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  1. ''There is no place for a free player in this game anymore, and it is sad.''
    I feel sad for the administrators, our dear administrators have not learned the universal lesson -- NOT EVERYTHING IS MONEY !!!
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    They're back, i'm done with this game!
  3. I guess it was just a marketing thing. I see them in the maps and whats really cool is they have them tied to other multi company ships so when you decloak on one and shoot it they turn on you and blast away.

    I had one shoot on me after I killed a ship in enemy maps that ship fought like the 'skilled pro players' in the game. Dead giveway is the Delta gate moves. We have complained about there being people playing a completely different game for years. Fighting an app is not fun expecially when we lag on inputs and they do not.
    They need to ip block the app.

    Did the Unity version get cancelled?
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  4. they do gates look at dostats. Tells the story.
    The way they fight in maps is the end for me on PVP because there is a pattern to it and the trains are still in place. Ran into 4 today Friday May 5, 2023 and killed them but its rough as they move like they are in a Delta gate with X4 speed.
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    I took just over a year off for health reasons. When I came back I was so far behind and have never been able to catch up.
    I WAS a 1 star and very close to my second star, then when I came back I was a basic Major.
    I am no longer prepared a day to play the game for endless hours every day, so will never be competitive against all those who botted their way to lvl 20 everything. Yet without those same guys there is little to no PVP content.
    I can't even get enough oil to upgrade the drones on my current account to lvl 16, let alone upgrading Promi lasers and BO3's.

    As for GB1 - When I played there (back in 2014) was the first time I saw botting on a large scale. Actually logged into my old GB1 acc a few weeks ago, all I saw was bots running to Hades in groups, moving like one ship for the hour I sat in 3-1.

    I don't like botting but understand why people do it. DO is a PVP game and most people don't want to spend years building an account.
    The gaming industry has evolved DO hasn't - Instant gratification is what gamers want these days and DO wants us to spend years just to compete at a reasonable level.

    DO has the worst PVE of any game I have ever played. It is nothing but boring repetition, the same recycled events, the same gates, the same NPC's over and over. What makes it worse is that instead of adding new content DO "balanced" existing content to suit those who used 3rd party apps (botters).
    Now they want to try and get rid of all botting - Nice dream but without a LOT of rebalancing the game will simply die.

    In 2014 the average age of those who played the game was 24, 10 years later - Most of those players have lives that don't allow for gaming, so many are gone for good and sadly the game doesn't appeal to the younger generation of gamers because it takes so long to achieve anything.
    I challenge you - Start a new account and try to build it up without using your existing friends to help you. Just like most "new" players go through. Spend 20 minutes killing 1 Attend in BL with your LF3's when no-one will help you, while at the same time every enemy that's lvl 24 sees you as an easy target and one shots your Solace a few times, just because they can.
    Then tell me how good DO would be without bots.

    It's easy to sit in judgement of others when you have an established account - Try being in the shoes of someone who hasn't had the advantages of years to build an account.

    From people I've spoken to, the average botter doesn't do it for rank, they know they'll never get top 10 or even top 100 for most. They bot to get the equipment to try and compete in a 20 year old game. If that's going to take them a year or more without botting - They'll simply find another game.

    In case you missed it - It takes +- 300 hours of game time to craft a single Hydra launcher.
    Health authorities say no-one should play games for more than 4 hours per day SO, that 300 hours equals 75 days if that is all you do during your 4 hours per day. 2 and a half months, for a launcher that will help you survive a bit longer.

    If DO was serious about game balance and getting rid of trains they would create their own paid bot (an extra 2$ a month with premium) Make it cheaper than commercial ones - Extra income for DO and the ability to keep game balance.
  6. Imagine that..some of the train botters get perma bans and all of a sudden 30 brand new single bot accounts get started all over the maps. This is a game of Wack-a-mole. Ban them and they just start all over again.
  7. jayherbo

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    Most are doing "The Stinger" in 5-4, i'm talking like 20+ players. They're not going to get rid of bots regardless of what is said in "official posts".
  8. Games dead anyways, you get banned for anything, using a different client for better frames, no real advantage other than more than 30 frames? Banned. Dumbest developer move this games seen so far honestly.
  9. Excessive

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    This as well as, DarkOrbit expecting players to invest time and money into the game when they won't.

    4 times in 2 hours this morning the client froze causing me to force close it and login from scratch.
    They can't get the simple things like a stable client to work - Why would we as players invest time and money...
  10. jayherbo

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    it's because there is too many 3rd party scripts running that ARE 100% messing with legitimate players' UI and that is a fact, i care not what some messenger for DO (MOD) says in this forum!
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    Side note about "legit" players - There aren't enough of them to keep my server active.
    Did a couple of Zetas then just wandered around the base in 1-1.
    In roughly an hour I saw 2 other ships on the base, 1 of those ended up following me around as I circled the base.

    I'd suggest that if DO keeps up recent actions they have a plan to merge the few players left into a single server.
  12. That's cause they all either cloaked botting gates or all botting eternal that's why you don't see them they don't want players reporting them.
    They has always been enough players just greedy pay monthly each month to play a game has long since past and BP doesn't want to get with the times and recreate the game.
  13. Scripts causing lag is an issue yeah, but the game has a memory dump issue, which causes most of the lag.
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  14. In my opinion Bigpoint really helped to make the botting issue explode when they introduced the 3 strike ship kill rule and no more drone damage. Botters do not care if their ship gets killed 3 times as the negative point loss is easily made up in 30 minutes shooting cubes or BK's. Since they banned the train botters, a whole new crop of individual bots appeared last week and are blowing right through missions, ranks and upgrades at a ridiculous pace.
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  15. lol 3-8 in ga1 is full of them but apparently bp posts on their fb that they listen to their community:))))) 10 years too late and then they ban the accounts of people that didnt use 3rd party programs too . dead game
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  16. Excessive

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    That guy in 3-8 with all the vengies actually posted pics of his ships setup in a smiley face on the base, while the bans were going on.
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  17. Nothing has changed since the bans, top clans still botting events every minute and when you kill their bot's the one player managing them groups them and uses them like a train and kills you then sends them all botting again.

    If that's fair play I guess I am not as good with the English language as I thought!!!

    It's almost like some clans are protected from BP's bans or there is a leak and these clans are told about them in advance.
  18. I remember back in 2008 there was a saying "An A gate a day keeps the rank drop away". That of course was before bots and boosters when you gathered snacks and a bathroom break before you started the hour long Gamma gate Bk wave. This latest event has easily been the most botted events I have seen. The train botters that were banned have started all new accounts and this event has been the perfect opportunity for them to rank up at an accelerated and ridiculous pace. I have seen a few old players come back after the word spread that there was some action against the bots only for them to log off again in disgust when they realized it was a ban-aid on an arterial bleed. mild rant is over. Take care everyone and can always log off and enjoy the real world.
  19. I was directly told it was just a warning and no one was banned. So if you look in DOstats you see everyone back where they were honor and items intact.

    Ask yourself: How is it that the same groups are always in the same clans? How did they get all the leveled up Prom lasers already. Guys brag in chat they are level 20. How? *HOW LEGIT was it done?

    Trains are there. Much more interesting is finding the ones using the attack app. Funny how it fights like you are in 2 different games with stats no where close to your ship.
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  20. I had that issue yesterday when I saw you in 1-6. I fired on a ship and it started doing maneuvers that no one with a mouse could recreate. Kinda' like watching jello in an earthquake.