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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Just shows how much the company cares about their game as they can't be bothered!!!
    Also show's you can abuse pretty much anything you want and if they catch you they will give you a stiff warning and let you proceed.
  2. Marc you are preaching to the choir. I have seen players that are generals that just started their accounts and when you do the math on their play time vs. days registered it comes out to 20-23hrs a day. Giving them a warning just gave them time to alter the program they are using by a few lines of code. Everyone knows for every $10.00 you spend on the detection of these bots, the botters spend $1.00 on defeating their countermeasures. Until there is a real effort to punish these bots there will be no change. I'll see you o the maps my friend..and just pass you by as you legally play.
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  3. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    Actually, 2 guys in my clan who are fairly new to the game (less than a year) Have lost all honor and are now considering just deleting their accounts.
    My clan does not and never has used trains so how these 2 were detected in this sweep of those using a bot to run trains and call it a "Friendly Warning" with a temporary ban but go on to remove all honor from players "mistakenly" caught in the sweep somehow. Then leave them with no avenue for recourse or appeal - while the major train users on the server are all back (albeit without their trains, for now) seemingly with honor intact as I dropped back to my previous rank in top user.

    I do give credit where due - DO took a stand on trains and I hope they continue to keep them in check but it seems innocents have been caught up in the sweep and this needs to be addressed.

    "The algorythm used to do the detection is accurate" - Just isn't good enough when it comes to "bans are final" there is no appeal.

    I apologize for the rant but it's hard enough to find active players to play the game with - this poorly executed, poorly explained "Friendly Warning" is looking like a farce when 3 of the top 5 on the server had the most damaging trains, all in the same clan and always running at the same times. Yet they are still ranked 2, 4 and 5 while newer players have basically been told by DO - We don't want you.
  4. This game is such a joke almost every bot uses more cheats than i can count auto lock, auto ammo change, auto ish, formation change i could keep going on how about the players you kill that spawn with full hp BP doesn't ban no one for anything it's absolutely out of control don't even want to play the game anymore lose events to bot's on 24/7 lose pvp to cheats trains were caught but no one of importance was effected it's all just a big joke.

    I will never spend another dime or anymore time trying to compete or even play the game it's useless to play no real player is rewarded for staying legit but BP gives freely all the uri and events to the cheaters of the T&C.

    No I don't blame the players it's all on BP so when they decide to manage the game like a real company I will be back otherwise this account is no longer!!!
  5. DO dont deserve any credit, the bots have ruled this game for years... and they just cater for them, pathetic really......
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  6. AVIT

    AVIT User

    well that didnt last long ,,all the bots are back again .. im furious !
  7. The trains are back on US 1 in the LOW map. They train right up from the 1 map into the 3 map and into the gate. No fear of getting caught. They know there will be a time period between the 1st warning ban to the second warning ban and then the "final" warning ban. In the mean time the bot program creators have written code to evade the detection. There should have been a one time perma ban. It does not take a math genius to figure out that an account with only 5 yrs playing has 4yrs of equivalent playing time is using a program.
  8. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Same on GA1, saw a train doing Mindfires last night
  9. Yeah its terrable all those bots and cheating players... Get rid of it DO..
    So much respect for all the players that do it by them self and don't use tools and other stuff.
    Its a long way for building it on your own and its worth it.

    For all clean loyaal players keep up that good hard work, respect for you all.

    For all the other bot players watch out Master is inside and kick you asses...
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  10. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Well I must say the recent ban wave on trains was about as effective as me jumping off a building expecting to fly.
    Result would be the same as the recent ban wave - A few seconds of joy followed by, A Big Mess..

    They're back in full force.
    5 trains in 1bl going hard..

    Seems the "threat" of losing honor doesn't have much impact on accounts who have none after the first ban wave.

    I wonder if that was a consequence that could have been anticipated?
  11. lol I reported guy for pushing ,i didn't know he was before i popped him ,he got banned ...i got banned too lmao
    games backwards
  12. you didn't read the pushинг rules !!!
    all players will be affected and banned regardless of whether you are doing a mission
    in practice there is no way to understand who is pushing who and it is easier for everyone to take it away ... which is not good.
  13. Some accounts that were made 2 years ago have more hours than my 11 year old account, BP is a joke their T&C is a joke not one cheated account cares anything about BP's T&C as they know they are scared to perma ban anyone's account.
  14. The latest server they made for people who don't really play PvP but are PvE oriented has users with the full possible hours of play time since the server started and haven't missed a minute.
    these people have accounts on the other servers as well.
    They have never been banned in any server even though they use all kinds of third party programs.
    I just can't understand why, since it is not possible to play with more than one account at the same time, how BP allows this to happen when they know it is impossible without additional programs...
  15. All the new payment packages are great for the cheaters who trick BP into thinking they are from turkey and use a VPN so they can't be tracked!!!
    Yup real fair game lol!!!
    BP should have made all payment packages the same price for all meaning all of them should be real cheap it's just a game for crying out loud!!
  16. But did they lose their Honor Points? I saw all the banned Players slowly come back, and my Rank went back to Pre-Ban Status
    what gives there?
  17. Excessive

    Excessive User

    My rank also went back but not quite to where it was, I gained about 6 spots. So a couple of the train runners must have actually lost honor but obviously not enough to discourage the use of them.
    What really surprised me was how RP for next company rank actually went UP (during the initial 3 day ban) by just over 1mil and since then has risen another 500k.
  18. I think the Fix is In.

    What company went up in Rank?
  19. AVIT

    AVIT User

    the game team gave real players hope (some were beginning to come back to the game playing after quiting coz of bots ) and then took it away cruelly by not giving the cheats a real punishment and also by warning them prior! ,,
    BAN all bots ,not just train users ,, BOTS are the problem full stop ! its same bot as the train one for gods sake .

    How is anyone supposed to improve there rank when the guys above you are botting 24////7 mostly ,and on weekend gate botting ?
    thats why most peeps quit and for the auto locking .. .its same programmme !

    ther is a guy above me in rank , same company ,i fly all maps and enemy maps too ,,i have never seen him ! ,he is making around 1 bill ep per day and 50 mill hon per day ,playing mostly 24 hrs according to dostats ,rank points are going up by around 1 -2 mill every few days ... how can anyone compete with a cheat playing 24 hrs a day lol .. you cant ,so peeps have quit .
    i am not a quitter tho ,, just saying why this game is crap to most people .and they have stopped playing because of the game teams inadequacy or unwillingness to deal with cheats ..
    They are to blame !
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  20. its possible to get these 50mil daily even more i think without any hack's just get some good HON boosts from boosters and modules and just One Stroke-Barage give you more than 1 mil points

    some players are boosted around 300% HON you know that ???
    but there is some catch must to have enogh Mindfire Cerebrum for EPHON-100
    only hakers (trains) can do that praticaly have milions
    other think i want to mention is Explioting EBL for one reason to get infinity ABL-ammo and HON just do it ones in lifetime ...

    i have already 63% boost from modules for my ORCUS
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