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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. After now playing this new update since it came out I actually think it's pretty good, the new lasers are great and once you start to get around 20 of them those npc suddenly become a lot easier. I think the hp of the new npc in there is just fine as it is. The other nice thing about it is that there is not really any need to be in a group in order to get rewards, which is great as there is too much group orientated stuff in this game already and as an anti-social type of player this is what I hate (group activities).
    Only thing drastically wrong with the whole update is that dreadful looking centurion ship! It really is vile, I don't see how a ship as badly designed as that one could of ever made it past quality control (If there is such a thing).
  2. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    I'm sorry but all I see here is - I want DO to change something for me.

    You do know there are hundreds if not thousands of players who decided not to dump their sep that have 20+ of the new lasers. It can be done simply by farming the NPC's for the materials (using your precious Sep) - The 10 lasers available via the missions have requirements that need to be met, one of those being you need to dump Sep.
    It is then player choice as to whether they want to do these missions or not.

    Finally; "IF" Do decide to change the mission or allow players to do these missions without dumping their Sep, I and many others should have the Sep we dumped + at least 1/3rd of the millions of ammo used to get the first 10 lasers reimbursed.

    Bottom line - You want the 10 missions lasers - Do the missions. The choice is your's to make and you should make it without asking for an advantage over other players.
  3. I would of guessed we are all smart players. DO wants us to use up a lot of ammo and remove any sep we have on our ships to even out the playing field. You missed the memo. It is plain as day. I really don't mind losing the sep.. you get more why worry. Remember this is a game and it should be fun and relaxing. Enjoy life Love everyone....

    Does anyone have a list of missions for the black light? It would be great to see what is ahead and what the rewards are.
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  4. Made for botters this is too obvious.

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  5. afnz

    afnz User

    I'm struggling with the very first mission to get 10 Impulse II. I've got 4, but every time I go to 1-BL there are no Impulses on the map. My PET enemy finder is working but no Impulses. How scarce are they? Do I have to do something to get them to appear?
  6. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    They spawn from the Invokes. If there are none on the map, go shoot an Invoke for a little while and Impulses will spawn. Be prepared, unless you are in a group ALL the Impulses will target you, so be ready to run to a portal so you can manage the incoming damage.
  7. afnz

    afnz User

    excellent, thank you, I have them now. I don't remember reading that anywhere!
  8. thor714

    thor714 User

    i didn't know that either. thanks
  9. HI All,

    As for why I want The Change is:

    1. I have three ships which 2 are in the home sector that has the gate for black light. USA 1
    a. My Main Ship (18th LVL) has 8,338,125 Septron in just lasers. I haven't loaded/tranfer any in in 3 days. (mainly playing a new game)
    b. Main Ship has my best and mostly 16th Level Spectral Lancer III, LF-4, and Scatter Lancer II & III, as well as the new lasers. Each Configuration had different type of lasers for different type of enemy.
    2. Ship number 2 (16th LVL) has 6,423,458 and is set up like main ship. USA 2
    3. Now this ship I would change. GB1
    a. It is a new be ship on main home base and is LVL 9. It doesn't have much, but I don't think it will make in in the black light. What I read, it need a good ship. It only have 1,481,436 Sepron. Not much in lasers and low level lasers as well.

    As I STATED:
    There was a post way before Black Was even thought of or made plans. Players were running out of Sepron. They wanted the Skylab changed to produce more Seprom. Well, DO didn't want to make the change. I came up with the Idea of "TRANSFER" why can't we move it around our ship. Its on the ship already. If I need some in Lasers, Rockets, or Shields, and there is more than enough in another slot. Why can't I move it where I needed it. That was the point back then. Even Dark Orbit like the Idea and said they would look into it.

    Now we have a new sector. That doesn't need Sepron. We are to give it up. Just my Main ship I use 35 Lasers, and If I double up on Drones that is another 10 Lasers. (I do have more lasers mainly LF-3, but I have them) Wow I give up my Seprom and may get 10 black light lasers. That isn't 1/3 of my lasers I have on my ship. So that means I have 2/3 that love Seprom still.

    Think about it. DO wants you to spend your cash.

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  10. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Is the bonus damage of the Prometheus laser an extra salvo, or is it really just bonus damage that don't use any extra rounds? Since I start using the Prometheus, ammo and rocks on lasers don't last as they did before. What i mean, is it using 5 or 6 rounds per cycle? The worst is, it take longer to kill the enemy. There are 4 weaker shots and one stronger then mix of Hyperplasmoids and Magnadrills i used before, but the stronger one don't make up for the weaker shots. Only at the new maps the Prometheus shine.
  11. The Black-Light Maps need Seprom more than any other Map, given the weakest Alien there has as much health as a cubikon and the health rises over 100 Million HP (for Behemoth) so yeah Seprom is definetly needed there because even with the 3,5 multiplier on Prom lases against BL-Aliens it would take way to much ammo without Seprom...

    (Getting rid of the Seprom is just a condition because there are people out there who bugged billions of Seprom on their Ship. And they wont give up on that just for 10 Lasers, so honest players have now an advantage cuz they only need to craft 26 Lasers while the Bug users need to craft 36)

    U dont have to give up on your Seprom, just play the game and get rid of it by shooting some aliens. Or just dont do the quests until u run out of Seprom....

    And the 10 Lasers from the Quest are a nice gift from BP, they didnt have to give them to us, they could have just said "screw you and craft all 36 on your own" but no they gave us 10 of them already basically for free so we only have so craft another 26, so stop complaining that its not enough...
  12. Hi Dam,

    I like how you said:

    They aren't giving you anything. They just want you to take the next step in the change. It is all made up. It isn't an item you can hold. They "give you something" is a misconception because it isn't real. I loved this game, and now my love is dying with all the hoops we now have to jump through and the way DO treats players who are wallet warriors. Yes I have put money into this game to get what little I can with it, but it isn't enough. DO wants more and more and offers little in return.

    They have turn the game upside down with limits on septrom, and this new laser and ore. Yes people has build up their supplies over millions and I'm one of them. Main reason I have all this Seprom is because I don't fly as much. I spend more time looking and reading other's post. I sometimes add my own with I have a cause I want posted.

    There are problems with this games, the problems has been overlooked for a long time. Two of the biggest Post are MCC and Bots and Cheats. Look at the views and replies. I can't understand DO not responding to these. There are some very smart pilots with great ideas in fixing the problems and even offers of help too. But, DO seem not to care.

    There was a movie that was called "Wag the Tail or Wag the dog" I just don't remember the name of the movie. The move was about a fake war. It portray the movie like a news that this was happening. To get the people stop thinking about the problems at hand. That the war was the most important. I think that is what DO is trying to do. This new laser and ore combination is what we need to be thinking about. Oh there are the new quest too.

  13. ok,very shield npcs for rewards
    some without shield you wanting skill the diminisher,citadel(dream fire) being that teh skills of these has high and lows,and can't doing same skill tartarus(on or off) or reduct lows if high for that skill with cooldown be fair in game in balance with others skills(sentinel vs diminisher).
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  14. Having trouble doing the first "timed "mission. Stumbling block . Need advice
  15. Hi Star light hustle,

    Sorry, I can't help you. I haven't started the new quest nor am I about to in the future. I hope you get your answer and you get your quest completed.

    Safe flight in the black.

  16. Kill the aliens you need the cargo from but don't pick them up till you have enough dropped then accept the quest and go pick up the cargo. Just be careful and make sure you pick up your cargo before server restart or it will be lost and you will have to try again. Good Luck
  17. And if the boxes will stay that long then it's the best advice I could have hoped for . Like the Invoke boxes , they seem to remain on the board.Will go to BL map and try this . TY.
  18. After reading and replying to your post I went back to BL map and it worked perfectly .
    Great advice . Thx again.
  19. Very Hp,no Shields?And The diminisher and Venom ?
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