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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. hmm if you read though we were not talking about that I was just telling him what the best way to kill attends.
  2. Total not true on our server it is the Spanish who have a massive bot and membership advantage and the English are a small minority compared to the rest of the server.
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  3. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I have a serious question about this event and its points rewards.
    Say for instance a clan that had 48 members got to first or second place on points but now has Zero members.
    1. Why does it still show that clan in second place.
    2. Will the rewards, coming in a few days, be awarded to a clan that has no members.
  4. They all left cause of wars when they re-enter the clan their points will group. You really think they will give up the rewards even how small?
  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Actually they all left because a few of the top players were banned, including the leader.
    They are all in another clan now, which is why i was asking the question. There is no-one left with rights to activate the clan and accept players..
  6. ok,no new shields yes new events.
  7. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    So, a clan with zero members takes second place in the rankings and rewards for the event.

    Well Done DarkOrbit - Your game is so balanced and fair to all who participate.
  8. Wonder where you got that information from when i checked it said 48/50 members took second?
    Also would like to ask how they took second without any members making points? I was watching points go up every day and that can only mean there are players in that clan making points still.
    If those members chose to leave the clan before the end of the event and in doing that no one got any rewards how is that in any way the game managers fault? The clan still had the rank of second place no matter how you slice it.
  9. satitha

    satitha User

    this worst event was finished. but thx for your additionsl dbl boost for 4 days.this was only for time we expect pvp events. like influence event or vortex.
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  10. Not a bad event, most people enjoyed the rewards from the event, of course unless you botted 24/7 you did not have a chance to place in the top 10 most likely. Was also a good event to get new players into the bl maps and work on their lasers.
  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Different sever Ice, this happened on US4.. Clan is closed, has no members, should be removed from rankings period.
    Always been a major problem with this game - Ranking is obsolete because people who haven't played in years hold the top spots. Add all the botting into the equation and legit players don't stand a chance of competing.
    When I see a player who had less points than me on Friday fly past and end up with 25K more points than me by Saturday evening - Something stinks.,.
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  12. Ah gotcha!!! yeah well we all know some players out there somehow know how to twist things to their advantage.
  13. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    I don't understand the rational of the development team. Not that long ago the big thing was balance in the game. They nerfed ships. The tart is now a completely useless ship. But then they come out with the Blue Light maps. In the Blue light maps you have to be level 24 to enter an enemy Blue light map. So only the strongest people in the game are allowed into a map where there are considerably weaker ships to abuse. Where is the balance in that? Any event in these maps is fundamentally flawed because the enemys that come into your map are at least two levels higher than you are, which in DO means they have quadruple the experience. Also they came up with laser ammo that hits like 14x (I can't remember the exact number). This ammo realistically can only be obtained by the strongest of players and cheaters. So we put crazy powerful ammo in the hands of those who need it the least. Balance has gone out the window. I am ok with the lack of balance. Just be consistent and fix the ships that were previously ruined. Seriously the ships are not the cause of imbalance in this game.

    Balance is not necessarily a virtue that should be pursued in the game. A person who has played this game for ten years should be stronger than a player that has played for one year. That inequity is fair and acceptable. The inequity that is not fair is the inequity that is caused by cheaters in the game. I think we all know that cheaters cause the greatest imbalance and an imbalance that is not acceptable.
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  14. This is my beef as well . It is a total lie that DO can't find botters. It is the easiest thing to do . Firstly open your eyes go on any map and you will see them at play. Might they be confused with normal players? Well if you bothered to go and look you will see the difference between a normal player and a botter. Is it really too much trouble for you to go on the maps record who the botters are and remove them and their scripts which you allow to run on your game. If you are not actively trying to stamp this out I fear you may well be on a legal sticky wicket taking money from people who are trying to play the game and events fairly yet you allow cheats and botters to thrive which makes it impossible to compete. Would come under the consumer rights act under "Not fit for purpose". As you are complicit in their activity by allowing them to be in the game. About time this problem was sorted once and for all after all fraud is fraud whatever way you spin it is it not?
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