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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Excessive

    Excessive User

    You might want to look a little closer and check "facts".
    I know at least 5 players from your server who have lost all honor and at least 2 who got perma banned.
    One in particular who went from 3 star to chief major.

    Could well be more but I don't play the server much anymore as it's all but dead..
  2. it's almost like they dont get that they need to treat the cause not the symptoms ,signs of a failing company just patch work
  3. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    Reality is it's too late to treat either "cause or symptoms" at this point.

    Can't compete in a PVP oriented game when the game mechanics are stacked against you due to the maturity of the game.
    People don't want to spend 300 odd hours grinding for a single Rocket Launcher
    They don't want to spend days in BL maps shooting Impulses to get 1 of the items for a Promi laser

    You have masses of players who botted their way to the best equipment and upgrades the game offers. So unless DO decide to ban EVERY account that has botted over the years - Nothing they do now will have any affect other than to see the unlucky few who get "selected" by DO's script leave the game.

    The majority who gained from botting will still be there and the rest of us will never be able to compete with them.
  4. Kellerkind

    Kellerkind User

    that would be treating the cause in a way, but the true cause that needs to be addressed in the grind in a 20 y/o game, make that easier so everybody bot or not can get it then we can all pvp , increase the rewards, the number of npcs, stuff like that, make it so it's not worth the risk to bot since you d be able to do it all by hand and actually see meaningful progress. there is a reason 80% of the player base bots, and that's why, you said it yourself, people do not want to spend weeks just for one item, and they shouldn't, it's a poorly coded old game, they could at the very least try to do something . like selling it to someone that cares or knows what they re doing, that would also be a great solution
  5. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Lull the Pug!
  6. Pootis-Man

    Pootis-Man User


    I don't know if it was also the case for the very first banwave against trains, but I know at least 3 legit players who were banned by the second wave. Even if it was only a 3 day ban, -100% honor still hurts morale while you can see every day some cheaters on maps who haven't received any punishment for years.

    About the trains, alright some users got banned, but a lot of others fell through the cracks and it seems to me strangely random. Even after these two banwaves, trains are still out and especially in blacklight map (on my server at least).

    I'm not going to name any clan or user, but I see only one clan that still uses the train, there is at least one train running 24/7 to kill the mindfire on the 3 BL maps, and also one or two other ones killing invokes. I also noticed that they have created quite a few small accounts (I really doubt that each account belongs to a different player) that they are leveling up to level 24 very quickly so they can farm the mindfires on all 3 blacklight maps. I have the impression that they are trying to get as many resources as possible with these accounts until the first ban, which will allow them to lose only 100% of their honor while keeping their account and the resources unfairly earned via the train.

    It is likely that the majority of these cheaters keep their main account "clean" while cheating on other accounts.
    Those second accounts using train may be made for the sake of selling them once they're UFE.
    So something should be done to prevent people from creating unlimited secondary accounts with which they can cheat and spoil the game for others...
  7. Kellerkind

    Kellerkind User

    [Unauthorized link removed] bruh i got banned and i ve never used this garbage , it legit was a random ban wave cuz the intended target was not even reached, this is on west/east coast a friend sent me this video. there are people and clans that are still actively using it and they dont care
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  8. It took me years to get back to a 1 star, I spent money and time, even a client for better gameplay is a ban. I never touched trains, I don't use autos. These bans should have been focused on PvP cheaters. Nothing more.
  9. That would take a team of programmers that care about the game unfortunately they only care about money and not how the game runs or who is botting or cheating!!!
  10. edlee1975

    edlee1975 User

    I am one of those players that got banned and used no programs
  11. I've done 3 Plutos since start of the event. Not going to lie, the game is getting pretty boring for me now. When you reach UFE everything becomes too samey. There is no other end game grind besides the same old grind.
  12. ever since the merge of us servers the botting problem has been getting worse and worse and now its becoming unplayable in most maps on every day more and more botters show up full clans of botters making it impossible for honest and real players to enjoy the game you say that your doing something but honestly we real players cannot see a difference in the amount of these cheaters and this idea of taking honor away is nothing but a joke remove them for good and end this problem once and for all i have been in game since dec12th 2006 on one or more accounts over 16 servers and have never seen it this bad you are failing to live up to your end of the bargain of us real players agreeing to not use outside programs to play in the terms of agreement we agreed to not use them but your allowing some to use them and ban the real players for speaking up about the problems . bring back in game monitors ones who will see the problem first hand and will be able to remove these program users
  13. ~Rhiannon~

    ~Rhiannon~ User

    It's the only way they are going to be able to fix any of it. I do not understand how some people keep getting away with the same stuff, while other real players are getting pushbanned by these botting groups. They are killing the game and the real players.
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  14. DarkOrbit Is One Of The Best Games Made To Date, It Has A lot Of Enemies, I Hope That Us Real Players(None Botters) can look beyond These distractions. You dont know who is who in those maps, games are free to all.
  15. Train bot going strong again. At least in 3-8
  16. once again loads of bots in 1-7,2-7 ,3-7 4-5 others bot cubes all events are just a win for bots not the honest bl maps full of bots tis joke
  17. The latest ban wave was largely ineffective as the banned players were back in force today STILL using the programs that got them a few day break from the game. There are players that according to the stats page now have three bans that returned today bragging on chat they will still use the programs. What happened to the three strike rule?
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  18. it was actually 2 strikes since the first ban this year, they re basically telling us all to just use 3rd party software cuz they dont care, dude behind me in rank is botting 24-7 on mindfire with train making 2 mill rp a day. noice
  19. wow 30 places in rank just fallen. Yup seems like the bots are back! xD
  20. bots always their.. the accounts aint perma banned, but they lost all honors.