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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Why bring out Spaceball and pvp events when the 24/7 bot users take even more advantage by using auto locking mechanics? This game is getting out of hand. Nobody legit can compete properly when Bigpoint let bots run amok.
  2. I honestly haven't played for a year now at least and i bet take away the bot's ability's and i would still wipe the map with them, they can even keep all the new equipment to use against me cause they are nothing players without their cheats.
  3. surprised this is still going lol... think of this company as do as we say and not as we do... i posted a few times about them breaking there own T&C's they dont care about anything lmao would surprise me if every (new) update is just a re skin of the last update the developers are pathetic for letting this continue and the forum mods are just as bad for not doing a thing about it.. all it would take is for them to agree that its wrong.. but they wont
  4. The game is a broken mess, but yet the bots still thrive. I have never known a game developing company be so useless when it comes to addressing the main issues of their game. Darkorbit is truly the epitome of poor management and sheer negligence when it comes to its player base. Can't even enjoy Spaceball without auto lockers in 4-4 instantly locking you and yet the maps remain empty of any moderators or developers witnessing how bad the hackers are. I hope they seriously sell this game to someone who can look after its players better.


    the chinese baught it,theirs your answers...

    lmao,you guys blantently ignore this problem,thet talkin in chat all day long about 9 i havent been on in a couple months but my ship has) what i miss, or or,,, he left DLC to zombie with no kills, really ?.

    im looking into this in germany legaly wise.
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  6. AVIT

    AVIT User

    lmao ,this thread was created 6 yrs ago in 2015 ,, still nothing has been done and has got worse since then .. now hardly anyone actually plays . and the new dispatch thing is a nail in the coffin .. peeps will just bot more as its cheaper to do so than use the dispatch .
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  7. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    It's embarrassing... You got them autolockers in 4-4 during spaceball killing their own companies. Sigh.
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  8. what r u going to do about the boters r u going to fix it ; 11yrs and still we have boters just fix it u can i know and lots of players will come back
  9. more chance of finding gold at the end of a rainbow then this company actually caring about its player base..
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  10. Carlson & Peters!
  11. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    no cure for this cheater, we are the only victim here who never going to bot. hopeless...
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  12. Yeah same here the game is unenjoyable and has been since the arrival of the bot's, been over a year since i played and i refuse to until they fix the game. Even if they were to fix the game it would have to be something real big before i ever gave them another penny.
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  13. Would be nice for a complete overhaul of the ranks system. Bigpoint lets away with so many people using bots and on all counts they need bot licenses to run these bots. People keep coming here to voice their opinions and yet no one from the dev team can address this situation, just sheer laziness and lack of player support. Ranks are so broken that bot users are pushing away any chance of competing in ranks and yet nothing is ever done nd eternal rankings are so ridiculous that the top 5 ranking users are usually top botters on my server.

    Also why does Bigpoint penalise these bot users with honour reduction rather than banning their accounts? Good thing this company isn't a government because they would be letting criminals run amok.
  14. Seems to me that you just have to make some purchases and they are ok with whatever you want to do, i spent lots of money and was patient with support when they has some major problems with my account and what did i get from mods in discord well i got perma ban once and i asked them to allow me back and when they did all i had to do was make a sarcastic statement to someones post about the bot's and got me perma ban again.
    Same as always abuse the legit and protect the bot's.
    Won't be surprised at all if my post is deleted because i speak out lately about leaving solid legit players like myself with a major account hung out to dry, they don't care if we are interested in coming back as they don't want any player that speaks out against bot's.
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  15. lol bots are the least of you're troubles now they have bots that follow main ships and fight what the main ship shoots/fights lmao not guna lie looks insane ...just close the game already until unity is here or ban everyone :)
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  16. ran into one of these bot groups. 5 orcus (from the same clan) flying in perfect sync and slaughtering mindfires
    they caught me trying to 'borrow' one of their mindfires - one shot and i was space dust
    i think this is an escalation that DO need to get on top of quickly (if that doesn't conflict with their business model)
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  17. Bibulus

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    Its easy, keep your wallet shut.
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  18. There must be a sale on them as i quit for over a year come back to try getting some equipment so not to be left in the dust if they ever do ban them, but all i see is more of them i mean is everyone using cheats and it's just me that plays legit lmao cause that's what it looks like to me.
    I also wonder if they ever do think of actually banning them to clean up the game are they gonna give them all a heads up like hey we will be banning bot's from here on in that way they can all keep their botted accounts?
  19. they will never ban the bots,, all they care about is money.................
    the de3v team are a joke....... people say think out the box,,,,,,,, DO dont even have a box............. pathetic
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  20. evve1

    evve1 User

    Strange things in 4-4. My Logbook probably does not lie anyway. I do not break the rule by asking DO to check my log. I have followed "these" ... and shot them down then after long moments with the same following "pattern". They also return with rocket speed and fully healed. I was probably lucky that they were not so "present" themselves ... so to speak.

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