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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Star*Fire

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    I wont even buy premium or put any money in to the game till the botting issue is fixed. If we all do the same and post that here just maybe they'll fix something they could have fixed at anytime. still buying and complaining does nothing.
  2. jayherbo

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    AI-Bots are being rolled out on every platform, it's BIG business, they'll never get rid of them:eek:
  3. jayherbo

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    i a man: under the Creator have not signed any contract so are not under any policy or legislation, acts or Statutory law (legislation IS NOT law) this includes implied/tacit and or digital sign-of-nature.

    Totally blatant pushing going on on GB1/GB2 last night. Banned again for calling the kettle black. CRANKS

    Bots are allowed because with a bot comes a subscription E.g: Name, address, bank details, phone number etc, it's this DATA that is being collected and sold! Under "The General Data Protection Regulation" and the "Data Protection Act" is Illegal!

    This is where the money is being made from the selling of DATA (fact)!

    Any botters' out there i suggest you seek Legal advice asap
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  4. Yeah, had a newbie ship continue to rep on spot and shoot me last night, following me. I stopped killing him after a few times because it was pointless, I did so much dmg with leach his x4 meant nothing. But then I noticed he stopped moving, and a war ship flew exactly to me, he repeated this multiple times, he'd think I went afk botting (easy to fool) and would send his main ship over to try to kill me. Resulted in him getting 1 figged multiple times. Players are targeting and pushing on my server, but DO doesn't care.
  5. At this point the only thing they are doing is going for rank utterly useless nobody actually plays the game anymore, they bot for full lvl 20 equipment and then sell the account or just keep botting it.
    All top players all they do is bot mindfire bl aliens and do eternal, very boring in my opinion but this is the reason nobody can find a group most of the time.
    Is the reason i login thinking i will play might be fun then most of the time i logout shortly after as the game is just so boring when there isn't an event running as the bot's are using the time for more minerals to craft free boosters so there isn't anyone actually playing!!!
    Should be able to do gates with the chip and get double rewards and all booster rewards then legit players can compete, I would love to do 1000 gates without actually having to do them as they are too repetitive and get very boring!!!
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  6. There is a clan with over 5 trains worth of ships, and they're making more. they have 2 trains in each x-7 map botting alloy for noob ships to added to their main trains. At first they were just selling their ships after botting them up, but they lost the power struggle and now they need several trains for a battle.
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  7. jayherbo

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    Since the other night and all the pushing that was going on, i can't get to 3-8.............
  8. The game is on its last leg. There is no PvP without a cheater involved. There are no battles without trains. There's auto lock, trains, anti cloak, rsb swapper, config changer, emp tool, emp-cloak tool, the list goes on. DO spotted a bot in 2018 and didn't even ban it. That info is on the wiki that the bot was in fact detected.
  9. Primus

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    Too real, right there with you on this.

    I did always prefer the single player portion of the game actually and PvP came only as fooling around or need for a mission. But lately it certainly is desperate, i came back after year or two to a shock of the bot problem being so severe.

    It reminded me World of Warcraft with the exact issue where one person uses 30 accounts, maybe to solo raids or dungeons? But even then, what a weird way to play.

    Even if they get everything they want, most of the items and cosmetics are often locked behind paywall so unless their bots make them money it is just pointless too x D
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  10. Wow, just got shot at by an auto locker like literally smell this lock from a mile away and then when I popped the client just crashes. I can't reconnect to game now. So cheats can crash the game now? Spent the last few night away from Darkorbit in hospital to receive cancer treatment and the game is still a buggy mess when I come back to it lol. You can honestly tell at this point that nobody over on Bigpoints end gives a rats about this game anymore.
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  11. Sgt~Ocker

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    Sadly in some cases making money is why so many bots exist. There are people who just bot accounts up to a certain level to sell them, then start new accounts - rinse and repeat.
    People using certain tricks can actually build a lvl 24 account for under $100 US, then sell them to make a tidy profit - All without even "playing" the account
  12. i dont get it. who is buying these accounts? there is not that many playing
  13. Sgt~Ocker

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    From what i've seen, many of them get sold within their own clans to make more trains.
  14. if that is the case the servers would be flooded by now and i see trains only occasionally. i do see a lot of solo bots mainly on x-6 and x-7 maps
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  15. Sgt~Ocker

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    I got 105 kills in 5-3 in under 40 minutes yesterday, not one shot back.
    I then went to 1bl and 2bl and got another 40 kills, all mini trains, while at the same time watching 2 trains doing mindfire and barstrokes.
    Right now there are 2 trains coming through doing minds and 3 mini trains doing invokes in 3bl.
    Hint, you want to see the trains go shoot a base during prime time. A few days ago i killed a base belonging to a certain clan and 6 trains from them and their allies turned up.

    I would like to know what server isn't flooded with trains taking content from legit players - Apparenlty even the pve sever has multiple trains.

    NB; Going by the time you posted this, there was a train active doing mindfires at the time you posted.
  16. your wasting your time m8 , they arn't interested, ( now if there payments was broke they would fix it in 2 minutes,)
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  17. Accounts on this game still hold high value. A chief General goes for over a grand. Turk payments are sought after, only ring accounts, no ring built accounts. There's a lot people spend money on. And now if you can make a fully train ready ship people buy those up.
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  19. Raw

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    no point in playing this game ,just trains everywhere , yall ruined a once great game
  20. Bloggs123

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    Firstly, I've been looking for some way to reach out to support somehow where I could actually sit down and talk to a real person from support and not some same old random automated computer sending me the same exact word for word copy pasted message whenever a support ticket is made with the following contained in it, "botting or cheating", I've been playing on my server for a while now and I'm seeing constant patterns of literal bots on various loops doing various things which essentially locks the actual players out from getting rewards from some areas or just makes it nearly impossible to catch up or make any progress, this isn't an accusation of any kind, there's plenty of hard evidence on the table, the Issue is that's nothing is being done, I'm not seeing any direct answers from support and just feel ignored completely, I don't know of any other game company that really does this to this degree on purpose which is what its coming off like, I'm told by the automated support response that they can understand my frustration and we have a team working on it, However I very much doubt there is anyone actually working on it as I've not seen any sort of ban wave happen, one was done recently which knocked one of the top leader board cheating players out, fair enough gg for that, I can easily gather hard evidence which exposes these bots/cheats very easily but would love to hear an actual answer from support regarding this whole thing, I want to see something done, as a long time old player who's loved this game but that love is slowly dying as support is lacking and the game is currently being dominated by blatant cheaters who are doing what is called trains from multiple companies headshotting the actual players with pvp bot accounts, the events are amazing and very nice but not to play as nothing is done to deal with the issues at hand, there is no balance or fair play like the old days, would be looking to hear from support or something and would love to see more ban waves with more frequency,