Botters Staged Last Year

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Did getting staged from botting (Losing LF4/BO2 upgrades & Bio) force you to:

  1. Quit the game and never come back

  2. Quit the game but came back soon after

  3. Spend money to get your upgrades and bio back

  4. Play 'legitly' by cubing & doing events etc... to get your upgrades and bio back

  5. Continued to play the game but not activly and stopped spending money / moved onto another game

  1. Botters were staged last year. Well, most of them, some escaped the ban system. But this is for Topic is for the old botters. Questions for them...

    You are a botter that got staged:
    Do you still play?
    Did you spend money before & do you still spend money?
    Did you quit the game or did you become slightly inactive?

    I don't know if this topic is allowed, but I am doing this to understand what happened to the botters and to see if they are still active or inactive, or if they still spend money or not after they got staged.
  2. lol first of all
    if someone have quit how can he speak here about it? :D

    and yes many stay and still play and even spend cash on things here like premium, box doublers and rebates...
    they where using botts becouse they where efective and lot cheaper than stuff you can buy in this game, and still do use. i know many of those who are still botting on pvp maps thats why they buy box doublers.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You would be surprised how many players actively post on the forums whilst not playing the game for a long time and still giving their opinions on updates they have never used x)
  4. Most still play.Some still use magic.They turn it off and on now lolz So it
    doesn't seem to blatant;).
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  5. Good luck getting a past cheater to post on this thread lol.
  6. well i for one got staged for botting, lost my bio and upgrades etc and idc what ppl say about it, i took advantage of the situation like most others did :)
    back on subject, i npc'd for my pp and most of my upgrades back, spent a tiny bit here and their but nothing big, now im back at 43 pp and only a few upgrades missing :) just takes patience and hard work
  7. Firstly was it worth it and secondly, why bot in the first place and have to earn back what you achieved when you yourself said it takes hard work and patience so you could've built up without a bot.
  8. if i never used it, i wouldnt be ufe lmao so yeah i'd rather of lost my pp which i mainly got from gg spins and the free gg(as i only used the pally bot most) and upgrades i hardly had any tbh and gained all my lf4,hercs/havoc :) so yeah it was worth it tbh
  9. Which just goes to show the punishment wasn't enough

    Their accounts should have been deleted
  10. ramnik

    ramnik User

    alot of people stopped playing just because the bots didnt get much of a punishment. just a slap on the hand and then they can play again. like RR said, they should of got perma banned.
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  11. oh wow people still cry over stuff that happened a year ago?? cheese and rice guys
  12. Well the bots/cheats got off way to easy and pretty much destroyed the game to the point where it still isn't and probably will never be fixed. I can see why some might still ''cry'' about it.
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  13. whats done is done... stop holding onto the past.. they get perma banned now if they get caught.. just seems like you guys are saying if you got staged you should be perma banned now lol just makes no sense to me sense it was a year ago
  14. Well it wouldn't be right to just up and ban players that didn't get perma banned in the first place since it's been so long and they did get punished despite it being a crappy punishment, barley anyone bots nowadays's so the first stage perma ban is to little and to late, those that do bot are almost never caught.
  15. patch97

    patch97 User

    Well, i botted, and after that i spent a few weeks on the game to get my PP's back up to 30 and then left because overall game-play was crap, didnt engage me so i play LoL now, feel like you earn something whilst playing that game, not spending to win.

    Why did i bot? Because i was at school and i used to love the game back in 09' i could ask my parents for say £10 a month and still play to a competitive level and find it fun, when it got to 2011 and my schooling became more serious and i didn't have enough time to dedicate to the game(As to become competitive and the price to pay to be competitive was just ridiculous, i started to bot. Not that this was the right choice.

    Other reasons why i botted (Please don't take this as im trying to make botters sound ok, i know we were not and it was wrong) Because one of my main goals was to get full havoc's (Would have cost me about £200, at the time i was 15, most 15 year olds dont have that money lying around but still like the prospect of being better at the game. I accept that i could have got it though pally, but i just couldnt collect any, when i was a legitimate player, i couldn't collect any pally because the bots were collecting it too fast. So i thought, maybe i could BK for them, and try and get some progress, after doing 6 zetas (What took me about 3 months to build them NPC'ing) i was still on the same amount of havocs i had before, 2. That was the last straw for me and then i became a botter.

    What do i do now? I play occasionally, but still, i have a Saturday job and at sixth form, and dont have much time to be a free player and progress much, whilst the money from my job goes on "Real" things, like clothes, and saving for a new graphics card ;).

    I just didnt like the philosophy of the game. If it was pay to win, but with an appropriate cost and not stupidly low chances in games, i would consider being competitive. But since its "Pay £800" to have everything and stomp on everybody below you, no, id rather not thanks.

    Dont expect sympathy, dont want sympathy.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Regards, after all, its just a game.
  16. I was a botter, I used all the 3 major bots on various accounts for over 3 years. Before botting I might have spent a maximum of 50 euros a month, so my account was ok but not brilliant in 2010. I started botting and in 2012 I was General on one account and UFE on two others.

    It was worth it, they gave us a warning before the new system even came out but most of us ignored it thinking we would be fine. I played this game on the highest level for 3 years for the cost of premium and rebate. I am more than happy to take the punishment, I 3 years for fun with botting, I am not sour for losing accounts for it ^^

    Now I hardly play, I check to see updates but that is it, I wish them luck on making the game popular again :)
    People who say that bots made most players leave forget that the game had most players in 2011 (before LF-4 update) and that was when bots were best for collecting boxes.

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  17. The players in 2011 were all bots lol.
  18. AFG = away from game, but IN forums :rolleyes: Play and enjoy or just quit and become 'Basic Space Pilot' is YOU!
  19. What i get from you 2 nerds is, you <removed> at this game so after you got screwed for botting like losers you quit because you suck at pvp and couldn't do a damn thing, must be embarrassing to be a general who flies like they have never touched a mouse/keyboard before.
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  20. patch97

    patch97 User

    Wrong. My server was so unpopulated that their was actually nobody to kill. Even at prime time, 0 bases, minimal people. Wasent that i sucked at the game (Even though i know i wasent the best) it was the fact that being honest got me nothing at all, just zeta and kappa with 0 rewards. I prsonally like to feel i have progressed somewhere, and devoting all that time to smash NPCs and get nothing in return, again and agai , was insanity and what drove me to it. Even though i got my bio and upgrades back in about a month, nobody was their to kill.

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