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  1. Maybe under ideas and concepts they can look into Valve. They just cleared 40k cheaters from DOTA and have no problem posting that they killed their accounts.
    Lets see Bigpoint put on the big boy pants and make some progress!

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  2. I would love to see that myself but think those days are never gonna happen again here in DO.
    Kinda wonder how the game would work without 10s of thousands of bot's being able to login :)!!! Cheers
    Maybe Dota isn't as boring and same old thing day in day out like in the orbit?
    DO is just gates over and over and repetition event's over and over, with almost no real players fighting if anything it's one or two members of a clan all running trains so basically 2 real players building bases so all the clan bot's can bot 24/7.
    Then that's the end of real players playing and back to 99% botting for the 10 minutes of glory when they actually play the game lmao.
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  3. Modern Warfare 2 cheat makers charged $3 million in damages to Activision

    a new revenue stream for dark orbit. sue the cheaters.
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  4. Excessive

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    Pretty much sums up the state of things.

    During Agatus today - 1 clan had a train in each map of MMO uppers. They weren't shooting Spinel or Agatus - Just killing anyone trying to do the event.
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  5. Dark-Xenon

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    lol they can remove the links but haven't replied in this thread in years, shows where their priorities are.
  6. Excessive

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    The thread is ONLY 8 years old.
    Give them time....;)
  7. Well the absolute comedy for how corrupt they are and not bothering. Several years ago they did exactly what I posted. There was a Struener in the map and ships had shot it all day and were out of ammo. There is a video of them circling all day. Just like the guys that get stuck in a map all day until server reset.

    Now me? I get up to get a drink and come back and 'connection lost'. Or take a call. Boom connection lost.

    How is the regulation not maintained equally?
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  8. Star*Fire

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    I'm guessing because the same thing happens to me but it's the fact that we are not moving that we get logged out. I can relate with it . can't even use the assembly out getting kicked.
  9. Larrakin

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    I'm more impressed with how "Captures" work.
    Fighting with friends in 4-4 (killing base), get a capture and die, respawn in X-8 and while repairing get a capture, jump chip back to 4-4, get a capture. 3 of them in under 5 minutes and I'd only been online 10 minutes before I got the first one.

    It seems simply playing the game deems you as "acting suspiciously".
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  10. What is a "Capture"??
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  11. Dark-Xenon

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  12. I guess the guys using the apps and tools have way more options and support than we do playing the game in the paid version.

    I was hoping a Unity version was coming but I guess that went out the window with 'reloaded rules'.
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  13. We should send another Sanction to the Owning Country of Origin!
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  14. Excessive

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    Well it seems DO is attempting to deal with the menace of trains wrecking the game - Well done

    For the lack of information and feedback available - Not so good.
    It is such a pity that DO is this way. Post on the forums trying to get information and the thread just disappears.
    I do understand, as the post about the "upcoming" warning bans was posted AFTER the bans were initiated that the forums may not have relevant information to be able to respond to player concerns but to just remove a thread based on lack of information just seems like DO is trying to hide something.
  15. Bots in general next, they've obviously worked out a routine to check for trains, so they've probably got some way into working out how to detect gate bots via a routine etc.
  16. Larrakin

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    You really think shutting down the game is their goal?

    Getting rid of trains will help the game.
    Getting rid of all botters will kill it.
  17. Then what's the problem with changing the T&C I only don't use one from fear of a ban when you paid as much as i have you don't want to chance nothing?
    Also there has to be another way if you need bots what is that saying to the devo's just change the game to bring them back, don't ask me how that's what they get paid for. Cheers
  18. Larrakin

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    The issue I see is that DO/BP hasn't kept up with the times.
    The game is going on 20 years old and the gaming community has changed but the company hasn't.
    I've been around since 2011 (with quite a few different acc's), did all quests by hand with friends back in the day. We had fun doing it, it was how games were played.

    New gen gamers don't want to grind 65k ceptors, endless amounts of QZ (for little reward) and so on.
    They want instant results - Do a few QZ - Craft a Rocket launcher.
    They don't want to spend copious amounts of uri and time grinding to get a Hydra - 4800 tet required for Hydra, yet you can only get 40 per day (daily mission) and a bit extra from events. 300 Ioil is a trial to get - Recently did 50QZ with friends and with boosters ended up with 85 Ioil. That works out to roughly 200 QZ + endless grinding to get the CPU's to do QZ - For a rocket launcher.
    Yet without these things you can't compete with the guys who've been playing for years and seem to take pleasure in driving smaller accounts out of the game.

    Even getting the CPU's to do EBG is a trial if you aren't in a group that does Mindfire - 20 plus Invokes to build 1 CPU. Just recently I was doing invokes to build a cpu for EBG, there were so many ships in BL map after 4 hours I hadn't enough to build a single CPU (I have full promi and use Sep/ BL ammo but when you are competing with 20 or 30 other ships....
  19. This is exactly what I was saying they need to change, they already offer way more uri for events and such than they did before.
    If I played I could easily make around 500k uri per day all they have to do it seems is give more for a payout, also bots offer other things like auto ammo change also auto locking like really these things are not part of any issues yet players still get to use these using a bot. The new nemesis event is a joke as there are so many bot's using auto lock any legit player has no chance!!!

    Sounds like all they have to do is give new players a kick start don't start them at 0 xp and honor also give them full lvl 3 lasers to start with some use full cpus they still would have a long way to go.
    Maybe allow them to pay uri like the season pass to finish long missions faster, just some suggestions off the top off my head as I said the devo's get paid to come up with something I am sure they could if they tried.

    Like Eternal gate event is another one, most bots can get passed wave 200 almost get to 300 before i even get home from work to start the event is totally unfair BP doesn't ban bots as they say it brings more players to the game but the top players who supported the game are the ones losing now to all the bots and cheats in the game.
    This is not fair play for all!!!! Cheers
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  20. So, they caught and 'temp banned' proven application users.
    They seem to be back in game and got to keep the winnings.


    Nothing and the single bots are outrageous is event maps. I was in one last night were the map was full.
    So close. You should have banned and removed Honor and EP.
    But then again I saw the guy on poland

    2,245,498,640,770,325 in Rank points

    Good lord! Anyone that works for the game explain that guy?
    But then again if you are banning Generals, Colonels and Majors who have only been playing for less than 2 years well they know what they did and the rank points show it
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