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    Blacklight Content Release
    The blacklight content is now here!

    With it you will find a multitude of new things in the game to collect and explore, such as:
    • 3 New maps, one belonging to each company.
    • 75 new quests.
    • Several new NPC, containing some new interesting rewards which will be crucial for crafting new recipes in the assembly.
    • A new laser, an upgraded to the Scatter III, it also makes killing the new NPC much easier.
    • A new laser ammunition, this will increase your damage even more against specific new NPC which carry the most valuable rewards.
    • A new ship, available in assembly.
      • o50 Unstable designs for this ship, each carrying their own unique set of bonuses and even in some cases ability combinations.

    Where to begin?

    Head on over to the nearest quest giver, you will find two new quests, one is called Abandon Voices and the other is Within the Limits.

    Abandon Voices will begin a chain of 15 quests that will give you some ammo and uridium to help you tackle some of the tougher enemies you will find in these maps.

    Within the Limits will begin a chain of 60 quests all to do with the new maps and their content. As you play through the initial 10 quests in this chain you will be rewarded with 10 of the valuable Prometheus Lasers, be sure to equip them as they do bonus damage against the new blacklight NPC.

    Prometheus Lasers
    Bonus scatter damage200
    Bonus damage cooldown5 seconds
    Damage variance25%
    Damage multiplier vs blacklight NPC*x3.5
    *NPC include: Impluse II, Attend IX, Invoke XVI and Mindfire Behemoth
    *Prometheus lasers cannot be upgraded.
    *Obtained from completing the recipe in assembly.
    *bonus scatter damage is not affected by this multiplier.

    Required resources:
    • 75 Booty Keys
    • 200,000,000 Credits
    • 15,000 UCB-100
    • 2,500 RSB-75
    • 6,000 Rinusk

    New NPC

    These NPC can be found within the blacklight maps:
    *Level 17 for your own companies BL map.
    *Level 24 for enemy companies BL map.

    Impulse II
    HP: 1,200,000
    Shield: 750,000
    Speed: 450
    Damage: 12,000
    • EP: 55,000
    • Honor: 200
    • Credits: 200,000
    • Uridium: 45
    • Rinusk: 15-25

    Attend IX
    HP: 9,000,000
    Shield: 4,800,000
    Speed: 150
    Damage: 17,000
    • EP: 350,000
    • Honor: 750
    • Credits: 1,000,000
    • Uridium: 275
    • Rinusk: 80-90
    • Blacklight Trace: 5~15

    Invoke XVI
    These NPC have fixed locations, explore the map to find them.
    HP: 36,000,000
    Shield: 0
    Speed: 0
    Damage: 30,000
    • EP: 3,500,000
    • Honor: 20,000
    • Credits: 9,500,000
    • Uridium: 2,000
    The invoke XVI is intended to be a group NPC, if you do enough damage, it will drop a box containing Rinusk and Blacklight Trace. 5 boxes to the top 5 damage dealers, all 5 boxes have the same content.

    Mindfire Behemoth
    This NPC has a fixed location, explore the map to find it.
    HP: 135,000,000
    Shield: 0
    Speed: 0
    Damage: 145,000*
    • EP: 80,000,000
    • Honor: 500,000
    • Credits: 20,000,000*
    • Uridium: 5,000*

    The Mindfire Behemoth is intended to be a group NPC, if you do enough damage, it will drop a box containing Rinusk, Blacklight Trace and Mindfire Cerebrum. Drops 8 boxes to the top 8 damage dealers, all 8 boxes have the same content.

    Blacklight Scouts
    There are reports of rare blacklight NPC finding their way into the regular maps. They have different names and these NPC are rumoured to be weakened when outside of their home region.

    If you come across any, be sure to take them out and see what unusual rewards they are carrying.

    A-BL Laser Ammo
    This laser ammunition will give a much-needed boost with defeating the tougher NPC inside the blacklight maps.

    Damage: x4
    Damage vs Invoke XVI: x8
    Damage vs Mindfire Bhemoth: x8

    Obtained from completing the recipe in assembly.

    25,000 A-BL Laser Ammo Recipe
    • Required resources:
    • 10,000 Uridium
    • 10,000 UCB-100
    • 10,000,000 Credits
    • 1,500 Rinusk

    Centurion Ship
    Rocket Launchers: 1
    Generators: 16
    HP: 265,000
    Nano Hull: 265,000
    Speed: 300

    Obtained from completing the recipe in assembly.

    Required resources:
    • 200 Booty Keys
    • 750,000,000 Credits
    • 75,000 UCB-100
    • 15,000 RSB-75
    • 15,000 Blacklight Trace

    By default, the centurion does not come with any passive bonuses or abilities. However, it has 50 Unstable designs, each of which provides a different set of attribute changes or in some rare cases abilities.

    Unstable Centurion Designs

    These are designs which provide the Centurion with some positive and negative effects, each design carries a different set of changes to their positive and negative effects.

    The unstable designs are split into 5 types, with 10 designs in each series:
    • Damage Series
    • Shield Series
    • HP Series
    • Speed Series
    • Ability Series


    Unstable designs are obtained by opening the Unstable Cache, which requires a Blacklight Cipher to unlock.

    The Unstable Cache can be found in each of the blacklight maps. Each time the Unstable Cache is opened, you will receive 1 Centurion design.
    *possible to receive the same design from the Unstable Cache multiple times.

    Blacklight Cipher is obtained from completing the recipe in assembly.
    Required resources:
    • 100 Mindfire Cerebrum
    • 25,000 Uridium
    • 75,000,000 Credits
    • 10,000 UCB-100
    • 1,500 RSB-75
    • 2,400 Rinusk
    • 1,000 Blacklight Trace

    Additional New Assembly Recipes

    5,000 Seprom
    *Permanent Recipe
    *Can be built multiple times.
    *Can be built in stacks.

    • 10,000 Uridium
    • 60 Mindfire Cerebrum
    • 2,200 Rinusk
    • 600 Blacklight Trace

    Cloak CPU (50)
    *Permanent Recipe
    *Can be built multiple times.
    *Can be built in stacks.
    • 5,000 Uridium
    • 1,500 Rinusk
    • 180 Blacklight Trace

    15,000 RSB-75
    *Permanent Recipe
    *Can be built multiple times.
    *Can be built in stacks.
    • 4,000 Uridium
    • 2,500 Rinusk
    • 900 Blacklight Trace

    2 hours EPHON-100 booster
    Usable when owned - obtained from a blacklight quest.
    *Can be built multiple times.
    *Can be built in stacks.
    • 150,000 Uridium
    • 10,000 Rinusk
    • 10,000 Blacklight Trace
    • 1,500 Mindfire Cerebrum

    Changes to LF-4 drop rates and Daily / Weekly Enhanced LF-4 Quests

    Drop rate of LF-4 in Green and Gold booty boxes has been slightly more than tripled. This includes the drop rate on LF-4 days, which has also been just over tripled.

    Kyhalon and Tetrathrin rewards from the daily and weekly missions have been increased by x4.

    These are permanent changes.

    *changes per Dec. 6, 2018 sync
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