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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Is this the latest cheat, I'm on the pve sever you have a red glow in pvp mode. 3 players no glow attacking a base and then 1 player with kill count attacking red glow players but they had no glow.
  2. It appears that the B.O.T. situation may have grown very quickly to a near out-of-control status.
    Not just a bot or two roaming around, but many bots that seem to be in their own group so where one goes the others follow AND they are all able to be attacking one ship for a huge damage hit.

    It is far past time to get the bot situation under control.
    Eliminate the bot condition.
    Eventually, any income from bot owners will dry up when most of the non-bot users leave the game.
  3. it seems that bigpoint has no interest in applying there terms of use with tyet again theese new bots that fly in a pack and all shoot at the same time its appauling to say the the least ive been here 14 years spent a ton of money on the game this is not right ...Ozzy

    i totally agree
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  4. thebrat

    thebrat User

    Just go to x-6 and watch all the bots fly in unison and camp the cubikons, It's so obvious that they are not real players, yet BP won't do [REMOVED]. 10 years + and bots are still 80% of the playerbase. Dead game and it's gonna get even deader with this level of neglect
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  5. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    cheater gaining rank, level up quickly. look at them at BL, cubikons and PIRATE map GA4.
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  6. I don't know what happened on Nov 1st but the bots just tripled. The 2-7, 2-6, 5-2 and 5-3 maps on the US1 server went crazy with them. The rule breakers obviously have no fear of reprisal on this game.
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  7. you don't understand these things I think a lot!
    Definitely a lot of people use hacks and automated programs to play which caused many of the typical and regular players to retire and after the reduction of the population in the game they united what they did with the servers to have more visible players on the maps. But not long after that and it didn't work and another huge mass of people withdrew from the game.
    And so it comes to the point where the question is how to save the game and attract new additions when there are no people in it. Well the solution is not from yesterday just add bots that mimic people in the game to simulate a population because it absolutely dead a long time ago and it's not just in this game find out.

    I will be absolutely surprised if there are more than 100-150 real players in my server, well, the other 200 are auto. The stories of friends amaze me how out of 10,000 players years ago in each server, and they are more than a dozen die, it is completely unreal ...
    100,000 daily players is a huge loss, and you can guess how to get there yourself. In modern games and absolutely the same. When it comes to a hell of a lot of money, the solution is only one: the use of illegal programs and tools becomes mandatory.
    Thats is the real industry now for each game at market you know
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  8. Or they could attract more players again by cleaning up the bot's and sell things for the game like premium and boosters but all the other garbage like buying uri should be lowered by 95% and free boosters for event's when you purchase the BP cause why should players buy the BP and also have boosters and other garbage to help out in the event that must also be purchased.
    Those days are long gone for BP for me if i login again after my premium runs out i will just do daily's if that and log out leave the rank to bot's (Sounds like fun having p.c. run 24/7 for a game only a hand full of players play anyways lmao).
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  9. the players that use the train bot is annoying they can pop you or your base is seconds, this is an ultimate failure of darkorbit.
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  10. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Trying to understand the mindset of BP is like having bees live in your head. But there they are.

  11. Just show's you how close the game is to closing down game allows bot's, cheat's, multiple account's on at the same time the game is desperate to gain any amount of money from anyone stupid enough to spend. Cheers
  12. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    Ya! so sad that this kind player for so many years still exist.. Please eradicate this cheaters .
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  13. It seems someone doesn't like my honest feedback in the feedback thread for the new "plus" ships where I detailed how cheating players will steal these new ships.

    These cheating players already have millions of stolen uridium built up in their accounts which they will use to build gates and hire retrievers to now steal the diametrion as well as pay the initial uridium cost per ship they want to get, especially as there will be future releases of other "plus ships" now.

    No doubt they have a lot of stolen IAC built up as well from their botting on invokes to steal the resource to build eternal CPU's to have a chance of obtaining IAC when they are destroyed in the gate.

    They will also have obtained IAC from exchanging battlepass keys that they will have stolen botting their way through objectives and exchanged for IAC, gate energy, modules etc. Stolen uridium used to buy the battlepass too.

    With the amount of galaxy gates these cheating players steal week after week, they will now steal tens of thousands of diametrion because you let them cheat and steal.

    Come Monday 15th November 2021, I wonder how many cheating players will be botting in the maps in the Goliath Plus ship after spending the next few days building and botting galaxy gates and hiring retrievers with stolen gate energy/uridium/permits... :(

    So for the people at the company little pointless blissfully burying their heads in the ground of denial, how long will you allow these 99% of cheating players to permanently benefit from their cheating/stealing providing them with a clear unfair advantage over the less than 1% of non-cheating players left in the game?

    This game has become so excessively labour intensive and excessively overpriced with ridiculous amounts of resources required to be farmed to assemble a variety of items, some of said resources are only available during prime time hours and during certain events when most of us are at work and have life in general to get on with, while the cheating players are botting during these hours and stealing such resources in their tens of thousands enabling them to assemble, steal, items.

    1: Stealing uridium and galaxy gate energy to build gates and steal their rewards.
    2: Stealing uridium to hire retrievers to steal the new alloys for the new rocket launchers and to continue stealing the alloys and uridium for the upgrades while letting them keep these stolen rocket launchers.
    3: Botting on invokes to steal the resource to build eternal CPU's where there is a chance of obtaining IAC when they get destroyed in the eternal gate.
    4: Botting their way through objectives during events stealing the rewards from objectives inclusive of battlepass keys which can be exchanged for galaxy gate energy and IAC among other items that are ultimately stolen.
    5: Stealing ships/drones/designs, lasers, shields, rocket launchers, upgrades, drone formations, PET's/designs, cheating and stealing their way to a superior level of strength for their ships and PET's which they get to keep and permanently benefit from providing them with a clear unfair advantage over non-cheating players at all times especially where their stolen uridium and other stolen resources are enabling them to assemble such items and upgrade them.
    6: Botting galaxy gates including event gates, LoW gate, and no doubt botting eternal gate now too.

    When will the people at little pointless stop blissfully burying their heads in the ground of denial and implement at a proper punishment and permanent repeating sanction on the accounts of these cheating players?

    1: Delete all ships/designs.
    2: Delete all drones/designs/formations.
    3: Delete all types of lasers.
    4: Delete all types of shields.
    5: Delete all rocket launchers.
    6: Delete all ship modules.
    7: Delete all booty keys.
    8: Delete all ammo and rockets.
    9: Delete all log disks.
    10: Delete all alloys for rocket launchers.
    11: Delete all types of achievements/records.
    12: Delete all experience, honour and rank points - reset to zero.
    13: Delete all uridium.
    14: Delete all credits.
    15: Delete all types of equipment.
    16: Delete all types of other resources.
    17: Delete all booster time.
    18: Delete all gate energy.

    Stolen uridium, stolen credits, stolen resources in general have enabled these cheating players to obtain all the above.

    This "permanent repeating sanction" will involve deleting 100% of EVERYTHING once every 4 months, or you can do it once every 6 months given how 99% of players now cheat, but given that you have a "dedicated team" to deal with the cheating, so you claim, then they should be able to do this once every 4 months.

    This will prevent cheating players from permanently obtaining and benefiting from a superior level of strength for their ships and PET's.

    This will prevent cheating players from stealing and maintaining ranks.

    Set a permanent sanction on the accounts of cheating players where they permanently receive at least a 75% reduction in rewards for EVERYTHING, rising to 95% if they continue to cheat on such accounts.

    This will bring back fairness and balance to the game and stop these cheating players from ever being able to cheat and steal their way to a superior level of strength for their ships and PET's.

    This current pathetic lenient "non-punishment" of deducting 30% of points and 30% of specific resources while they keep 70% of said resources and points, while stealing more and continuing to steal all resources in general, is not working and is not providing a workable deterrent.

    These cheating players essentially get to keep 100% of everything they have stolen providing them with a clear and unfair advantage over non-cheating players, especially in strength for their ships and PET's which they unfairly permanently benefit and prosper from.

    If these cheating players do not like losing 100% of EVERYTHING from their accounts once every 4 or 6 months, then tough, it is the price you must now pay for cheating.

    There is a simple solution though - start a new account and NEVER cheat.

    Plus at little pointless, you are desperate for active players as you have constantly introduced excessively expensive items and things have become excessively labour intensive to obtain small amounts of resources of which ridiculous amounts of such resources are required to assemble items.

    You have essentially priced millions of regular small spending players out of the game and have made things excessively labour intensive while cheating players steal everything and in excessively large amounts and permanently benefit and prosper as a result despite your claim this will not happen yet the truth and reality is, this is what happens because you refuse to delete 100% of EVERYTHING from the accounts of cheating players.

    A few years ago now you permanently banned all these cheating players and the botting was stopped.

    However, these cheating players spend money on the game and you lost a lot of revenue that you are desperate for now more than ever due to dwindling population numbers.

    So it is not a case of you not being able to stop the botting, you just have no intention of stopping the botting because cheating players still spend money on the game.

    The reason for dwindling population numbers is because everything in the game has become excessively labour intensive and excessively expensive and the majority of players do not have the time or the money to spend on your ridiculously overpriced game currency and other overpriced packages that offer minuscule amounts of items.

    It is because of this that 99% of players now cheat.

    Due to the loss in revenue, you lifted the bans on these cheating players and let them back in the game with 100% of everything they had already stolen and to this day they are still in the game cheating and permanently benefiting from it.

    I know you will never permanently ban/delete the accounts of cheating players because they spend money on the game and you are desperate to preserve this revenue, which is why you will most likely never implement the above sanctions even though they are a logical and fair way of dealing with the cheating players to put a stop to them from permanently benefiting from their cheating like they currently do, especially in a superior level of strength for their ships and PET's.

    You are in violation of your own T&C's by not enforcing what you claim you will do to the cheating players, like the deletion of their accounts for repeated offences, yet the same cheating players can been seen cheating in one form or another week after week, month after month, year after year, because you want to keep them in the game spending what money they do spend.

    This continues to make things unfair and brings unbalance to the game and adds to the reasons why millions of non-cheating regular small spending players have quit the game over the years since 2010 when the cheating started and became the cancer in the game that the cheating has been allowed to become ruining the game for us non-cheaters.

    So here's the deal...

    Implement the above sanctions on the cheating players or I go to the eu commission with the case that I have spent the last 6 years building.

    As you refuse to be proactive with the cheating, refuse to properly punish the cheating players as outlined above, refuse to enforce your own T&C's, then I will bring in outside forces to do it for you.

    I have an extensive legal background in the music industry and corporate law, so you are fully aware now of what I can and will do.
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  14. You might want to check how people are getting all the latest equipment on their ships without even playing the game. Seems certain players of a particular group are getting all the best parts for theirs ships without ever doing anything.
    This also happened a long time ago when someone hacked an admin control panel and was able to equip players ships with anything they wanted.
    Seems this has been going on again now for some time, not sure how they are doing it this time though.
    Check peoples accounts and see how they have got all the best modules for their ships, level 20 lasers and shields and go from there.
    Someone is definitely hacking bigpoint/DO and supplying all this stuff for a small fee.
  15. It's funny that they wouldn't even know it, probably cause they are just milking the game.
    Can't you tell by all the cheats going on, there seems to be no control over cheaters as long as they spend money.
    Legit players in the past were just put into the pasture to graze while cheats supposedly give them more players for missions guess us players didn't think it would be the new norm for DO but it is anyone with top accounts all cheat have been for years at least they don't follow BP's T&C and this has been pointed out several times while BP turns the other cheek.
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  16. Botting LoW gate...

    We non-cheating players know that cheating players are botting LoW gate. We see them flying to it, often cloaked. We even see them stuck at port unable to jump in because no one is online to perform whatever task is required for them to continue "playing".

    It is rather strange how many accounts have been built to "uber" status yet you never see them in the maps so they seem to spend all day every day in galaxy gates inclusive of LoW gate.

    It is obvious that they are farming LoW for uridium. Well, botting the gate to steal the uridium which then enables them to steal normal galaxy gates and everything else.

    We know these "bots" have become advanced to the point that they can accept group invites, can bot gates etc.

    It is fun popping the bots on the way to LoW gate, especially as they are in ships that are so much stronger than my pussat, mostly their sissy orcus ship with its sissy bonus to sissy nonsense modules, yet they never shoot back :rolleyes:, and the fact there can be 2 or 3 of them flying to the gate at the same time, it would be 2 or 3 v 1 yet I still pop them all muhahahaha, but the DD mines laid with Lance formation and dropping the smart bomb is a big help there too especially as a lot of bots still fly a straight path through the mines to LoW gate. ;):)

    I digress though.

    There is a very simple solution staring the company little pointless in the face in preventing these cheating players "farming" LoW gate all day long every day stealing the uridium, credits, other resources, and ep/honour/rank points.

    Do what you do with Plutus and ToT gate... limit LoW gate to being a once per day gate...

    You may want to consider putting a limit on the amount of times the gate in x7 maps can be done per day as I have seen bots failing to get in there too, perhaps because they are out of CPU's or because they have not completed the bot check task, so they just sit there at the port until popped, come back and just sit there, pop and so on. ;):rolleyes:
  17. bots can complete Galaxy Gates (ABG, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Lambda, Kuiper, Kronos, Hades, Quarantine Zone, Trial of Terror, LoW, Cold Wave, Eternal, Gauntlet of Plutus)
    they do cubes, and when you shoot them and they are same company...
    You received -102400 honor.
    sad, if they were in a clan then you could send war and not get negative honor.
    i am sick of them
  18. Raveman100

    Raveman100 User

    This game is so disappointing. As a long-time player (as is my Dad) you had a learning curve for surviving and getting things done. Orcus is a complete breakdown in the learning curve. So many of the Orcus pilots are automated or otherwise 'enhanced' getting basic missions or event missions done is extremely laborious or impossible. I am playing much less now than I did and I generally avoid a lot of the events due to the griefers --- largely Orcus ships now -- who wipe out npcs before I can get to them and the pvpers who have elite damange.

    Why would any newer player spend a dime on this game after getting constantly outrun and outgunned? My Dad got me started on this game a long time ago and I have enjoyed it off and on. I don't spend money anymore. Not worth it. My Dad is fed up too and echoes the same frustrations. I would love to find some other space game that has a better dynamic and at least a hope of being able to complete a mission or participate in an event and not having to constantly repair from some guy with 6 months in the game and is ranked in the top 10% of players instapopping me.

    Other than my disappointment with DO and its inept game management, the cheater community has made this game a waste of my time and money. Shame though because the premise of the game and the actual play can be fun. So ... not another dime. No more premium. No in-game purchases. This game USED to be great. Now it just grates on my nerves.
  19. yer iu agree top ten players all bugging bl gate for honour others are abusing bethmoth then u got the normal n1 clan all using cheats weve known this ages and nothink get s done xmas is coming and if u pay like me you lose so dark orbit only encourage cheats or players to quit do somthink ban them and there ip adress and start a new .its a good game and with out these abuses game would grow again
  20. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    any self respecting company would get rid of the cheats, but DO dont give a monkeys.

    i wouldn't trust them to make the tea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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