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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Sure is a lot of bots still. Took a small break and skipped season 4 then came back to season 5 and there is just as may bot users now than there was before. Bigpoint clearly not even trying anymore to stop bots. Oh well easy 100 kills towards kill mission in 20 minutes a day I suppose!
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    "yup" the last ban was lifted and they are all back in full force. this is now a common occurrence, they ban them for a little bit, then let them back on and they start up again till the next ban. It seems to be a big part of the game now for cheaters.
  3. They need to bring back drone damage.
  4. 100% agreed. By taking away this in the first place they gave way to the bots making it the broken mess it is now.
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    Strange how this thread was only created in 2022o_O and all earlier threads [2015 - 2020] were archived! Bots have been here since 2011 maybe a bit earlier, what happened to that thread :confused:

    All i can say 100% is Bots are here to stay! AI is being pushed by all major Corporations', there is nothing we can do! I DON'T CONSENT TO BOTS!
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  6. Back when the new client came it was due to many players wanting "extras" that could not be implemented with old client. The more you have the more eyes you need or the more you ignore for the good of. Good of who? The players or the owners for the sake of money?
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  7. Are you referring to client version? I was not aware of actual changes per these "extras" you speak of.

    The idea of giving us a place to talk about it did not come until 2015. ;) Before that, the discussions were just shot down like those now outside this or the archived thread.
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  8. Before Skylab. boosters, unlimited ammo, unlimited ore as ships had a limit to what they could carry and many more "extras that could not be implemented on old client
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  9. lol I remember them saying "Its not possible in a browser based game"
    Proof was given, people in TS would all get murdered by the 'one config skillz' and we would note not being able to lock or damage the guy.

    They said it was impossible-- well where did jackpot battle go?
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  10. There were never any true hacks. People did however use exploits. Bigpoint likes to say that JPA was removed because of cheaters and the same people winning but the real reason is that they couldn't fund it anymore.

    In the past people abused bugs where you could have low cooldowns on instashields or use a tech item with no cooldown. Some people even had equipment bugs on their accounts such that they could carry more lasers or guns than permitted. No one was ever able to claim a jackpot prize using a bug though because support would actually investigate your account before paying. They didn't really want to pay so they'd make sure you weren't using bugs or glitches. Towards the end of JPA, a group of players just stopped caring and knew DO wasnt going to pay them, so they just exploited nonstop causing DO to have to reschedule JPA so often that they just decided to shut it down. That plus their servers being unable to handle it.
  11. What old client are you talking about?
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  12. Before Skylab. If you go to youtube you can see what old client looked like "that's when men were men and women were glad of it" Quote from the Three Stooges lol
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  13. So the old gaming interface. OK
  14. There was a bit more to what was used in the JPB. Some of us were there for that. And of course the other TOS violations.
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    the ban waves state as a warning ,it last for 3 days i think . If this game lasts to 2025 it will be a miracle with the current Bigpoint policy .Now it is all about bot and sell account and us real players just stop playing sadly .