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  1. I think the "Bot Protection Program" as I call it says it all. Kill a player that does not shoot back for whatever reason 3 times and you get diminishing returns to the point YOU are the one that gets the nastygram about illegal activity. That right there told me BP values the bot users over legit players.
  2. on my forum, I already suggested the option of changing the system, if the link is not deleted, you can read

    create a similar one on this forum, vote and let them submit for consideration
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    I am back to this game and playing regurarly i can say that; #1 i am glad that many funny things that we the clean players denounced years ago are now available to everyone in the form of ship modules... #2 in order to have a 1vs1 fair play make available to everyone the autolock and the autochange ammo or hotkey
  4. Yeah the game must be real satisfying to players who bot 24/7 and use auto lock and such to win in pvp, I always thought a game was to be fun and wondering how can it be fun when a bot does everything for you?
    I guess it really doesn't take much for some to be satisfied or maybe some really are not that good at the game and need this to help but what ever the reason BP would rather allow them and not ban them.
    Don't know why they just can't come out and admit that they allow them and definitely it's ok to use and your account won't be ban instead of playing this ridiculous game back and forth game with their client.
    They are the ones who keep talking trying to make everything fair to all when the only way that will ever happen is if everyone uses a bot but then wait, all the botters would quit then cause all their bugs and cheats wouldn't help them anymore and they would go back to crying about getting killed and loosing rank HAHA!!!
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    So, the Mimesis Event rankings are out.

    To no one's surprise, the top 100 are probably 90% bot users. They get rewarded with huge amounts of ammo and uri for botting the event! Love it!

    Also... the bots are finding new ways to play! There are now bot trains doing PvP in regular maps, isn't that fun? 5 or 6 bots all stacked on each other, flying the same routes, shooting the same things, doing millions of damage in small amounts of time.
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  6. rating is available from 00-00 server time on March 25

    awards are also issued immediately

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    I watch my rank drop all the time and you have no way of getting back if your not a bot commander, BP big spenders. No rel human could put that much time in a game. Just saw a article that stated BP was the one selling the in game bots. that also makes a lot more sence.
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  8. Well this is not true second day of event ended yesterday on GA2 i ranked 8th logged in twice already and didn't get any rewards.
  9. provide a video?:D
    did you go to the map? prizes are given only when entering the game
  10. Yeah i got 8th place for not even entering LOL, also did i not say in my last post i logged in twice already?
    Yes to your question i did play the event.
    And now i logged in like 4-5 times no rewards yet are given
  11. It doesn't say that you've entered the map)
    you can just go to the acc and not fly)

    check logbook on first login
    rewards are issued automatically, one cannot deprive someone
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    Something must be done about these choo-choo bot trains. It's the most exploitive thing I've seen in my 15 years on this game.
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  13. I had over 300 points must have entered it when the event wasn't running but then why would they let anyone enter at all and not only that but gain point's then all they have to do is enter once and leave and get rewards this team should stop while they are ahead.
    They must just ask what do the bot's want and give them all they want it seems BP thinks they are the only ones playing the game anyways.
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  14. ???
    I'm talking about Mimesis Event
  15. Ah gotcha!!! I am talking tiered event and yes they both pay right away.
    Well it did last time this time, it was second day after the event ran got my rewards when i logged in today this time.
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  16. I replied to another player about the Mimesis event
    You made me feel confused:p
    I jumped there once, the map is empty and there were only mines ... I didn’t get into the rating:D
  17. Anyone else notice the new bot setting where they can detect a cloaked ship and automatically run to the closest port when you are in proximity. How hard can that now be for an admin ship to fly around cloaked and observe this behavior over and over? Oh wait I guess that would require them to actually have an interest is stopping illegal programs.
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  18. it was always
  19. Crazy to think we haven't even had any Dev notes for almost a year now. Are there even anymore developers left? The amount of bot users in maps now is an absolute travesty.
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    What once was an exciting game that you couldn't wait to finish work so you could play, has now turned into, why do I even bother, too many BOTS.