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    Bots and Cheats -

    As we are aware that there are many players in the game that would like to voice there thoughts on this matter.

    We have created a thread for you to do just that. The information in this thread will be passed on to the development team to assist in future investigations of this matter.

    As we have placed this thread here for you, the community. It does come with some rules that are very specific.

    1. All Forums rules Apply
    2. Do Not post accusations against another player in the game.
    3. Do Not post perceived game cheat Names.
    4. Do Not Post links or information on how to obtain said cheats.
    4. Do Not use this thread to boost your point count. Example: spam, one word posts and banter will be deleted.

    We appreciate your input on this matter, please remember to keep your posts clean and
    Have a nice day!


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  2. evve1

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    And now i read this :
    However, we could see in some further investigations that there have been also punishments for players who only did a small number of exploits and we think that they might have used it unintentionally (we always like to believe in the good in man ;)).
    Nevertheless, these players triggered our exploit detection even if it was unintentionally. But as a goodwill action, we are willing to reverse our ban decision for those players.
    I pay DARKO HONESTLY!! But DO is not willing to give us back something? I didnt get money, gate, cpu, bootkillers honor back in my account and so on when DO cant get the game to function. "Thank You!"
    If you just do some small number of exploits it is ok. Good to know.
  3. <laughs> Finally figured out where the movement the 'pro players' comes from. Used to wonder how they did that speed move when you try to lock them in a fight. Like you are playing against a programmed evasion.

    Do a delta gate. The aliens around the shield ship *lil kris* in particular match the movements dead on.

    Wow. Just wow. After fighting a certain Centaur in the maps several times, whatever he is using its DO code or shared code. The juking the aliens made was identical.

    Come clean at some point and just tell me I wont be punished for buying that tool since its been using DO codebase.
  4. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    I don't understand how bot programs are even working still at this point? The client is the only way to play the game.
  5. Outside sources that play the game for you? It's not really hard to pull it off, that kind of capability has existed for years, just imagine a way better macro. It's extremely easy to code something that plays client but uses the PC like a person.

    Uh, they only said "they did it unintentionally" because they accidentally banned users who didn't do the exploit. Problem with the exploit they mentioned is, you needed to edit your browsers coding sources ect, and then claim the reward a million times in one day. How do I know? Because once I got banned I asked people WHO DID THE EXPLOIT how was it even done? Thinking perhaps I did it unintentionally, and they gave me that response about the browser, not a full on explanation on what to do, just a quickie. So how do you do that "Unintentionally". They just banned people who owned the package on accident, and enough of them complained so they had to unban, but they can't exactly go "Oh whoops, our script is bad and we banned innocent users tee-hee".
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  6. i refair to my previous comment on another discussion goto there Youtube channel look for the last time they wanted to (combat) bots and cheats... if im correct it was like 2013 and i tried mentioning this in a comment a while ago and my comment got deleted they are going for the final stretch or Milking the game for every last drop it can get before they move on and leave thousands heartbroken because they spent money they earned on a game that had absolutely ZERO respect for its players --- without players you have no game.. mods can one of you just put ya ass on the line and give us some actual info because at this moment in time im finding it hard to believe none of you are involved put it this way ... mods how are you gonna feel when you are moderating a dead game with only bots left ? or even moderating a dead forum because we got no info from any of you the old Bigpoint was the real mvp's they cared and they showed it something went wrong they actually tried this new company is the exact opposite they want money money money any way is fine regardless f the fact they are breaking there own terms and conditions anyway like i said on another discussion im done mods do what you will ban me do whatever i couldnt really care less my advice to all of you is just leave the game for a few months see if they actually do anything about it
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  7. Star*Fire

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    Or just stop giving them money till it's fixed. I play but till they fixs some issues I see no reason to pay to play. Why would I put money in game that doesn't give me a fair shake at the game. After the mergers they took any chance of ever using the upgrade happy hour away from me and a lot of the old us west server players, never in tried to put in anyother time slot for those they disfranchised. Now this time change affected a lot of in game things. some events can't be done, Icys were removed from our time slot just to name a few. Then we have the bots. Because of the bots rank has no meaning at all, it's looked at as a badge of botting. Just stop spending money on the game . Sooner or later they will catch on or the death spiral will finish.
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  8. Just returned from a many year hiatus to come back to a game littered in bot users. Unsure if pure negligence from Bigpoints end or the bots are actually winning.
  9. Probably a bit of both.
    You will be very disappointed at what this game has become. I still play but , not as long as I used to and with much less enthusiasm . The new events are lame and Big Point refuses to listen to and address players concerns about key game issues. The subject of bots and their users has been beat like a dead horse . And the only players who care about bots are the ones that don't benefit from their use .
    I would take a guess and say you probably won't play much after you take some time to see what I mean . DO staff don't answer in threads . At least not with anything meaningful. SO , whatever you decide , good luck and I guess , welcome back.
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  10. You are so right. I don't either. The game isn't as fun. Today I saw several Bots in my sector. The only good thing is my P.E.T. picks up their kills as I fight on.

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  11. I got chased and popped by two enemy players the other day and my first thought was , oh how cool , some real people.:cool:;) Didn't even matter that I lost the battle , since drones don't take damage and honor is moot . The fun of actually having someone fight back was good enough . Ironic that we were all in 5-3 picking off bots . Most fun I'd had in weeks :).
  12. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Real players? No way. lol
  13. Hi All,

    They are out there. I have a new ship and it is a baby. I have people popping in all the time to shoot me on x-3. I die because they are high level to my low level. I don't fight back because I don't have the better ammo to use. I use credit ammo mostly.

    Question: Can or do Bots and Cheats attack other players or they just attack aliens?

  14. bots hit aliens and collect boxes
    under certain settings, they can fight back if they are hit by players
    players are not attacked first
  15. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    truth be told the botters are making this game a joke, pvp, is just a case oif who has the most cheats running,
    and when some players are hitting 600k plus its an utter joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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  16. Sagturius

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    Well, I have shot botters in 5-3 and the botter remained still and fired back. If I circled it, it simply rotated. It did not follow if I flew away. It also seems that bots have a huge advantage when it comes to locking on alien and other players. I also know that I have shot people in who are in moth formation and they take no damage ( I have full prom lasers fully upgraded - so I can hit hard). Beyond that I do not know what other advantages they enjoy.
  17. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    There are behavioral characteristics of bots / cheats, I don't understand why BigPoint does not employ methods of detection that target these behaviors.
  18. The advantages they enjoy , are the Dark Orbit team being unable or unwilling to do anything about it .

    Yet , just yesterday I saw a thread that was closed and the reason givin was the OP was insulting the staff.

    I was surprised because I got the impression they barely even look at most posts.
    The insults , however unconstructive they may be , come from loyal players frustrations ,who see one of their favorite games going down hill .
    Instead of closing the thread , they should be here apologizing for their incompetance and making extra efforts to fix the issuse that repeatedly keep coming up. I myself have created many threads in which I appropriately commented on problems , yet STILL nothing has been done . And then they're indignant when people insult them.

    Did you (DO staff )ever stop to think that maybe it's US , the real , honest players who have the RIGHT to feel insulted .
    The emotion YOU should be feeling , is SHAME , for not fixing these problems.
    The new client is awfull , the events are lame , bots have taken over and in the land of Dark Orbit it's business as usual . If that's not reason enough for a few insults , I don't know what is .
  19. Your last sentence implies you are cheating. Is this a typo?
  20. I believe he's saying he will continue to complain, and the day the devs fix cheats, he will leave the complaints behind.