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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    5. THE TRUST IN "BIGPOINT" IS 00000000000000 / ZERO / !!!!!
  2. miniknally

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    what makes me wonder is: why did the destruction of drones got removed??? did the support have to handle too many complaints from botusers loosing their drones?

    what makes me wonder is: why did the low gate got altered (so majority of players couldnt bug it anymore) but yet the biggest accounts have knowledge of a new bug in the low gate.

    what makes me wonder is: why did bigpoint alter the max amount of times you can pop a player from 10 times to 6 times? did they, again, receive too many complaints from botusers, getting tired of making a little bit less uridium, even tho they are not playing themselves..
    2nd remark on this subject: what makes me wonder is: why can we max kill players 6 times these days; is that cos the server got overloaded due to bots being killed over and over and over and over, on the same spots over and over and over and over? yet an honest player will get banned for going at these bots.... (my point?; remove the bots, and the pushing will fade - action reaction) Now bigpoint rewards bots and punishes honest players (even tho i admit there is abuse by botusers as well, and by freshmen... which makes me conclude that bigpoint rather scares and chases new players away from the game instead of punishing the right group of users.)

    what makes me wonder is: couple years ago, 5-3 was a map occupied by honest players, and honest players only!! barely anybody moved, because the fog kept you online.... Obviously Bigpoint was frustrated cos many many players got to grow their account without intensive playing themselves, yet they did it legally (without help from programs). Today 5-3 is swarming with botusers, overloading the servers even more then back in the day when it was filled with honest players. Result: 0.01% honest players on 5-3 today, yet bigpoint cant find a single botter on 5-3. HILARIOUS

    what makes me wonder is: why do botusers get granted so many chances, while one or other player gets banned instantly for a week, for their wordchoice.... a wordchoice can be inappropriate indeed, but its NOT cheating nor botting.

    what makes me wonder is: howcome all those top 100 players, after all those years of bugusing, cheating, botting etc etc, they are still here?? if that ain't obvious bot/bugprotection, then what is?

    what makes me wonder is: what's bigpoint prospect for the future of botorbit: protected? (darkorbit: reloaded).

    im wondering about many more things, but in the end my honesty and clear view on things will result in a ban on my person/account. (been there, done that). GOLDEN OLDIES. bis bis

    what makes me wonder is: assuming bigpoint knows about these programs from the very start (most likely), how many euro's has that delivered to the company?????? for more then a decade there are bots on this game, used for a decade on the very same accounts, and they simply cant find a solution? you cant fool me, really. my assumption is that bigpoint created these bots themselves. how else to explain the inactivity on darkorbit whenever bigpoint is running its botprograms... no bots online, makes it very hard to find them, and ultimately ban them... obviously. in order to create an antivirus, you need to have a virus first.... catch my drift?


    they couldnt care less, as long as the botusers are willing to donate some euro's on the game

    as little as 5 euro a month will do, i assume. money money money, it's so funny.... (ABBA)
    if they cared, this problem would of been handled a decade ago.
    if they cared, they would of fired their malafide programmers. they made these bots, they had the intel of script etc.
    somebody got very rich of this.

    yes, that's what it is!
    can't fool me!

    final conclusion on my part.... if bigpoint prefers to get rich of this type of people, they should be open about it, and give the choice to honest players in advance wether to play DO or not. Now starting, honest players spend money, and after a short while, they feel scammed.
  3. My problem with this post is only that i am rank less than 100 and i am a legit player i agree yes there are many in the top 100 that abuse bugs and such but saying all 100 top players kinda insults me some. Cheers
  4. miniknally

    miniknally User

    ur comment, sorry to say, for me personally, meaningless since you are one of the very, very few exceptions

    statistically, you would not be recognized in the mess.

    i restarted playin since jan 1st 2021, after a break of several years.
    i know the gameplay, and i can tell you, it's impossible to enter top 1000 on my server
    without bots, forget it


    ps: im baffled by the childish reaction actually, considering the vast size of the issue, and the vast amount of programusers. if people have concerns in issues of this type of magnitude, you have no justification to put YOURSELF in 1st place. egocentric or cheater yourself? people talk a lot of nonsense to attract attention or just to feel kind of special. This goes beyond 1 single player. Anyways...

    rest my case

    edit: got raped by an uberbotter with over 25k hours in less then ten years. yippikayee mmm...
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  5. I just saw 300 starter accounts fly in unison in 3-2 & 3-1 on ge1 named the same with 1-300 at the end, but other than that no problem kek
  6. The developers need to seriously repair this game because of how it is currently, it is unfair for a majority of legit players who play genuinely. Rather than give us an update every 5-6 months that is like 128mb why not give all players notice and close the game for maintenance for a good few days and make an update worth a few gb to fix some of the issues rather than painting over the cracks with lazy game development.
  7. Grandpa_II

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    im a legit player and have cryed moaned and grown about the botters for years after loosing years of work and thousands of dollars to botters they dont care so they need to put in a legit player ranking system on the main page let the botters have there own rank they cheated to get there no honor among thiefs they know who is botting and who isnt come on make the game better for all the legit players. oh this is my noob ship i started on pve server cuase i gave up on my main just log in dailys and dispatch is all i do on it not really worth it but this is my first on line game i played back in 2009
  8. for the pet i think it be nice the pet had drones maybe like 3 drones or more what you think
  9. How does this post have anything to do with bot's or cheats?
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  10. It's funny T&C says it's not ok to use bot's although they reward players monthly for top rank players, but wait they are delayed as they have to sift through the players who used cheats and bugs so that they don't get rewarded and without banning any players we will just take some rank from the cheaters and reward the other cheaters who were not caught using cheats but who obviously use a bot.
    I mean i just can't wrap my head around how this game still exists they should be charged for fraud they obviously know players are cheating the T&C and they just turn the other way and when someone like myself has an issue with the game and want's them to look into it i am told they have no communication with developers at this time so there is no way for them to look into my account issues, well isn't that just a kick in the nut's.
    Maybe if they took some initiative and did something about all the players hacking their game and grew some balls of their own the game might be good again but now i just would like anyone to make a stand against them and either get them to change the T&C or Ban the game from the internet as they cheat the legit players as much as the cheaters cheat them.
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  11. All they have to do is look at my server. The top Hades people. Seriously. Look at the numbers. Then look at how much uri they purchased. Better. Look at the sizable difference in rank points on the top 10 and the regular users.

    Its all good folks already have the plus ships and have the extra parts all boosted and installed.

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