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  1. tokenslive

    tokenslive User

    It has been over 2 years since I played and the last time I played bots were a huge problem.
    There were so many bots, it was mainstream and I had to pay for premium and botting fees to keep rank.

    Are there still bot players in the game today?
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  2. Almost every single ship in the maps are bots now, very lucky to find a real player in this game. Worst game on the internet as its not even possible to have any other game with more % of bots than this game. AVOID.
  3. tokenslive

    tokenslive User

    Thank you for letting me know before getting back into the game.
    You saved me time and money on premium.
    I don't feel as bad about a Venom ship being removed from my account now.
  4. bruh literally the bot problem is sad. i got so bored of going to all the maps literally: pvp maps with clan bases, x-5 thru x-8 maps, enemy x-1 maps, pirate maps and blacklight maps and all my "enemies" are bots. like it's insane. no competition even in killing bots, its so boring
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  5. Buiscuit

    Buiscuit User

    bots are all this game is now, and quests are a joke if your not botting.........
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  6. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    They're even doing something to the bidding in AH:mad:
  7. Bot's Rule DO so if your not gonna be a full blown bot then i would find another game!!!​

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