Birthday Gate

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .RΞSЇSŦΞNCΞ., Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. 0okai

    0okai User

    to be fair, when im in a group with people spamming x4, i cant hold back my laughter... i dont see the point in going negative on a gate
  2. for me its just a waste as i cant do it thats why
  3. ok ty, i havnt received it yet...
  4. -[Canyon]-

    -[Canyon]- User

    Desing veom :)))) pirate box
  5. Does anyone know how much EE you get since i already have a hades open.
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  6. if u have 2 open u get 500gg energy, if u have 1 open u get another.
  7. hellseeker685 you cant fined a group to do the gate ??. so you cant find 7 players from your whole company dam your server mucst be dead. RΞSЇSŦΞNCΞ. its easy gate for noobs if they ask for help. i have members in my clan who did it with me and he was only like lvl 10. he didnt have a clue what he was doing in the gate but he got lf4 and a ton of uri. yeah it was hard for him he died a few times but it benefited him loads more than a birthday gate ever could. lol just stop companing so many haters here.

    RΞSЇSŦΞNCΞ. dark obit have given away a free gate how nice of them. do you really care that it says Hades in stead of birthday gate. its just a name. big deal. if it really means that much to you just do the gate and imagine it being called birthday gate and if you get lf4 sell it so the rewards are some as bday gate. and waste all but 2 k uri so the rewards are the same =]
  8. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    Id rather have the hades, better rewards.
  9. the thing is i dont care about the gate its the principle they just give hades gates now for everything and i might aswell sell the lf4 i dont need it im ufe
  10. I like the HADES but i really wanted the BDAY gate cause it suppose to help others and it was a special thing
  11. veritas

    veritas User

    My e-mail server blocks all e-mails from BP (though support ones come through for some reason), so I probably won't get anything. :( (I don't suppose there's a way to bypass and get it, if indeed there is something being sent out?)

    I have been looking forward to the birthday gate for a couple of days, since I realized the date was coming up. I know there's people who are just going to complain about things no matter what in terms of rewards (sometimes legitimately, but it's not always as bad as all that), but I always thought it was kind of nice for them to do.

    The PET fuel in the boxes is a really nice boost, so I've got a thank you for that.
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  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Most if not all that are complaining, have thought it through.

    The Birthday gate is something different that was specific to the anniversary. It only require a player to log in on the anniversary.

    Being forced to subscribe to the new letter to get a rewards that is not special and certainly not well thought out for the players as an anniversary gift,

    to me just reflects that DO does not care, they just want your subscription so they can email you when you give up playing and it seems they do not care, than many more of the newer players will not be able to do the hades gate, compared to the BDgate.

    In my cynical view, I just see that the decisions being made are still about revenue rather the game quality and I just see the game continuing to loose player numbers.
  13. The whole principle is they've been releasing bday gate for every past years, so why change it now? Besides we can build hades whenever we like to, unlike bday gate. Moreover by releasing Bday gate is still giving us a "free gate".
  14. it all about timing man i live in india so timing differs my friend from india has this gate 5 months before and it still not completed i play in ga5 and its not dead but all about time
    and i am also not a noob i am good i have done 4 zeta 1 lamda and 1 alpha
  15. I didn't even get a hades gate =.=
  16. -Pacman2-
    not really because you can unsubscribe from there emails anytime you like. so if you did decide to leave you can just unsubscribe.

    sorry pack man i dont understand what you mean. the fact that this gate isnt called birthday gate has nothing to do with them making more money.The hades gate gives better rewards so if anything they are losing money so clearly like i stated earlier no one is think of the benefits or even considering what they type. i agree the birthday gate is a long tradition in darkobit and shame to see it go. but if that means we get a free hades gate instead then so be it. hades with benefit you a lot more than a birthday gate. personally i think they should give a birthday gate and a free hades but they didnt.No matter what they do someone always fids something to moan about. they are trying.they have made a massive improvement on previous years rewards so i see no reason to complain other than moaning for the sake of moaning
  17. Um its the 11th the time of year in December we always get the gate, because it IS their b-day.

    On another hand, im disappointed, DO has destroyed the only remaining event I found fun, now DO is just a trash must spend to have fun game, and im no longer spending, not even for more prem.
  18. Why is everyone whinging and crying about not getting a birthday gate this year?

    Spend 20 minutes in X-7 map, and you will make up the same, if not more, rewards than you would in and at the end of the gate lol.
  19. Your clearly can not not grasp the symbol of the gate, its not about the rewards, its a token of appreciation. Now we don`t even get our token of appreciation.
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  20. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    The birthday gate also gave semi- good rewards (the increased damage missiles). It's unfortunate that they didn't put one out this year, they were probably too distracted with the new forum and stuff.

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