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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    There are behavioral characteristics of bots / cheats, I don't understand why BigPoint does not employ methods of detection that target these behaviors.
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  2. The advantages they enjoy , are the Dark Orbit team being unable or unwilling to do anything about it .

    Yet , just yesterday I saw a thread that was closed and the reason givin was the OP was insulting the staff.

    I was surprised because I got the impression they barely even look at most posts.
    The insults , however unconstructive they may be , come from loyal players frustrations ,who see one of their favorite games going down hill .
    Instead of closing the thread , they should be here apologizing for their incompetance and making extra efforts to fix the issuse that repeatedly keep coming up. I myself have created many threads in which I appropriately commented on problems , yet STILL nothing has been done . And then they're indignant when people insult them.

    Did you (DO staff )ever stop to think that maybe it's US , the real , honest players who have the RIGHT to feel insulted .
    The emotion YOU should be feeling , is SHAME , for not fixing these problems.
    The new client is awfull , the events are lame , bots have taken over and in the land of Dark Orbit it's business as usual . If that's not reason enough for a few insults , I don't know what is .
  3. Your last sentence implies you are cheating. Is this a typo?
  4. I believe he's saying he will continue to complain, and the day the devs fix cheats, he will leave the complaints behind.
  5. I will say it again. I had not done a delta in a while. What is really funny is the movement that the aliens in that gate which is different from other aliens matches dead on the movement of the 'skilled players'. Note the wild jerky movements that are not possible for us. The 'other browser' seems to have a better connection than we do.

    The drone glitches they know about and share never get fixed. The extra slot abilities are not cool. Sorry No you are LYING IF YOU CLAIM ITS NOT REAL. I had a player well known in the game on our ship kill list show me the glitched config and demo the damage numbers.

    The game still has not been fixed. I only farm quests now. Its not fun anymore to fight computers and players using abilities I cannot buy on a legit account.

    What I would like is for DO to let us know what app we can use to hold rank legit and play safely with no issues of getting account banned like the high rank players getting 40 million rank points in a few days.
  6. This morning whilst I was hunting I came across a variety of bot users. The main bots I was shooting was pretty much typical, shoot once and they head to the port without retaliation. Now what is really interesting is how you mentioned characteristics which this morning I did come across what I believed to be a bot user but had a different code to everyone else. This player seemed to have a detection script of some sorts because no matter how close I tried to get they would be out of range and heading to port.

    I don't understand why the developers don't just come in the game and see for themselves.
  7. That's pretty standard, there are a few bots out from my understanding, and a lot of them tend to use the option to run when enemies hit the map for them. Which we all know has a decent range before we see them.
  8. Nothing ever done with this ever growing bot crises. Bipoint say they do these bot ban waves but I see little evidence that it is doing anything to these bot users. I bet the developers don't even discuss about the bots when they're in their corporate briefings.
  9. ok look, bots always use a certain pattern when doing npc
    Nobody wants the bots in the maps
    we all know exactly who the botters are
    i propose a new type of rocket which when fired at a player will warp that player to a type of prison map where they will need to perform certain tasks in order to be released from this map.
    So..if a ship has been npc botting and following certain patterns then that ship will begin to glow green for example (or whatever colour)
    Once glowing this then enables that ship to have a teleportation missile fired at it which will remove that ship from the map and place it in the prison map or wherever.
    This will allow the players themselves to remove the botters from their maps.
    At to this what ever you like but the general idea of being able to warp the botters into a prison map might work.
    Its highly unlikely that genuine real players will be able to mimic the precision movements of a bot thus preventing a real player from glowing green.
    It can be based on time spent in the map, pattern used when doing npc, amount of npc destroyed, number of times portal jumped, are they in a clan and so on...

    One of the main issues with the bots is that we can not clear them from our own maps if they are not in a clan as we lose honour for destroying them so allow us to warp them out of the maps instead.
  10. the current bot verification system works like this
    but ... just look at the maps
  11. i think to be honest fix rest game issues like they are they must have big list and get game unity up and running 1st.when this is done make a new script to catch the auto fighters with there loc thingy and 1 for the botters as all events theres loads and it is hard for rest us to do much so we get fed up and log out.BUT this time give no warning if or when or wat a bot has to do ,collecting cargo is easy so they get away with it,i was thinking somethink like we know u are a bot so therefore a challenge of doing erm to map 2-3 pop 1 morden collect 1 box then goto 4-5 kill 1 lorki then fly to x8 map and mine yourself 1 time then another map with a task then log out and to enter game u have to put a code in to play .a honest player would ave no issues doing this yet a botter would have to be there for at least 7 mins as i timed my idea and there are no excuses...dont get me wrong hope it not my idea but somethink they dont tell you about and just do it in background without any and cs do say no cheating so a warning isnt needed and these so called liers would have no excuses .....:))happy hunting bot hunters kill them all x......<<<<<hope this gets back to dark orbit team ideas help make our game fairer
  12. During this event I left my ship in the middle of 1-5 with PET on guard mode in order to complete letting the enemy damage your ship objectives.
    After a few minutes I was surrounded by a round wall and got a message that I was behaiving suspiciously . It instructed me to collect the red boxes to prove I was a live person.
    It was the first time I have seen any attempts to curb the use of bots and I have to say I was actually somewhat pleased with having to verify my presence. For one brief moment I thought there may be hope for this game yet.
    Unless the botters find a way to defeat this.
    It was a minor inconvenience that I would gladly put up with as long as it doesn't interfere with my actuall game play.

    You can't arm players with ammo(rockets) to send bots anywhere . Thats not our job or responsibility , it's DO's.
    That would mean anyone could send anyone else to your " prison map " on a whim and that would be wrong on so many levels it's not even funny.
    As a REAL player I reserve the right to pop bots at my discretion. But what you propose is wrong.
    Now , If you were to have a moderator patroling the maps ,lets call them the D.O.P.D. , In one of those saucer type ships I used to see way back when , then THEY would have the authority to observe , test , and sanction players which did not verify themselves .
    Players could not be trusted not to abuse that type of ammo(rocket) and harrass real players they don't like.
  13. That's god damn terrible idea... I've seen some bad bot idea but jesus christ that's awful.

    That aside, lets be real people, if you wanna save this game banning the botters is not the way anymore, they took too long. The player base will drop below 10% if there are not bots, the games just not fun in PvE has always been bad, which is why I only stuck to gates and PvP. Getting rid of PvP in this game (Which is the only lively thing it has and was the intended purpose regardless of what BugPoint wants to so now) is what kills it, and banning all the big ships gets rid of people for us to PvP. Due to the virus I've had plenty of time to see at my new laptop and PvE and it's killing me Mentally. It's no joke how god awful this game is, just some plain normal trash maps from early 2000s, boring missions with no real story, no purpose to the missions, just "Kills lots of the same boring NPC" like come on. The game has no future at that rate. The only thing DO needs to do is ban exploiters, ban pvp cheats, and ban scummy players. They lost their chance to remove bots.
  14. I have been awake since 3am this morning on GB2 server. I went to various maps to cube and hunt ect and it's appalling that there are still dozens of bot users taking advantage of this game. Why is there is no stringent checks in the early hours of the morning. I am now sitting in 5-3 with palladium bots flooding the maps. I think it's quite audacious that the game constantly asks for microtransactions and yet the developers are still letting people excel with bot programs. If I wasn't shooting bots off cubes at the early hours of this morning, these bots would have ended up with £20 worth of uri and that alone is putting the average player at a huge disadvantage.
  15. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Be careful you will get banned for shooting bots:confused:
  16. The sad truth is that this; God forbid is probably true.
  17. It is, lol, pop bots and you get banned for pushing.
  18. Shooting enemy players is NOT pushing. How do I know they're bots . Since Dark Orbit allows them to play , then they MUST be legitimate players (RIGHT) Otherwise Dark Orbit would have removed those accts.(BANNED THEM) If THEY can't determine who's a bot , then who are they to penalize us for shooting them. Pushing implies that you are gaining unwarranted rewards but, rewards on repeat kills are diminished to "0" , so how does that qualify. If I am not getting any rewards for the kill , then it CAN'T be qualified as pushing.
    I , as a REAL PLAYER , reserve the right to shoot any enemy ship which crosses my path or otherwise interferes with my goals or game play.
    If they were to ban anyone for shootiung bots , then that would imply and prove that they (Dark Orbit) know who the bots are.
    Which would negate any excuses for not banning THEM in the first place. I will NOT be intimidated by the underwhelming majority of illegal programs. Dark Orbit and TEAM have NO moral high ground to stand on . I will continue to play and KILL or BE KILLED by whomever I please.
    "And that's all I have to say about that" (Forrest Gump)
  19. I didn't say I believe in the system just that, it's pushing in this game. Hell, there's a known issue that players will suicide to the same player over and over and over again, to get them push banned for rank purposes or out of hatred for the player. And DO won't fix it if it happens, you either risk the push ban, or die by not defending yourself and being a laughing stock. It's a major issue in this game.

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