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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Sgt~Ocker

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    I am beginning to get the idea that DO actually want players to bot up multiple accounts to run trains.

    Aside from the extra revenue it "could" bring them, there's - You get perma banned from DO discord for mentioning them, you get chat banned in game for mentioning them, posts get removed from the forums for mentioning them.

    Then there's -> Events are designed for them, Mindfires, Invokes, Barstrokes, Cubicons and the one in 5-4 (can't remember its name, I don't run a train so never get to shoot it) are ALL designed for trains to monopolize.
    Top user and the company rank system is a great indication of who bots more than the next guy. The guy who plays for a few hours everyday gets pushed back in top user by the 24/7 bots, rank points for Colonel go from 42 million to 61 million in 13 days. I'm pretty sure even DO can see this only encourages the few legit players left to give up trying and more botting because without the opportunity to get higher rank and see "progression for input" - What reason is there to play the game???

    I may just be imagining it but these things all seem to point to - We don't want players talking about how we DON'T deal with the rampant cheating in our game or how certain design decisions actually promote it.

  2. I can agree with this. Server merge was a major mistake for ranking points at least. I fought my ass off and spent hundreds of dollars farming GG to earn my Major rank which at the time required 8,9mn rank points. Currently I sit at 18,9mn rank points and Basic Major is right on my tail with 18,4mn. I did 25 gates this weekend, earned 80mn honor between that and quests. It's not enough to keep up. Chief Major is looking at 29,7mn rank points and for me to achieve it will take me an additional 1,073bn honor just to rank up. That's an insane amount and unless I join these trains on their mindfire farm and hades spam, I'll never see a Colonel rank. By my estimate, I'd need to go from 1,6bn current honor to over 6bn just to get to Colonel. 4,4bn honor is not an easy climb.

    I've given up on chasing rank anymore. I used to love it but its been ruined by trains. The only way that I see to remove trains from the game (aside from cracking down on bots), is to either remove the outfit system and remove group benefits, or amplify NPC's based on how many ships are shooting it. For example with Mindfires, you got 8 ships shooting it, it's amplified x8 and turned into an Uber Mindfire in essence. Make it not even worth it to go in a group after. Then once bots are taken care of and removed from the game (which lets be honest, will never happen) then remove that penalty and try it again.
  3. Why don't you block player ships from entering back into the same map for a certain period of time once they have been destroyed a set number of times in the same map?
    So for example a player (bot) is popped say 20 times in one set period then that map should then be locked out to them and they respawn in x8 base where they can then go anywhere except for the map they was previously in.
    They can only then return to the map once they have completed a set amount of objectives which then unlocks the portal allowing entry back into the map for them.
    The objectives needed to complete in order to open the portal again should involve small mini quests that sees the player travelling to many different maps.
    You could apply this tactic to any ships over a certain level
    You could even start this at the highest map number and each time the player is destroyed 20 times in that map then they are locked out of that number map forcing them to go to the next map down which ultimately if they keep getting popped in each map would see them spawning in x1 base where a mini quest is needed to be done to reopen ALL maps again to them.
    This would see the end of botters hogging the same maps all day long every single day.
    Just an idea and open to suggestions to make it work better and fairly for real players.​
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  4. I'm banned from forum so have to use VPN, lmao, anyway, I had to come and clear things for y'all on this ->
    The train robots do work with User ID OR group leader, so this would do nothing, how do you think people have 20-30 ships following 1 UserID when max group size is 8 players?

    Also I want to give my take in the issue, Bigpoint surely has a very working system to see the suspiciously active accounts, it's not that they cannot catch them, but they're afraid (rightly so) that if they take too harsh measures this late into the games lifespan, the biggest playerbase (Sadly tool users) will turn their backs to BP (which most lazy botters will, I don't doubt) and therefore they have to close the game faster than it currently would. The most money doesn't come from few legit players who buy premium, but from addicted hardcore players who use tools, and make Hades with paid 50% boosters, rebate packages, etc.

    However, BP devs, if you're reading this, you need to bring strict PERMANENT closure back, no questions asked. It'll do wonders even though it sounds like a marketing suicide now.
    Take a closer look into Turkish Payment users outside of Turkey, implement a VPN ban for Payment section, this will help fix the cheap premium + rebate made new train accounts.
    Enforcing strict ToS implementations will bring the game back to life, but it may take few months of crying tool users' in Official DO Discord
    After the program issues are worked with permanent bans or even IP / HWID bans and VPN usage is blocked, it's good time to look into balancing issues of newer ships, and Moth formation etc. ''No shield on max dmg config'' - meta

    I hope this message comes across even through VPN, and it reaches the higher ups in some way.
    Feel free to PM me in here if you want more information about how to battle these issues, I have plenty of information that'll lead to the punishment of cheaters ^^.

    Thank you, sincerely, an oldschool player who's waiting for permabans to happen.
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  5. That's another big issue though. A lot of big spenders are bots anyways. Getting rid of them kills a revenue stream. Just legalize the bots. It's obviously too big for them to control now anyway. If they just up and deleted the 70% of the player base that uses bots, the remaining 30% would be too little to sustain multiple servers and they'd have to merge again.

    I just lost all hope in this game to be honest. It's no wonder people just bot accounts to sell them. Bots can do what normal players can't do which is dedicate lots of time. The game is too grindy any more. I've got nearly 7,000 hours over the last 10 years and I'm still not UFE or full BO3. I don't have time for this anymore
  6. Oh, I totally Hear this Loud and clear. Spent enough on this game to have a Sports Car! Was #1 Top User General of VRU, then came the Server Merge and slowly (no, Quickly) started losing Rank, Top User and a clan that Quit! I wouldn't even know how to use a frickin Bot!

    Sorry guys, but I was born in the Age of Pinball ( Can't bot That, you can Tilt, tho ) I just spend the minimal for Ep and Honor Boosters each week and top off the Best Subscriptions when needed. Now a days I just bank Bonus Reward Days and do the occasional Event.

    All I can say is it's a Good thing I got my PS5 after waiting 1 yr 10 months from getting the 1st one and giving it away to my Cop Friends Son who wanted one during Christmas 2020!

    Now I can save my money and spend it on going to OUTBACK! But even that is not as cheap as it used to be! Ya know what I'm sayin', Asparagus! :) :) :)
  7. Well folks it's been another year and yet no admin or developer has addressed the issues that persist in this game. See you all again at this time next year discussing the same issues with this game. ;p
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  8. evve1

    evve1 User

    I am a middle "honest" player and still just lvl22 after several years!

  9. Oh hey Iron, long time no see! It's heartbreak from ENVY's golden days :')
  10. It's a God Damn Shame:)
  11. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    The real shame is, DO has left it to late to address the issues and get back on track.
    Even if they crack down and limit the power of trains, the damage is done.
    Rank (both top user and company rank) is a no brainer - It's just totally broken.

    It doesn't matter what DO do now, Rank was always a goal for many and that is now unattainable (without cheating).

    IRON-THRONE, Grumpy~ole~man sends his regards.. Take care old man....
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  12. This is just a place for players' to VENT. That's all it is!
  13. I ain't Frickin' Old!

    Yes,. I was the only 11 yr old able to walk in to see the Original 'Dawn of the Dead' in 1978

    Well, yeah Maybe I am a Old Man,... But I'm an Old Man with a PS5!

    The only Train I knew of was what TRUEGOD said about LadyWolf Back in the UD Days
    Chooo Choooooo

    Grumpy! I knew you were out there! I remember your Forum name.
    Thats why I said OUTBACK in my 1st Post and Asparagus too,.. both subliminal messages.

    Sorry, I misunderstood ! I thought you meant it "was' a 'heartbreak' they all quit!
    You was always Diminisher to me, forgot that other name!


    BTW ; You still OWE :)
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  14. Larrakin

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    Well another "mini" event for the botters has been dropped on us, Chromin Rush is upon us again.
    This time though DO gave up all pretence that "feedback" matters - They didn't even bother creating a feedback thread.

    I guess they like us get tired of reading about how much the game indulges those who use bots and trains, while the few legit players left flounder on the sidelines.
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  15. Just like the Orange boxes just been on last week, for one day only, seems they nerfed the drop of GG spins, last year only had 2 level 4 salvage and the rest level 3 (98) per drop, this year full level 4 banking doubler (75).
    Look how many Space Cup ball drop per box.
    Yet again legitimate players' get nerfed and the bots get it all in Space Cup.
  16. Chromin has always been a pain in the @ss to me!

    Always have to drag whatever drops it away from the other Cargo Boxes and makes the Gate longer to finish.
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  17. i've never found it useful for anything
  18. Excessive

    Excessive User

    If nothing else, use it to craft BO3's.

    Without using an exploit they are the only thing you can readily craft, without having to do way too many gates. Like seriously 80k Chromin for 25k Sep is bad enough but 30k for 800 Rinusk - Works out at 200 to 300k URI for your 800 rinusk Or around 500k uri to craft ONE 50 cloak in assembly.
    Just go to your BL map for a few hours, make enough Rinusk to craft cloaks and Sep, while Making URI rather than spending it.

    Bit like the Thanks Giving calendar - day 6 you get 30 IAC, which is ok, then on day 7 you get ONE Diametrion - How useful is that going to be, especially for those working toward crafting their first + ship.

    The Winter Calendar (normal monthly calendar with a fancy name change) is the most insulting thing DO has done to long term players in a while - The final days login bonus and Premium bonus will see many many players get nothing due to already owning the generic items available for that day.

    Sadly DO has never been good at rewarding those who support their product.
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  19. Dark-Xenon

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    and pet shields too
  20. seeing as though i only pve, ergo useless event(moth kami) shields are obsolete in this game now, just a pointless useless grind:D
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