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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. I got 20 Diametrion.
  2. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Sure but I still need 12 BO3's for this account so not worried about pet.

    Don't know, I couldn't login for 2 days and missed day 7 reward
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  3. I know it's a stretch,.. buy inquire with Support about that
  4. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Honestly I couldn't be bothered. Like the reimbursement from a recent event that was given out, Apparently I didn't qualify for it.
    Even though I participated in the event and got screwed over like everyone else, no compensation for me...
  5. I didn't get it either, so I feel like they just said they were doing it, and didn't lol.
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  6. y'all need to check your log history< i got 1 hour booster and half a day prem or some crap like that, wasn't worth looking for:confused:
  7. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    a month prem
  8. They said 1 month premium.
  9. evve1

    evve1 User

    I have names of some that I could never highlight, they appear and seem to have something that makes them move exactly opposite to my clicks, no matter how fast I do it? Still can't mark them. Freeze rockets or slow ammo won't work either. Then you're dead in a couple of shots. Do they have 500000000000 in damage?? Sorry, but a little annoying...:) If it's completely normal, can someone please inform me about just such a set.
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  10. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    i have noticed them using the same kind of interaction with our UI as the "Spookfish" does in 5-4, trying to lock these has the same opposite reaction to your reaction.o_O
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  11. Really???? I have to do a captcha to prove I am not a bot to view my stats???? You can't make this stuff up....crazy.
  12. I have done a few gates in the past weeks and went to check on the times. After going thru a few pages to get where I think my time is I get captchas. Not only are they almost impossible to see due to poor pictures but you have to do it a few times to move on and then you get another a few pages in. Really? I play Dark Orbit because I enjoy the game and at times spend real money but if this is the future of this game I will find another to spend my money on!!!
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  13. Hilarious. You can sign in multiple ships and blast away but lawd you try to dispatch more than 2 and BOOM.

    Im in awe.
  14. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Well Winter gate is going as expected so far.
    More bots in the maps than there is NPC's
  15. Yeah first jump in, like 20+ bots in 1 map lol.
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  16. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Welcome to Atlas City< Home of the Botso_O
    Just about managed to do the last (NPC Damage quest) in BP< these bots have NO manners!

    This is beyond a joke, now there is players' just appearing out of thin air (not cloaked) just appear almost the exact same spot as SYNKo_O
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  17. I was wondering the same thing. How does a player just happen to catch the synk on a random map over 200 times.
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  18. Does Bigpoint even have any plan to tackle the bot issues anymore? You have high level botters always in the top monthly rankings making it impossible to compete for champion tokens and bots using trains now too so all hopes for fair pvp is gone. This game can be an absolute joke at times. It's about time Bigpoint do away with the bots.
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  19. I have all but giving up at the game no matter how much I play and gates I do I fall in ranking...I guess as long as they have people and bots playing it doesn't matter much anymore
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  20. That's because you have a life and don't bot 24/7 with max boosters', this game isn't for legitimate players' if so it's only those with disposable income, either way "normal" players' have NO chanceo_O
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