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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Lol this is what I'm talking about, I made a post about someone who cheated 10.7bil honor in less than an hour, and it was removed. That's blatant support of cheating, hiding the facts. This is a MAJOR issue within this game.
  2. You would be incorrect.

    The fact that ****YOU**** get heat and banned for asking about or discussing the blatant violations is why people no longer play. I dont even bother anymore and just do a few gates or aliens. I cannot play against people who have drones changing, lasers changing, moving identical to certain gate aliens where you cannot lock them and then having the longest 10% hp tolerance for damage. They dont even try to hide it anymore. You see the ships running in maps all day and suddenly they are out performing like the player is sitting right next to the server.

    Then since occulus is here and my computer seems to have cache problems according to support I play squadrons in full 3d with no lag or issues in dogfighting. Pavlov and other games run fine and are insanely fun. DO is just now something I do while watching TV or something else. There is no real reward or reason anymore.

    I wonder who will buy the next top 10 account on our server? I mean its not allowed but they have changed states, countries and languages.
  3. So you disagreed with me, then agreed, then went on about something else?
  4. Bring back damage to drones. We have damage percentage displayed but yet no damage taken. Funny how bots come in ten fold and this function miraculously disappears. Would slow bots down considerably if their drones were destroyed.
  5. it won't change anything
  6. At least it would be some change rather than nothing.
  7. even if a bot loses a droid (which in itself is a very rare option), then it is not a problem for him to buy / assemble and upgrade it
    but for a beginner it is more difficult

    all the more, according to the user agreement, we (the players) are not entitled to demand a return to the previous conditions
  8. Drones shouldn't take damage, feature was mad glitched, people were losing drones before 50%. If DarkOrbit couldn't fix the bugs involving that for years they shouldn't have the feature. Not to forget you can have too many close calls when PvP'ing and lose them.
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  9. Nope I was pointing out why people quit. If there is no legitimate way to report cheating and there is a real effort to suppress any discussion or route to enforce TOS on the people who blatantly do it why pay any money? For some reason you have a much higher ban chance for asking why a player was able to fight 5 UFE ships and take no damage with a base hitting them than a guy pulling 10 billion rank in a few days. (Dont even look on sundays where they claim a player running hades 12 to 12 is normal)
  10. But I said it was a problem that they suppress us and support cheating that way, and you said I was incorrect.
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  11. Because its not quite what they do. They do not actually punish the rule breakers. They go after the people discussing it. If you note any post in the forums about any issue is quickly closed. No actual fix. If you are a part of the special crowd you get special treatment. Thats the problem with the game.

    Support treats us like 2 year old gum stuck on a shoe. I once had my card double billed for a mega happy hour purchase. I did get the 2 million uri but I didnt want that much at that time. I was told 'sorry nothing can be done pound sand'. BONUS I was told by 'Kara' that if I did a chargeback I would have my account blocked. Seriously.

    Oh but I was in a clan with a couple of mods. I had a gate lock up in the old client back in the day. My clan mates said 'just message support they will reset the gate they know about the lockups on the weekend'. Again support told me 'sorry we dont do that' THAT SAME DAY MY CLANMATE HAD HIS Y GATE RESTORED.

    I have had clan mates hacked and their accounts emptied and had watched the back and forth. For some reason support doesnt actually work for us. Currently my client if left running for a few hours will pop an error. No one knows what that is. I am pretty sure its the back page timing out as I am doing eternal gate waves and it pops up.

    TLDR: Regular long term players who paid money are not supported and thats why the game is in the condition its in. (See the Derek Smart customer support training program for developers)
  12. KOSKalvin

    KOSKalvin User

    Yes because what is the point in discussing cheats... it goes nowhere and you just get endless ranting which is useless and spam. Not productive, and a pain to moderate. It's a hell of a lot easier to close down a thread than deal with an exploit or whatever when its deeply ingrained in this game's existence/code.

    Payment issues are on an entirely different level than a simple gate reset. It's stated you can get a gate reset monthly. Payment is not.

    Also lol at "clan mates hacked", nah bruh they tried to sell their acc and got scammed, or shared their acc, and tried to cover for themselves. Maybe someone bruteforced their pass but that's very rare and a lot of effort to go through. You don't "get hacked" lmao.
  13. Why does a game even have rules, if they aren't going to enforce them? Hence the reason i have not played for almost 8 months after supporting the game with thousands of my dollars and they turn it into what ever you call what they have turned it into( I don't even have words for it)I won't ever support another bp game. Also will never play this game again,( could have sold my account several times but can't see myself even wanting to introduce anyone else I know to it) that's how disgusted I am with what they did and how they treat the people who tried to help by supporting them.
  14. The game has really let itself down due to the bots. I wish they would be dealt with already but the issue consistently persists. I don't know if laziness to attempt at challenging the bots or Bigpoint have given up trying to deal with them. So many full spartan accounts allowed to keep their accounts running 24/7 is allowed but the moment I come out of a GG I'm asked to partake in some suspicious activity box collection. You can tell the developers actively update the game and bring us events ect but why ignore a huge issue that burdens the player base?
  15. Why is there no cool down on leaving and joining a clan?
    Botters leave their clans so they can bot 24 hours a day without being attacked by the clans they are at war with from own company then they simply rejoin the clan at the weekend so they can take advantage of all the base boosters!!!!
    Put a 7 day cool down on rejoining a clan or something along those lines, why do botters have it easier than real players in this game for gods sake.
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  16. 7 Days is ridiculous, and they can't enforce such a feature without screwing over regular players, especially new players getting help from clans. On my server occasionally toss newbies around our clans giving them credits from each.
  17. 1 answer kill all bots they take advantage of us take advantage of them bots are not honest players and dark orbit do nothink so fill yer boots i say just becareful how many times u pop them before yer froends take there turn ...all bots need to be punished simple and a reply s i see in here says wat u are so pop pop all botts :))
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  18. Yes hacked. There was a rash of foolishness if you had played for a very long time that you may not have been exposed to. We had an email system no one asked for introduced. People fell for 'mods' sending emails and password change notices. There was also a wave of accounts getting hit. It happened its over. They now have warnings in place that were not there before. Its also why some items can no longer be sold as they would get in and sell everything and blow away the drones. Its not brute force. The game used to be even more insecure than it is now. It also was just a fun browser game you could play on an entry level machine. Now with all the stapled on additions you need a 'clear cache' there to play. Currently my game client crashes with a render error after a given amout of time. Its really cool in the eternal gate.

    TLDR Yes accounts were hacked in DO. They didnt sell accounts but lost their equipment.
  19. That doesn't even sound right since you can't give credit's anymore to players unless they have been in a clan for a while. Why does it sound so wrong, players with multiple account's that have more than one clan join the same clan during double gg so they can run all their own bot's 24/7 during it that's the reason players can't find a group to do like hades gate, cause the said player isn't even around they just have all their account's botting so no one around to even answer a whisper. Seems to be other reasons your against such a change? I mean isn't that what alliances are for or should they just take alliances out of the game also.
  20. Weird, was one of the most popular Forum users before I retired, still have some of the higher ratings in here. You're just upset I think logically.

    They get 5mil when they join. We send them around multiple clans and each gives them 5mil, and we give them advice on what to do, it's a helpful start. I also don't see people do the clan hopping for boosters as much, these days. Sure Allied clans offer it, but what's wrong with that? I did it and let Allies do it and we weren't botters. You can't just say "Throw everything out" when it affects casual legit players as well. Look at the seprom limit... Exploiters still have infinite sep, the rest of us can stack a wee bit and that goes pretty quickly. Look at the Diminishing rewards, I know someone who was bedridden due to surgery and couldn't sleep, and played all day and was told to find something else to do cause the game wouldn't let them earn anymore. Some new players get on in the morning, play all day, just to find out they are getting diminished rewards. There's a LOT of negatives to the changes people want, but they don't think about those, they just complain "bots this bots that". Actually use your heads when coming up with ideas.

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