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  1. Okay so im sure I can tell by the way a player playes that's he's either a bot or not but I also don't know a lot about the game so anything anyone can tell me about how bots work would be wonderful because I have been sat in this Gate for about 10 mins cloaked and there is someone that moves away from the gate about 5 seconds after I leave the area then I go closer to see and its like he already knows im there hes already heading back to the Gate do bots have stuff that can locate cloaked players ?? I mean isn't that kinda defeat the whole object of a cloak ? I understand you can see the dot on the map but this is insane he moves with me if I go closer to him he runs for the gate if I move away its like he goes to farm. would love some sort of explanation for this...
    Even as I write this the kid hasn't moved 1 time but if I move away whats the bets he goes back to farming....
  2. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Cloaks only remove your visual presence on the main screen. You are still seen on the minimap. Bot programs can see as far as you appear on the minimap.
  3. yea I understand this about the minimap and that would make sense the way it happened I would move away he would goto farm then I would try creeping around and before I even saw him he would be running to the gate
  4. madhatter2

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    the bots have proximity warning, so as soon as u go within the range they run back to port, it makes no difference if your cloaked or not,
    its a program, and if you ask DO they just deny anybody using 2nd party programs, lol, live in the DO bot universe.

    EGGLOAF User

    It's a computer program, not a person, so it can see you even if a person couldn't.
  6. Deter

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