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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. another vote here to please change the "Within the limits", as i really dont want to lose my sep :(
  2. Xmancode

    Xmancode User

    What is the name of the quest that requires you to put 1 Promerium on lasers? and what is the reward of it?
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  3. It was Posted Today that the Boot Key issue was fixed
  4. souleater1

    souleater1 User

    Unfortunately if everything is being understood only level 24 is able to play Blacklight maps whats the use.
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  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    To all those who haven't been doing these missions due to having to dump Sep - Suck it up or just don't do them, it really is that simple.
    Why you say?
    I have 8 of the 10 new lasers available via new missions (one of them meant dumping my sep). Since beginning these missions i have gone through, 400K+ X4, 450K X3 and over 200K Sab all using promi (you work out how much sep you would have used). These missions are nothing but a grind fest, you could complain about dumping sep and not get the mission lasers OR dump your sep, load up with Promi and go "grind like you're a nooby" shooting your first solo BK.
    Dumping Sep - Ok it bites BUT it is also a bit of a leveller as EVERYONE who does the missions has to do it.. Alright, you say BUT MY SEP, without it I can't win fights - LOL, now you just want your cake and eat it too. Everyone is in the same boat because anyone doing these missions is using up a lot of ammo and Promi But getting the new lasers. Sooo, you may get a few extra kills now while they are all on Promi because you didn't dump your sep, you have the advantage.
    What happens when these guys have a full set of the new lasers on their drones and start stockpiling sep again? Ohhh, you die even faster because you're going to get hit with an extra 4k + sep + boosters of damage every 5 seconds. Doesn't sound like much does it but when you add in that few fights are simply 1 vs 1 and that extra damage could be coming from 2 or 3 or more enemy - You're Dead. (Or become very good at Emp - Cloak - Run)

    The last 2 "free" lasers available via missions are group NPC's, most of which you will get just the lousy uri, credit, EP and honour for. You won't get the tiny amount of Rusnik and Trace they payout as that goes to the highest damage dealer, not the person who hits it first.

    Mission 9 for the new Lasers..
    Temporal Thoughts
    Destroy Attend IX - 0/50
    Prometheus Laser 1

    Attend IX
    HP: 9,000,000
    Shield: 4,800,000
    Speed: 150
    Damage: 17,000
    • EP: 350,000
    • Honor: 750
    • Credits: 1,000,000
    • Uridium: 275
    • Rinusk: 80-90
    • Blacklight Trace: 5~15

    EP, Honor, credits and Uri - Are shared between the group that kills each one - Rinusk and Blacklight Trace goes only to the highest damage dealer (not the player who shoots it first).
    NB - Attend IX damage = 17,000 + lag + there is often multiple shooting you = Be careful, Have dual boosters, Be in group with others who have shared boosters.

    New A-BL ammo - As most players use X4 on all new NPC's (to get them dead with the least risk to themselves) this new very costly ammo should give at least a small (3%) damage bonus to Impulse II and Attend IX...
    As it is now the new ammo is only any good for the 2 biggest NPC's, the ones you spend the least time shooting. If you used it for the smaller NPC's you would be simply throwing URI, X4, Credits and Rinusk away.
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  6. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    You might want to read the FAQ.
    The map in your X-8 is for lvl 17 to 23 players.

    I am lvl 21 and have been in the new gate on and off since it opened...
  7. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    i think the quest "within the limt" has the prumerium task so that all the people that used seprom bug (and there are plenty of them) will be force to waste it if they wonna unloak 60 quests
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  8. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    this update is the first major one in years, and its a mistake in basically every way possible

    badly designed quests

    horribly designed npcs, with no change to AI, its just another spot to click

    unreasonable level caps for entry. lvl 24 to get past the first new map? ive been level 20 for 3 years. people have much better things to do than die doing this

    worst time/uri value in game history. 9mil hp, and i only get 30-40 uri out of it. ARE YOU KIDDING?

    seriously, 9MIL hp?! and you give that little reward? are you serious? you better not nerf any other rewards, or im not the only person thats going to drop this game for good.

    WHO THE HELL thought the missions and rewards were actually a good idea? i mean really, something that hits 16-20k and only gives 100 uri or less AND has MILLIONS of hp is not something anyone is interested in.

    my solution: raise the uri reward for everything in the game at least 5x, across the board. making this game 20x more expensive and time consuming to play is a stupid mistake and is only removing everything but bots.
    you want a game full of bots and toxic wallet warriors? keep it. but keep it to yourself because i dont want any of this

  9. I bet I know just what kind of player you are and what kind of clan you belong to . LOL you are the one person who likes this, maybe you're just a shill for DO.
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  10. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    You didn't read past the 1st line of my post did you?

    I'd suggest you go read the WHOLE post, then come back and PLEASE tell me what sort player I am and the type of clan i belong to. Oh and don't forget the type of "shill" for DO I am.

    *I apologise now if English isn't your first language and it is just s simple lack of comprehension.
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  11. demil needs adjusting
  12. Xmancode

    Xmancode User

    so i have been building seprom in lasers for months, and you are telling me i should dump all that seprom for stupid quest?

    Worst quest design ever.

  13. I read the whole post, even went back and read it again. I still get the impression you're one of those who support the bully MCC clans and take great delight in it. If I am totally wrong I apologize , but you write just the way I see the bullies write in chat. Right down to the terminology you used in your first line.

    Okay, so maybe you're not a shill for DO, but you are the only person I see who posted in such glorious support of the new update. The point was we were told they were going to make some resources for items more easily available. It's not easy when the MCC clans are smashing everybody else on the new maps, not allowing them to complete the missions in the first place.

    No, English is not my first language , but I am fluent in it and several others, and I am quite certain I got the general tone of your post correct. If I am wrong I offer my apologies.
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  14. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Sorry, I guess my wording could have been better for my opening sentence. Most of the players I see and hear (in comms) complaining about having to use Promi and dump Sep are the bully boys - Who never hunt alone (except if they are targeting new players), will kill their own company just because they can - You know, the worst type of player, we've all met them in one way or another.
    NB; Both of my accs are in MCC clans both are in the top 5 on their respective servers - I chose these clans because they both have very strict "no bullying" rules (which I have seen enforced so know they aren't just talk)
    My feeling on it is, I didn't want to dump my sep any more than the next guy BUT if everyone is in the same position - Dump it or don't do the missions. I consider it ok.

    Please, go read a few of my posts in the MCC what to do thread. I'm pretty sure you'll see i'm no great fan of the bully boy tactics used by most MCC.
    Secondly, I'm not sure where you get anything resembling "glorious support" for what i consider the next game breaking point DO has put into the game. At least half my post is saying how bad these new NPC's are.
    Point - where in the world would you consider using over 1 million rounds of ammo for minor reward (9 of at least 20 lasers) as a good thing? These NPC's simply have way too much shield and HP to be considered "balanced" in any way when it comes to time/cost to kill vs reward. The Attend IX in particular is a group NPC that can take 4 or 5 players at least a couple of minutes to kill, yet only 1 of those 4 or 5 will get anything ( a bit of Rinusk and less Black Trace) more than a tiny bit of URI (45) and for the time effort and cost a piddling amount of EP and Honour. You would be better off doing cubes with your group than killing these things if it weren't for them being required for the missions to get the new lasers.

    DON'T what ever you do use the new ammo for the Invoke or Behemoth unless everyone in your group is using it. Sure you do a lot of damage BUT going through 50K of the new ammo on 1 Behemoth and a few Invoke (to complete the "collect 2k Rinusk" mission) - It is just not cost effective to use.

    Quit simply - This new content needs to be modified to something reasonable, sooner rather than later so the number of us who have wasted time and resources (ammo, promi, boosters, uri) doesn't get too much higher. It will simply stop decent players doing the content, leaving it open to the abusers who already have too much control over the game.

    One last thing; Bases in 1-BL - It is a "company" map, it should NEVER have a base from another company on it. You are giving the worst aspect of DO (MCC) control over a part of the game that should be strictly "company" controlled. Having to fight clans we have war with is one thing, having to fight another companies base (that will hit you while you are at the mission hub) is another.

    -Lockraven-, I hope this clears up the misunderstanding with my not so well composed post :(
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  15. Great moments in DO. New content added. less than a week I have 2 NPCs in the new ship decked out killing aliens. Would not be as bad but they are set to shoot the aliens on my quest. So as I release them they instantly lock the aliens. Had 2 centurians running around all morning and afternoon.

    That script is flawless there guys. The 3 vru vengies are on week 4 of non-stop 3-2 action.
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  16. I must admit. the aliens are as bright as pirates and 'yep' the rewards are rubbish...
    To add; the game has enough items to collect already and most of them have in some way been manipulated to be 'worthless'.
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  17. I think this quest may be a way to level the field, as there are many players that have almost unlimited sepped lasers due to the sep glitch that many abused.
  18. This thread should be titled whine fest. Its ridiculous how much some people cry about everything, if DO is such a terrible game, in your opinion, go play something else. DO has done so much to make the game easier for the new players, yet all you do is whine. It takes maybe 3 months to get close to UFE if you are willing to spend a very small amount of $. 1 month if you have a job and can spare a few $100.

  19. Yes, I think I misunderstood you to begin with, my apologies.
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  20. Odin®

    Odin® User

    Not everyone used the sep glitch … I spent 3 months of logins and boxing and PvE and cloak PvP kills … If I remember and if you are the same player you might remember a player named Dallas ? any how ,these Quests are not going anywhere whether I have 1.8m sep on lasers and rocks except when I use them in a fight . When I feel comfortable and so when I want to gather the Prometheus lasers I can . I'm just in no hurry to dispose of my earnings in the X-9 maps aka Black Light Maps . DO has addressed the issue of the sep glitch on the DO Twitch Channel and server merge Tests before the launch of the merge . I was there for 2 Tests
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