they are using the ones from 2012!!
  4. Seems like they are concentrating too much on gameplay "updates", rather than things, what we love.. i wanted b-day gate so badly, but no.. :(
  5. Where do i find these? i don't have any
  6. You find a code from emails and you enter the code in the game and Boom You have a free Hades but if you already have one open you get EE
  7. i think the codes are sent out in batchs
  8. Yeh they get sent in waves so some people get sent them first and some last etc but if you are signed up for newsletter then you should get on soon enough.
  9. and i agree in the bday gates you got like 150% damage increase it was great this just sucks
  10. Maybe they want U 2 collect rewards than just give it 2 U - It comes gifted wraped :)
  11. Not really because to get the B day rewards last year you still had to do the gate :p
  12. i doubt they would keep dreaming haha
  13. yes i am pretty much disappointed by this i wanted to do bday gate not hades as hades is pretty hard with X1 or X2 and i dont have X4 that much
  14. every one who is complaining about this really hasn't thought it though..=p. the birthday gate rewards are awefull its only 2k uri. but with Hades you make a ton of ep ton of uri and a chance to get lf4. you also get to enjoy the gate with your game friends. i can not for the life of me see why you wouldn't want a Hades over a birthday gate.
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  15. its the principle its the birthday gate we had a birthday gate every other year so why change it?
  16. and how exactly is a noob supposed to do this gate?
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  17. 0okai

    0okai User

    Darkorbits bday hasnt even been yet, the Hades giveaway is just a studid thing they gave away for a boring reason. Oh, and guess what. ex-botters keep getting scolded, so if you bottet before, you wont be getting the gate
  18. for me this gate is just a waste as it will just remain in X-1 as i cant solo because i cant find a good group and hades is pretty tough for fe and i am not that ufe type that spam X4
  19. wee-man

    wee-man User

    I enterd the code and didnt get any rwards from it! Anyone els had this problem?
  20. contact support

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