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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Thats why I liked the old client...memories
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  2. Azarameus

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    I started playing this game in 2009 and enjoyed it a lot.
    When I saw the rise of the botters I thought hmm okay it's just another challenge to click the NPC first before the bot to complete my mission and they don't shoot back so that helps with PvP missions.
    When I saw the PvP cheaters with their magical locks I just died and didn't complain.
    I just stopped paying real money, as I will never support a game in which cheats are allowed to prosper.
    But when I get popped by a train of 8 players it really is time to consider if it is worth bothering with when the developers appear to be doing absolutely nothing to deal with such blatant abuse of the T&C of the game.
    Will the last honest player please turn off the lights.
  3. Excessive

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    That too will more than likely be automated.
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  4. oTiKio

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    Yo do notice that on every map there are more and more low lvl train ships ?? What do you think this means ?? People are massively creating and botting low maps to get there trains in 1-2 years there will be 10000 % more trains in the game so no they will not fix it only trains gonna be left.
  5. Cause of this bad client bad support total ignorant to their own T&C is the reason my rebate is over doubler is over and only 1 month of premium left and I will forever be leaving the game along with all the other legit players.
    I feel like they need the room for all the cheaters they are bringing to the game!!!
    Pretty sad when they call this a game as a game is suppose to be fun.
    Wonder who says yeah my bot just killed that event now lets login and play(wait play with who?)wait a minute I will have to contact all my friends first see if anyone else is on so we can play together.
    Just sounds like a trash game now to me (been playing since 2012 was rank1 General) Now rank 61 colonel looks like I am not interested in playing anymore so will be signing off soon. Cheers
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  6. Kellerkind

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    i got banned in discord for asking them to do something about and for saying they're ignoring their own t&c's lol , been around since 2009 as well. spend over 20k in this game, i keep quitting and coming back but everytime i do there are more programs , bots , and for a couple years now, trains smh
  7. I was just randomly looking at players "playing" time and some of the numbers are ridiculous. The player ranked 34 on US1 started his account on 30 Oct 2019 and has "played" 19268 hours. That equals to 18 hours a day. No such thing as bots? Riiiiight.

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