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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Waaugh

    Waaugh User

    I wanted to get into the game but ran into ships that played without a player and fought way different from what we are able to do in the game.

    Its not fun to play against people who have access to things we dont and spending money for what others get for free for who they know is not going to happen.

    Fix it or sell it.
  2. why dont they sell a chip so you can bot like the pet does but have a time limit on it but only like lower maps this would allow me to get more kills lol i cant stand them
  3. AVIT

    AVIT User

    Its really annoying that they give us compensation vouchers ..People seem to forget that the botters also get these vouchers and thery are the cause of the problem .. they dont loose connection i bet either !
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  4. Kaylion

    Kaylion User

    The only cheat i've used in this game was "iwantrainbows" a few times. Just for lol.
  5. Can someone, anyone, do something about the bots on 3-8? They get boring.

    I mean, how difficult can t be to ID them, and kick them out forever.
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  6. i agree with you but after 5mins of play on yet a nother event on my day off from work connection gone im so sick of this
  7. AVIT

    AVIT User

    i drink beer ) lol

    Kill and ban all bots perm please DO TEAM .
  8. 2 days later still not connecting stip destroyed in 1-4 and no answers id pop the bots if i could get online ,makes you wonder if the xmas event will work last 3 ave been a nightmare to get online without problems
  9. Bigpoint can't even respond to its community let alone punish bot users. For years botters have walked all over this game whilst honest and hard working players still get unrewarded.
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  10. might aswell join em lol, there talk to you then m8 :p

    btw i am joking, get rid of botters period
  11. AVIT

    AVIT User

    i lost connection as soon as it started to rain lol . Hmmm
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  12. i went to have my sunday dinner now i cant connect again was looking forward to carrying on with event god knows why i should know better :p( no connection yet again
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  13. test020

    test020 User

    @AnimalLOU what do you mean with bigpoint shooting their own foot in the war with the robots back in that thread? they banned people that had some fame within the game that automated themselves? lol.
  14. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    don't forget about the trains in the bl maps come on you cant miss them
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  15. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    You don't have to be unable to believe it. If you have been regularly following the gamers on YouTube, you will come to one conclusion that one by one they disappeared, as if they "supposedly" got bored of the game and stopped playing it.. All of them? Keep in mind that back then the bans were permanent, not like now.. By any chance why did this thing change? ;) If you answer this question, it will become clear to you how things are.
    Back then everyone came out with a pretext that their account was hacked, there were big arguments, and eventually some of them got their accounts back, but they were sold later.. Back then there were more control, now it's a broken yard.. And I'm telling you this as a person who has experienced all of that back in 2011 :D
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  16. You would be wrong. Very few were banned for apps. They were banned for other things. The apps folks are so bad they have given up thats why there is no more Jackpot arena. The guy hit them so bad it was embarrassing.

    Currently they just went nuclear and started trains in maps. The fact that they allow account selling/sharing/trading is obvious as many top accounts have changed hands and have insane rank points.

    No one is doing 100 hades gates in a day. The stats page should be useful but no one really cares.

    They have not monitored or enforced the apps/tos since 2010
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  17. test020

    test020 User

    nanohull literally exists because some youtuber had recorded himself fighting other players while getting healing from gg spinner way back, some research says that many of them got banned by exploiting bugs when bp used to care :D
  18. This is getting out of hand with bots. From my understanding, you can now "buy rank" of etertnal blacklight rank event, you can buy 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. The sellers promise they can make it wave 400+ with special bot. So fair players don't even have chance to make it in the ranking anymore, others will just "buy" the spot.
  19. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    rank does not mean anything and hasn't for many years do to the bot issue that DO doesn't see as an issue or it would be gone. I look at as a very low self esteem, that you would cheat yourself in a game that your pretty much playing yourself. That said no one has cared about rank for many years only the new players for a short time.
  20. Just got hit by a cbs while using prismatic shield ability and was still hit for over 200k damage, the bug abuse in this game is ridiculous.
    Soon it will only be worth playing if you use a bot and all the bugs, make multiple accounts and play the ones when the others are ban and if you loose all accounts well just make more. The hundreds of liberators in 3-2 map in GA2 are proof BP only wants more accounts not necessarily more players.