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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    I hate this cheater killing aliens in Pirate map, they got auto lock and too fast to move, Hello Mr. Big point kindly check Dark orbit GA4, don`t forget we are still here breathing under too much pressure for Uridium and Rank... send some of your spy here so you can witness their(cheater) play anomalies..:mad::mad::mad:
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  2. It seems like I hit a nerve with a previous post as it was removed. Just goes to show things can be taken seriously around here. The Devs and their internal team need to start listening to their players and banning bots and not trying to restrict truthful matters. How many more years do legit players have to advocate against the unfair use of cheating in this game before you lose customers and community. I'm not against Darkorbit I am in all favour of it I just want 'Bigpoint' to seriously start looking after its game and save it before it's too late.
  3. miniknally

    miniknally User

    Botpoint does NOT care at all. IF they did, they would of done something about it LONG, LONG, VERY LONG time ago...
    they kill any response on forums, all the time (for more than a decade), INTSTRUCTED from above. how else to explain this?
    they care about one thing only... their REVENUE. 1 honest player doesn't earn them as much money as 10 botusers. Do the math, 50 honest players against 80.000 botusers.. which will bring the most revenue??? there you go
    end of story

    maffia from the start. I know, I play since the start, first bots appeared in the second year of botpoints existance
    the evergrowing flow of bot complaints have been summarised as nonsense, just like putin says he does not invade ukraine. Lies, lies, lies.
    why does a company or government lie all the time? MONEY/POWER. why else?

    same deal with administrators... why are there so few left? cos most of them were corrupt as H*ll. adding ammo's and uridiums to clanmembers and all those actings. i know, i had some in my clan. when i adressed support thru mail with adequate proof, they rewarded me with a perm ban... gracious as they were. you are not allowed to touch their team. that's why i'm referring to maffia. if you open your mouth, you die. And i'm not the soul one to tell such a story.

    rest my case.

    ps paradox: it IS to late... their clientele exists 99.99% out of botusers, even their other games, are teeming with botusers... which does make me conclude they are owning and selling the bots themselves, OR at least got revenue coming their way in cooperation with them botdevelopers. cos you need to know the script, to desing a botprogram. they, sort of speak, deliberitaly evolved their game to a botsite. I remember back in the day, they organised banwaves.... every week they said to have banned hundreds of accounts. that is like 6 years ago. look at the game today. banwaves? hilarious.

    but in the present day, they find it more useful to ban players that shoot bots at a portal, instead of banning bots in general..
    apparently, at bigpoint, they never got educated properly on action-reaction in physicsclass. if you take away the source, you eliminate the problem! Tell me i'm wrong?!?!
  4. Waaugh

    Waaugh User

    Judging that my account is ranked at 4300 and has barely played on the US server the game is losing players.

    Im seeing large numbers of 'basic space pilot' in the top user ranking and under alien kills and ship kills the players there no longer list in the top user list which means they have left. I cant do group stuff anymore as there is no one online. Chat is dead for playing and is just folks talking about other things.

    This latest event? Seriously?
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  5. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    Cheater!!!! until this day this group like train still the king of all cheats, how lucky this newbies was in that group, next time you will noticed they are high rank than regular player...every event in very high resources map there they are, popping every single ship, WHY Bpoint/DO can not neutralized this son of a gun cheater, I am always the Victim of this as will as my friends..:mad::mad::mad:
  6. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    5-4 has them in, how long do you imagine that they have been in that map?

    Was on a Pike, I had it's hp right down, a bot shot it once and proceeded to steal my kill, how is that even possible?

    I would suggest closing 5-4 map completely, as this map has very high (hon/exp/uri) per kill, bots in 5-4 have (Star) ranks, no wonder they're keeping their rank so high as none go those maps!

    The amount of Silver Booty Keys that can be obtained from this map alone is absurd, allowing for maintenance etc these bots are in here 24/7 365:confused::confused:

    Popping bots is more boring than doing quests:confused:
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    Yes I do agree with you URANUS this is a game made for bots users and cheaters
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  8. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Another long chat ban for calling out the bots and how their script messes with legitimate players UI, total travesty:mad:
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  9. I don't think the devs are ever going to fix the issue of botting. It's taken over a decade of players to raise their concerns about it and yet the developers never have the single ounce of decency to address the problem. They probably once a year read these topics and just shrug their shoulders off knowing they still make money from bots buying prem. This is a reason why Bigpoint will never compete against the likes of Riot, Blizzard and heck even Grinding Gear games because these developers actually care about their games and its player base. Honestly I am really disappointed in this game. I'm surprised PC Gamer haven't written an article about the severe amount of bot users in this game. Community is dead as there are no players left but we have Bigpoint to thank for that.
  10. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    I want to know why BOTS get more for their £££ than legitimate players do? this is utter cow poop:mad: same players map 3-8 GB1-2 been going all night, how can any legitimate player keep up with this blatant in your (we don't give a poop) about legitimate players faces? makes NO sense at all:confused:
  11. See the Admins and the Developers just don't care they have no integrity to even answer us. Also this forums rules are complete nonsense as it basically allows botters to remain anonymous as well as the fact it nulls any incentive to report anyone for botting. Who was the numbnuts who comes up with these daft rules? All there is on a daily basis in this game are just endless botters, they don't get penalised so again Bigpoint make zero effort in punishing those who cheat, cms try to ban anyone who chats about bots as if we play on a communist game and there is no actual method or way of getting in contact with any developers at all, the only contact they provide is for support who can't help out with anything. What does this game even stand for these days?
  12. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Bots got introduced to force legitimate player's to spend more £££$$$ to keep up with themo_O.
  13. Don't know if that worked, I quit for a year when bot's were introduced and now i just play like i am on the pve server.
    I have no clan and I don't ask for help from anyone just use global chat every now and then.
    Why be in a clan if your not a bot? unless you want to hear from them how much free x4 and uri and upgrades and rank they steal from the game.
    All i see in top spots are the players who couldn't make it when the game was played legit or players who made accounts just to bot, seems all the older great players quit and now we are left with auto lockers and damage hackers and bot's.
  14. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    I wonder if the bots and cheats suffer from the same lag as we do.
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  15. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Like they would even care :confused:
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  16. From sitting in discord they have a different browser than we do. Matter of fact from the tools grown over the years they have way more options than we do and thats why you have 'proplayers' who are super cool changing drone designs, lasers, tech and configs in a fight as the tool does it for them. When you see a choo choo go by that should say everything as the game should at a minimum check ip connections for accounts.
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  17. All you have to do for that is accept the invite and your in the train has nothing to do with players using 7 of their own accounts it's just a full group with one driver that runs them all. Although I am sure some use multiple accounts of their own!!!
    It would be pretty dumb of us to think bp doesn't know what's going on in their own game i am sure they know exactly what players are using for cheats in the game and am also sure they don't care cause if they did they would ban them but they don't and everyone knows it.
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  18. I noticed Jayherbo and I comments on the feedback section got deleted especially when I pointed out an admin probably looks over and brushes off any bot talk like it's not their problem. You got cms now in global chat who no longer participate in the community only ban straight out when players accuse blatant cheats of cheating but yet they give you no warning like they used to when Germany owned this game. Absolute joke, on Darkorbit Facebook page you have Turks discussing bot programs in the comment section and yet if anyone posts anything on the page against bot use they delete it in seconds. If you stream on the Discord and show yourself killing bots they are against that too. Why is there so much corruption from every side of Bigpoint in this game? Bot users have millions of uri to spend so when Bigpoint brings out these new updates for the game they immediately have a head start so where is the fairness anymore? Might as well call this game dictatorship because you can't speak out against the main issues and everyone in the Bigpoint bubble seem to be in on it, not a single admin doesn't address the issue of all the bots in the game; a bit weird that!
  19. Another day of Darkorbit and yet still so many of the same bots allowed to run their bot scripts freely. We have a top 9 that is in no way legit players at all. As I was hunting earlier this morning there was literally zero other actual playing players in game. 1-7 full of bots, 1-6 full of bots, 2-7 full of bots, 2-6 full of bots, palladium fields are full of bots and 5-2 is nothing more than full of bots. My own company maps in vru are full of bots. We have Bigpoint over there making broken new gate events that not many people can participate in because of the ridiculous amount of resources needed to get a cpu and yet do zero anything to put an end to the bots. Bigpoint endorses cheating even though they try and hide in their T&C small print but nothing is stopping the botters from running their scripts daily. The cms are just as bad now too they don't even give warning when you call out a blatant cheat. Come on Bigpoint at least address the issue or is there no one at Bigpoint HQ anymore?
  20. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Set my self a little challenge - Beat the bots to red lock on cubes.
    16 cubes - 15 to 1 (bots favour)
    Uri made from 16 cubes, using X4 with sep (full lvl 15 promis and dual boosters) - 1948
    Ship kills whilst cubing, 12 war targets from same company + 4 war targets from other companies.
    Deaths whilst carrying out this challenge - None (bots rarely shoot back).

    Overall findings - Bots win..