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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. According to DOstats and the ranks they forgot to pull that pesky honor out. Shows them with billions of honor after the bans. Some have wildly higher honor.

    Honestly there are bans and I see my rank go up. When the ban is over the players seem to retain their gains. EP and cool items gained from the bad behavior stays. Its why there is a group of players who dont have to fight they just let the app do it.
  2. Its funny how if you are banned for pushing you will have much more server punishments compared to trains etc. here are penalties for pushing:
    1st offense: 14 day account suspension, 30% reduction of Experience and 30% reduction of Honor

    2nd offense: 30 day account suspension, 30% reduction of Experience and 30% reduction of Honor

    3rd offense: Account closure

    So no wonder people have started to use this maliciously and you can get banned after killing the same player just around 6 times
  3. Odd posts get deleted a lot on Mondays. Im back to where I was so they got back everything that the ban took I guess.
    Honor doesnt matter when you have insane EP from blacklight map exploitation.
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  4. Checked the stats page. Gotta' love that site. It exposes the cheaters. A lot of the banned generals and other high ranks have been on 47-48hrs out of the last 2 days and have done insane amounts of gates in one day. One player did 135 million honor in one day alone which is crazy especially since this was his 3rd ban in 2023 yet he still has his account.
  5. Yeah. 25700 hours played since January 2019
    8700 hours in a year
    4 years = 35040

    in 4 years only 9300 offline. Seriously? When does this guy have a job, sleep or eat?

    Maybe is obvious that something is wrong when its that blatant?

    Its cool though he has been playing 19 hours straight so far.

    So are they reeeeeaaaaaalllllly banning cheaters?
  6. the 9300 hours is probably accounted for by the time that the system is unusable :)
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  7. everyone should just start botting at this point since they obviously dont care to actually ban the cheaters , at least that way it ll be fair for everyone
  8. Star*Fire

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    Some of us would like just be able to login on a daily basis.
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  9. Your gonna get no where posting anything in the forums they don't come here often enough to even see your post's, if you want help send support in a ticket.
    Myself haven't had any issues logging in for a while now, still lots of lag but no problem with logging in.
    Also noticed the times i did have a hard time logging in I found if you click the URL at the top of the page and change servers then change back it helps to login.
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    Nope. Cheating is totally against my principles. Of course compared to the cheaters my ship is rubbish but at least I can say I earned it with my mouse and keyboard instead of a program.
    I see it as a sad reflection of society these days that some people think it's ok to cheat on a game. It really isn't - yes I know the grind is hard but that's no excuse. What is wrong with these people that they actually think they're good?
    I simply stopped paying real money on here and will not resume until they are dealt with properly. A 3 day warning ban just isn't enough.
  11. trust i feel you lol , im $30-40k in this game over the years lmao . yet they re pushing players like you and i away due to their lack of action against 3rd party users. like what's the point of me giving them money when a botter will overtake me while spending nothing, including their time since the bot is the one doing everything? there's no point
  12. The bots are destroying this game, it's officially not fun anymore. So much money wasted. >.>
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    i've seen only two people mention why "these people" do it: insane grind, i'm not going to argue that programs don't make the game even more boring since the agatus event was something i just couldn't stop laughing, MCC program users on my lower company maps deleting all spinels and agatus in matter of seconds, everything in this game is insane to grind and not fun in itself and the lack of content is even more noticeable.

    darkorbit exists since 2006 and it hardly changed, new things added often stand out when you compare it to 2011 reloaded artstyle as well.

    new maps? boring, some people program in it.
    new events? boring, some people program to complete it.
    new quests? boring, some people program to complete it.
    group content? boring, some people program to finish it.
    clan/pvp content? boring, some people program to brag about it.
    new gates? utterly boring, some people will program to finish it.
    battle pass? definitely boring, some people will program to finish it.

    all of that for what? some can argue it's towards some outdated rank system that some people try to find a way to exploit their way to the top, others can argue it's to be powerful in the game but nothing changes the fact that it's boring and serves no purpose when servers can be merged anyway.

    if anything they should re-reload the game to curb the grind, one of my friends that hasn't played this game since 2012 asked me if it was still boring and i told him about the agatus event, he just laughed and said he was glad to be finally over this game and is playing something else instead.
    he did however comment that darkorbit has a good core, the isometric view and easy quickslot thing is something other games don't offer and is what makes DO/seafight unique.
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  14. LOL all I noticed about all bot's and program users is they need to use all these as they can't play the game otherwise.
    Their skills just aren't good enough it seems as I don't use anything also haven't bought uri or anything to help me advance since they stopped banning the bots years ago and haven't had to much trouble keeping up.

    Yeah they have better rank even after the ban it only takes about a week and your right back to where you were before the ban,
    but really who cares about rank, what I like is they can use all the programs to advance and yet I still kill them in pvp.
    Yes it's harder to compete in events but hey there are only a few that top me and maybe they are better players in those events I still rank high enough I am not worked up about it!!!

    I only play lots when it benefits me like a good uri event can farm uri lots but when events are not as rewarding I only complete BP objectives and go play something else. Cheers
  15. Again so many bots in this game. I think besides sending sep to my ship and collecting daily login bonus I am done with this game. The developers obviously don't care about its community!
  16. It's cause they don't ban them and cause they don't the botters don't care, i mean I don't use one but why wouldn't they if they are allowed to continue?
    There are multiple accounts that show they have been ban more than 2 times and yet still get to keep everything and get their accounts back.
    They are obviously ok to use when they are caught and ban and given their accounts back!!!
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  17. Star*Fire

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    They don't even try to hide it anymore. look at the auction, dorning a ban, nothing was bid for more the 50,000. Soon as they came back 350,000 was the standard bid. the rank went up so fast in a few days. I like playing this game but its time to take conrol of the game back from the botters or just pull the plug. because as long as they are in the game, the game isn't worth paying for or even trying to compete.
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  18. There are train botters again on 3-4. But an EIC player is using them as target practice. Easy way to complete a couple of tasks I suppose.
  19. Bigpoint really need to do away with this client or upgrade to a whole new client because it's making it easy for bot users to hack thescripts already implemented.
  20. has anyone noticed not one reply from any admin on any of the subjects so far in this thread how about bringing back the admins in game and then they can help put an end to the botting or at least help it go away for a bit . user here since 2006 on one or many diff servers the game has gone to heck as now the bots hold most of the top spots in rank and win most events as they can complete without a hitch perfect play so how is this fair at all to other real players well its not and from a player view of it all your allowing them to prosper at the expense of the real players , and then you wonder why your player base is leaving you like the game has the plague stop giving them slaps on the wrist and bann them totaly once and for all keep doing it until they are no more , that or get netter programmers mabey ones who know what they are doing as lag issues are form the botting programs not just DDOS attks . and as such if you actually play the game try playing near one of these botters it laggs your game hence they are the cause of the lag problems get on it and if you expect players to follow the rules of your terms of agreement then mabey follow them rules yourself and rid the game of the bots you as a game company are failing in your part of the contract and we as players are the ones dealing eiht your failures to provide a safe place to enjoy the game