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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Weird, was one of the most popular Forum users before I retired, still have some of the higher ratings in here. You're just upset I think logically.

    They get 5mil when they join. We send them around multiple clans and each gives them 5mil, and we give them advice on what to do, it's a helpful start. I also don't see people do the clan hopping for boosters as much, these days. Sure Allied clans offer it, but what's wrong with that? I did it and let Allies do it and we weren't botters. You can't just say "Throw everything out" when it affects casual legit players as well. Look at the seprom limit... Exploiters still have infinite sep, the rest of us can stack a wee bit and that goes pretty quickly. Look at the Diminishing rewards, I know someone who was bedridden due to surgery and couldn't sleep, and played all day and was told to find something else to do cause the game wouldn't let them earn anymore. Some new players get on in the morning, play all day, just to find out they are getting diminished rewards. There's a LOT of negatives to the changes people want, but they don't think about those, they just complain "bots this bots that". Actually use your heads when coming up with ideas.
  2. Have read and posted many replies regarding bots and I just don't see the point anymore . However, it is annoying that after grinding for so long to get to where I am now , Players are allowed to take short cuts . Dark Orbit should stop hiding behind this thinly veiled policy of banning bots and provide a game sanctioned bot script for all players to use without fear of losing their acct. HELL , at this point they could probably make some money just selling bot scripts of different levels in the shop. Then you could come home from work and have millions of uri and focus on honing your PvP skills. There are many players out there who have formidable PvP skills.Yet , they're just too lazy to put in the work to build a strong ship(s). It's hard (but not impossible) to battle with evenly matched players .Either there cheating and pop you with a few shots or you out match them too easily. Only once in a while do I battle with someone who is an even match and it seems like a fair fight. (That's Fun!) When both of your ships are low on HP and one mistake costs you the battle or wins you the battle.
    The bots (for better or worse) are here to stay . I can deal with that. Let's get rid of the exploits that make PvP too lop sided . I can handle losing to a better player , if I could be sure he/she was not cheating .
  3. I just don't get the argument that people can't build their ships or hone their skills cause of bots... I did, I had a near UFE ship before I switched servers, only bought premium. I ran over people who were said to be great numerous times. And I played and still play, on a touchpad. My original laptop wasn't even meant for gaming, this one isn't either, I just got it cause my old one was shot. People need to stop saying they're being held back by these things and just do. It's not hard, I built 2 ships up doing it.
  4. You gave one reason and i solved that reason in an instant! So where are your other reasons? Because if you dont have any more then it just proves you talk crap.
    Im not ranting at all im waiting for ALL your reasons why a 7 day cooldown would not work......tic...tok...tic....tok

    You mentioned one reason about new players needing credits so they clan hop and take credits from multiple clans! That is NOT even a game mechanic it is simply a loophole to get around the fact DO limited the amount of credits which can be given! I thinki it is you who simply has no clue and wants everything your way.

    So come on im waiting for more reasons from your "brilliant" mind LMAO
  5. I think you BOTH are missing the point.

    1- The bots are here to stay (complaining and posting is not solving the problem)
    2-I don't care if someone can jump around from clan to clan to get credits(as long as they actually play themselves)
    3-Name calling and insults are non productive.
    4-It's the principal of the thing.

    What I want ,is to see players adhere to the old school values of playing and advancing legitimately .Many of us long time players have sat behind our keyboards playing for hours , if not days to stay competitive.(when rank mattered) NOW , anyone can use a script and build up an acct. without putting in the work.(the powers that be , just look the other way)
    And to ME , THAT is an insult . A slap in the face and contrary to standard game protocols and etiquette .
    And the fact that this IS just game makes it mind boggling that people would go to such extremes (cheats )to win.
    How would you like it if some no talent idiot was hired where you work and even though YOU were the better employee , he/she started at a higher pay , was your boss and less qualified than you.(and that , at least , would be a REAL concern)

    Personally , I think this game has passed beyond the event horizon of this black hole called Dark Orbit and there is little or nothing that is going to change. I actually spend more time here sharing my opinions than playing the game. I didn't play for two days and went down in rank from basic major to chief captain. And it didn't bother me as much as it might have in the past.(oh well) I'm still the same player with the same ship and I'm just as strong as I was two days earlier .(no difference)
    Only time will tell if this game will ever again embrace the old school values and bring integrity back .

    If you guys want to attack each other , do it on the space map .
    HERE, we should try and show a little unity and comradery . A divided customer base will not give D.O. any incentive to implement any changes.
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  6. Most rank concerns should be with the people using exploits and not the bots right now. I'm getting fed of with seeing people gain billions of honor each week. Especially the guy who gained 10.7bil in 30 mins and didn't get banned.

    I didn't attack anyone, dude is blind to what others say, just look at other interactions with him, said I was incorrect about something, then REPEATED what I said, I brought that to his attention, then said I was wrong again and REPEATED it again. Something is wrong with him lol. And meeting him in the maps would result in him accusing me of cheating when I 1 fig him with each encounter :rolleyes:
  7. Its because you missed the point. I stated you were incorrect because the issue a lot of us had was with the company banning and punishing *US* for saying anything. Supporting cheating and letting bots/special players is one thing. Dropping the hammer on paying regular players is the strangest business plan I ever saw. For example: Years back in the old client my wife who taught elementary school was playing with me in the game. We were doing a halloween event. She said "Aw crap" and recieved I kid you not a 30 day ban. This was during a wonderful weekend of one of my clanmates getting hassled in chat all night by a special group of players making all kinds of horrific insults. None were banned. We found out over time there just wasnt any weekend mods or support working.

    Trying to get any help on it was frustrating and degrading. Support told her that if she asked about it again they would ban her. That pattern followed to my account later as I had them double charge me and tell me if I backcharged they would ban my account.

    TLDR Support doesnt help us only some and you can see it in the forum as you will see posts 'player hasnt responded to issue anymore closing post' so we get no resolve but its all good rinse and repeat. Shut up and pay us
  8. I'm gonna throw in my opinion about bots. Also hi, returning player after curious to see how DO is doing after Flash died in December. Not much changed except for a new set of weapons released even stronger than the Enhanced LF-4 (no surprise there.)

    A quick TL:DR - Bots like killing players or Aliens are annoying, having to kill bots off of cubes or so and get hit with a 'Pushing" warning is very dumb.
    The only Bots I'd approve is just the Palladium Bots in 5-3, seriously. Because who wants to spend the next 5-6 hours clicking on rocks by a exchange rate of 15:1? No one does, Palladium Bots in my opinion aren't an issue.

    In terms of bots killing Aliens or Players are very much a nuisance, especially since there are nights I'd like to kill a Cubikon, only to have some botting players leech it and with very little I can do. At this point I just leech their cubes in return anyways. The Uridium gain is slower but again, what can you do? Others being the ones chasing after certain enemies in a priority to kill it before anyone else does, but quite annoying to try to kill since all they do is run to safety the moment an enemy gets in range or shoots them. You won't believe the amount of struggle I had just against 1 single Goliath Player constantly running as soon as i get near, whether cloaked or Ultimate Cloaked in a Spearhead ship.

    Those also able to attack players with very little issue are also quite the problem but fortunately can be exploited to avoid being killed and retaliate if necessary. I myself haven't been killed by a Botter, or at least I hope so. Killing a botter unfortunately is actually tougher than it needs to be but that's how it is. But at least they're easy kills so if I need a quest that requires an enemy player to be killed, I can complete it rather easily. However those using bots like Auto Lock or so, yeah, quite a huge nuisance. Sadly don't think not much can be done with that.

    Certain bots like Bonus Boxers or Resources like Palladium. Honestly, not much of a big issue for me, here's why. Who wants to collect 5000+ Palladium for the next 5-10 hours? I bet not even the Devs or Administrators would want to either. Palladium for EEs its effective but man does it take so long to get plenty. Obviously very slow too if you use a Citadel as well even with the resource collector on a PET 10. With 5-3 being MUCH more peaceful, the chances of you getting shot just for grabbing Palladium has never been so much more lower than ever. Back then in 2012 hunting Palladium was such a hassle when Pirate maps were released a few months ago, i had to be having someone keeping guard of me so I don't get popped so easily. Nowadays if I was a weak ship like Nostromo or a non FE Vengeance, I'd have zero issue making my way to 5-3 to pally peacefully.

    Will they be taken care of? With what everyone else is saying, yeah likely not. I don't believe DO will take out the botters, if they do, fairly sure they'll lose 90% of the players currently active. I've seen players who are active for real, before they start botting in maps like X-6 or X-7, or heck, even in 5-2/5-3. I think its inevitable, because certain stuff is just too much of a hassle to do for the next 5-6 hours. In such as Palladium Farming for example. Unless you mean to tell me you like doing that stuff, you must have too much time on your hands. If Botting were to become Okay for Palladium, yeah count me in to support that. You might think why, well just refer to my question again, who wants to Pally farm for the next 5 hours? Yeah not me, and sure you can say for less than an hour, but wow that is slow Extra Energy farming then. Fairly sure there's faster ways right now, Like buying Uridium or using events and such, but Palladium seems effective still.

    To me seems DO hardly care about what players think, because heck, even trying to report a bot is useless as they can possibly BAN you just for reporting it, how nice DO Staff, a real report with potential evidence and yet you wanna ban us for doing what's right? Nice, how perfect.
  9. In general I tend to agree with most of your statements. No one enjoys spending so much time farming palladium. However , botters have a distinct advantage over players who do not use bots. That's why I would advocate a D.O. sanctioned bot to level the playing field.
    Even though bots are prevalent , I still will not risk using one.
    1- The risk of possibly losing an acct. I have had for so long is unacceptable. Even if many botters seem to go unpunished .
    2- I am unable to trust an unknown source and possibly download a script containing some kind of malware. (not worth the risk)
    3- I don't believe their use is in line with old school values.

    I too have learned to adjust my game play in lieu of the bot pandemic. It's the new norm. I will not compromise my values just to keep up with the cheats.(not my style) Like I have said before , IT'S JUST A GAME! I would not feel any sense of accomplishment or pride in having to cheat to win. Maybe , this is the only way for lowlifes to boost their self esteem . Making up for what they lack in real life. No matter what opinions anyone may have , it all boils down to two options, continue to play or don't. I choose to continue to play in a limited fashion(when there's nothing on T.V.) I log in daily for the bonuses (which suck btw) and check forum to view posts and add my comments to the mix.
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  10. I still get the feeling knowing DO, it will be something like a $15 a month and pay for more options type of bot. And it won't work like half the game lol.
  11. YOU ARE RIGHT ! Guess I must have bumped my while posting that reply:confused::confused:.
  12. come on guys this is supposed to be a pvp game, not a player verus a bot game, which it is at the minute,
    remember when DO said they would launch the client and no more bots, lol what a joke, theres more now than ever,,,
  13. On the contrary, "no more bots" - it is currently happening !!

    DO inserted a captcha within the loggin window, so bots are no more able to loggin.

    Unfortunately, normal players are not able to loggin either :D:D !!
    This is due to very long time required to get through the captha code process. It may take dozens of minutes, even hours.

    [​IMG]80692220, FluPlague_MCPK, GE6.
  14. loads of botters still in x-4 maps on my server. Funny how the top ten player whom I'm at war with won't shoot me back when I shoot at them. Pathetic action taken from Bigpoint as usual on the bots.
  15. Yeah BP seems to like to drive their good paying customers for a bunch of bot's who by premium each month.
  16. Yeah idk wth you're even talking about, I see bots and I haven't gotten a single captcha when logging in. And I do the process multiple times a day to clear cache lol.


    hmm,not on the us server(east3) yet,but it wont matter because once a player logs in they can activate thier bot.
  18. I don't get a Captcha when I log in .
  19. The bots are now taking over the servers and no action taken against them what so ever. So many broken features in this game.
  20. Once again I watched the rank from major to Captain fall in one afternoon.
    Thank you all the MMO botters on GA2.

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